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Valheim: How to Create a Carrot Farm Easily

Valheim: How to Create a Carrot Farm Easily

Valheim is one of the hottest new titles that came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. When the game was released it was suddenly thrust into the light as it got millions and millions of downloads in a few weeks. Lucky for you, this guide is written for those carrot lovers in-game!

There is a lot more to Valheim than meets the eye and the food system is one of those easily ignored systems that may actually save your life. There is a variety of food that you can consume in Valheim but there are only a few foods that you can replenish yourself. Carrots just happen to be one of those foods.

Making a Carrot Farm in Valheim

Making a carrot farm is actually much easier than it sounds. It does require you to have the necessary tools but if you have access to a Black Forest biome then you should be set.

Required Materials

There are certain things that you should already have if you plan to set up a carrot farm. These things are:

  1. Carrot Seeds
  2. Cultivator
  3. Protected Land

Since there is very little in terms of hints and guides in the game itself, I’ll mention how and where to get each of these items easily.

Carrot Seeds

Carrot seeds can be found randomly in the Black Forest biome. If you are unaware of the place then look for the area with slightly darker trees. You can also note the type of biome you are currently in through the mini-map. After narrowing down the area, you can start looking for stalks with blue seeds on them. Carrot seeds look a lot like dandelions so don’t let the appearance fool you.

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A cultivator is a tool that you can make after you acquire bronze. I won’t cover how to get bronze because it is pretty simple because all it requires is combining tin and copper. The tool will serve to be invaluable as it can alter the terrain for you and allow you to plant seeds that you come across in the world.

Protected Land

This might be the part that most players have an issue with because the carrot farm needs to be outside your house and is thus exposed to the elements as well as any dangers that come out of the Black Forest biome.

To get an appropriate area for land I suggest making a fenced area where you can plant and harvest easily, and don’t have to worry about the farm getting overrun by monsters. Making it gated is also a smart idea as it allows you to control access to the farm.

Cultivating Carrots

Cultivating carrots is not as easy as it sounds because the game tries to make farming as realistic as possible without it being annoying. You will have to space out the planting of your carrots as they cannot grow if they are close to each other. That means planning out rows for your crops and ensuring that all of them have the proper space that they need in order to grow into healthy crops.

The game will let you know if spacing becomes an issue as hovering over carrots will let you know if they are growing well or if they need more space or light.

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Using these tips you can make a carrot farm in no time although there is no harm in spending a few extra minutes ensuring that you can expand the farm when you need to as there are more crops out there for you to discover and make recipes with. 

Written by Gaming Reaper

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