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Valheim: How to Defeat Yagluth [EASILY]

Valheim: How to Defeat Yagluth Easily

Yagluth is the last of the five bosses that you fight in Valheim and it is still contested whether the boss is super easy or insanely hard. In any case, this guide will go over where to find the boss, how to summon it, what preparations you should make, what to do during the duration of the fight, and what rewards you can expect from defeating the boss.

Before we get into all of that though, I believe that it is imperative to mention that since Yagluth is the final boss of the game, it is not something to be taken lightly. The game is pretty inconsistent though with the difficulty of the fight as the biome plays a huge part in making the boss fight what it is.

Players have noticed that luck plays a really important part in how the fight goes. That’s because the biome that the fight takes place in is known to spawn deathsquitos, as well as Fuling patrols. This makes it so that ads can easily outnumber you and your party. That, coupled with the insane environmental damage that the boss does, makes it hard to build and maintain structures in that area. That will come into play later when we explain the preparations for the battle.

Finding the Boss

Finding the boss is not a cakewalk as the summoning stones for this boss can only be found in the Plains biome. The plains biome is notorious for being filled with monsters that will wreck you if you are not properly prepared.

To find the actual summoning spot you will have to look for Vegvisir runestones in the Plains biome. These can be found through the biome near stone structures or they can be found inside dungeons if you are lucky. Interacting with the stone will give you a marker for where the boss can be summoned but you should add a marker for yourself as well in case it ends up disappearing.

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Summoning the Boss

Summoning the boss is pretty standard when it comes to Valheim. You’ll need five Fuling totems so that you can place them on the sacrificial altar and summon the boss. These totems can be found in various ways but your best bet is going to be from Fuling villages and structures which have a chance to spawn them as a lootable item. The totems can also be very rarely dropped by Fuling Berserkers. These enemies usually spawn in Fuling villages and can be a hassle to deal with in numbers as they do more damage than normal Fulings and have varied attacks that can chip away your health.

Using the totems that you get in this way, you can summon the boss. All you have to do is put five of them on the sacrificial altar for Yagluth and it will summon the boss, ready to be struck down by your might.

Making Preparations

This boss fight is not one to be taken lightly as the area coupled with the boss can be a deadly combination. That is why you should make appropriate preparations before taking this boss on.

The first thing that you should think about is getting other people to help. It makes it really easy to deal with the boss when it is not constantly fixated on one person and will allow you to live a lot longer than you would if you were to do it solo. You should also erect a portal from your base to the boss fight but that comes with its own challenges.

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The boss deals a lot of environmental damage and that means that a portal that is close to the fight has a pretty good chance of being destroyed. That is why you should place a portal close enough that you can quickly get to your stuff if you die but far enough so that the boss doesn’t destroy it and removes your chances for getting your stuff back.

You should also place a bed nearby so that you can spawn decently close and so that you can get the Rested buff before starting the fight for the extra experience.

As for armor and weapons, you will want to bring a good bow and frost arrows as that is the best way to deal ranged damage although if you get too far away from the boss you will have to deal with his ranged attacks which do a lot of damage. A shield is pretty worthless for this fight as blocking his attacks drains a lot of stamina and the boss can deplete all of it in a couple of hits.

You could also take Frostner or the Silver Sword as they deal spirit damage which this boss is weak to. You should also have a really good armor set for this battle as well as equipping yourself with some fire-resistant barley wine as the burn damage the boss does is insane and can kill you in a matter of seconds.

Fighting the Boss

This particular boss can deal a lot of damage if it hits you so when fighting this one you should focus on not getting hit. Dodging is definitely the way to go for this one while staying within range so that it isn’t forced to use its ranged attacks. You can also use the terrain to your advantage as the structure around the summoning stone will absorb blows and you can use them for cover if you are ever in a pinch.

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You should use a combination of both melee and ranged attacks for this boss as its attack pattern varies which leaves it open to a combination of attacks over time. If you stick to one attack for too long it might get off a couple of good hits and wreck your health.

The Rewards

With Yagluth being the final boss you would think that the rewards would be amazing but they are just meh. You get his trophy which gives you the power of magic resistance when activated. This effect scales with the armor you are wearing but at its base value it can give you 50% resistance but it can go up to as much as 75%.

You also get Yagluth’s Thing which is an item that doesn’t have any use currently. It literally does nothing but it is expected to fulfill a role as soon as the game is updated. The rewards are not the reason you should fight the boss but for the challenge and glory as that is all that you are really getting after defeating it. 

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