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Valheim: How to Get the Draugr Fang Bow Easily

Valheim: How to Get the Draugr Fang Bow Easily

The new exploration and survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio requires players to battle, build, and conquer. This amazing game is known as Valheim and in this guide, we will show you how to create the Draugr Fang bow.

The best bow available in Valheim is Draugr Fang. This weapon is handy when attacking mobs and bosses. This guide will help you obtain valuable materials for making the Draugr Fang Bow. We will also cover how you can craft this bow and make the best use out of it.

Let’s start by mentioning the essential ingredients that are required to craft this bow. These materials are discussed below, along with the locations where you can find them.

Deer Hide

Two units of deer hide are required to craft the Draugr Fang Bow. You can obtain Deer Hide by hunting down deer in the Meadows. You will also be hunting deer during your search for the material for your gear.

Ancient Bark

Ten units of Ancient Bark are required to craft this bow. The Ancient Bark is obtained in the Swamp Biome. You can chop this bark down with the iron ax’s help, which can be prepared with twenty units of iron, two units of leather scraps, and four units of wood.


Ten units of Guck is required for this bow, and you can obtain it through the trees. Guck is available as green bags on the trees. You can collect Guck with the help of a pickaxe or an ax. Note that you will also need to craft a few ladders in the workshop to reach the trees’ guck bags.

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The amount of Silver required for this bow is twenty. You will find Silver in the Mountains biome. For this material, you will have to defeat the Bonemass and obtain the Wishbone and equip it. This helps you detect hidden items in the ground, such as silver deposits.

Crafting tips

After you have collected the materials mentioned above, the only thing left to do is to upgrade the forge level to 2. You are required to build the Forge Cooler and Anvils to boost your rank. The Forge Cooler can be built with twenty-five units of fine wood and ten units of copper, whereas the Anvils can be created with five units of wood and two units of bronze.

Now you’re all set to craft your Draugr bow. This bow is the best in Valheim’s campaign. It is better than the Huntsman Bow as it has a comparatively higher knockback and piercing damage. Moreover, the poison damage is massive with Draugr. As for the upgrade of this bow, you will have to find more of the previously mentioned materials.

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