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Valheim: How to Farm Silver [FAST]

Valheim: How to Farm Silver Fast

From the initial level, Valheim statistics are mind-boggling, and the best way to go through different gameplays is by significantly centering around the assortment of assets. There are a lot of materials in the game to obtain; some are major, while some need other resources to work well. There are various types of materials that can be utilized to upgrade the characters’ ability in different phases of the game. Material, for example, Silver exceptionally useful in every phase to have a more grounded establishment as a player.

While Silver may not seem worth the grind, but in this case, senior players will, in general, zero in on obtaining Silver to benefit from the energy and to get their hands on better weapons. This guide will help you figure how to cultivate Silver in Valheim.

Quick Gamer Summary

We know as a gamer you are always busy and want to get right back to the game. So here is the entire guide shortened into a few bullet points. We hope you enjoy our summary on how to farm silver fast in Valheim:

  • Silver is useful for your players’ profile for an individual level
  • Defeating the Bonemass Boss will drop the wishbone, which acts as a map for resource-rich areas.
  • Using the world seed “q8QvHnL57S” will speed up your smelting and increase your total silver amount efficiently.

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How is Silver Useful?

Silver is one of the most useful materials in the Valheim region. It can enhance a lot of a players’ profile on an individual level. In addition to that, Silver is also very beneficial for the characters’ growth when added with other minor resources. It can undoubtedly help in the endurance parts of the character too. 

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For the most part, Silver is an essential type of material, and its weight is fourteen grams and is found in the types of bars in different places in the primary world. The most extreme limit of Silver is recorded to be around thirty bars for each zone. The code of the thing by and large, which is ‘silver.’

Searching For Silver in Valheim

The main way to get your hands on Silver is to defeat the main initial boss in the Valheim region. This is where the challenge starts since most players struggle with defeating the main boss, who is known as the Bonemass. After you fight with the main boss, you can get the wishbone from that battle. The wishbone is mainly an old and valued bone that acted as an ancient map that had all the routes to various hidden places and bonuses.

This will come up with a small message about finding forgotten places and objects. The other benefit of the wishbone is that it can tell you various routes that can lead toward heaps and bars of Silver. The first step towards finding Silver is going to the mountain biome and activating the wishbone; even before considering to move to the needed biome, you need to brew the resistance. 

Once you go through the resistance, your wishbone has activated, and the screen shows a specialized message for the player. Then you will be able to hear a notification with the start of a glowing green line. This is the main way to go for. Follow the line as it directly leads to areas with silver bars. A beep will be heard as you get near the Silver.

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Mostly there are few silver bars, but if you are lucky, you can get a loaded chest of Silver. There are also veins of Silver; however, you won’t be able to feel or see the silver vein.

Where Can You Find Silver?

After knowing the way to find Silver, you also need to know where the Silver is. There are also places where different types of Silver reside in the whole stages of Valheim. Mainly you need to get the initial ores of Silver which is why you also need various items to achieve that. The best place to find Silver is the main world area where the wishbone resides. The mountains have most bundles of Silver in the hill areas. While moving toward the main area of silver veins, you will go through various biomes such as natural turn Biome and mountain biomes. 

Now that you are on the way uphill, you need to find additional weapons and pieces of Silver on the way as well.

You need to go toward the areas where the veins and ore are residing. Those areas are known as the harvesting areas. Once you can get the veins and the map towards the hill area, go to the main world to collect weapons to keep yourself safe while moving downwards.

Farming Silver

The main procedure regarding saving the Silver and veins of Silver is smelting. Smelting can easily help the players to farm the silver very well. The player needs to move around the main world to find the glowing lights and mountain areas. Once the player reaches the ore area, start smelting the ores in the bar of Silver. Find the smelter and input all the coal you have in the inventory, and process it altogether.

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The things you need for the smelter to work are wolf armor chest, legs, fur cape. You also need helmets and cores of Silver and copper in them; in addition to that, you will also need ore arrows. All of the things altogether will make up the best composition for framing procedures.

How to Farm Silver Effectively

The main and effective method of farming the Silver is spawning. This is the method of spawning seeds across the mountain. You need to get the main seed branch on the way towards the mountain. This is where you will need the seed code. The q8QvHnL57S is the best code order to go through the process of farming. The code will effectively load all the resources and give them to the smelter. 

You can also go and opt for the unfinished ores left by the enemies as well and smelt them with the smelter.


To sum up, all the information farming requires time and an intense set of observations. Finding, collecting, and farming iron is a complex task that requires the assistance of other materials. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily get as much iron as you need. So keep playing and developing stable gameplay. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you in the future. Make sure to stick to the plan and find the ores in the initial stages to avoid an early death.

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