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[TOP 3] Best Places to Grind Gold in Sea of Thieves

Best Places to Grind Gold in Sea of Thieves

The primary currency in Sea of Thieves is gold; therefore, you can buy almost everything in-game using this currency. Everything here includes cosmetics, weapons, equipment, promotions, and other relevant stuff that you would love to lay your hands on. Not to forget one thing that recognizes a pirate is the gold that they have. Though, there are many different ways to farm and grind gold in Sea of Thieves. In this guide, we will share the best places to grind gold in the Sea of Thieves!

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Quick Summary

  • Selling skulls to the Order of Souls.
  • Selling various goods like Tea, Silk, Spices to the Merchant Alliance.
  • Selling the chests and trinkets you have acquired in your voyage to the Gold Hoarders.
  • Sale of fish and animal meat to Hunter’s Call.
  • Sale Mermaid Gems to Trading Companies.
  • Skeleton Forts
  • Selling off Reaper’s Bounty to the Reaper’s Bones representative.
  • Defeating other Players
  • Unlock Ashen Chests or can be found inside unlockable Collector’s Chests.
  • Voyages
  • Finishing Tall Tales.
  • Completing the daily bounties.
  • Participate in Arena match.

Sea of Thieves, why you need Gold?

Gold is earned by delivering items found during travel and adventure and can be spent on cosmetics, weapons, equipment, promotion, which means more gold the easier it becomes to reach the sacred status of legendary Pirate. As such, knowing how to earn it fast and efficiently, is really helpful.

Before we dive into the best way to grind and farm gold in Sea of Thieves we would love to share some more methods from which they can be acquired.

As you can see, gold is mainly gained by finding items and selling them off to the relevant buyers, it is useful to know what things sell for the most gold, and what is easier to get in bulk quantities.

3 Best Places to Grind Gold in Sea of Thieves

As has been already mentioned there are several ways to farm gold but it all depends on the time player can dedicate to grinding for gold yet there are always some backdoors and easy ways to complete the tasks so here we are going to share some efficient ways to grind and farm gold.

Merchant Alliance in Sea of Thieves

Merchant Alliance

The Merchant Alliance generally has the widest range of the highest value items that you can sell off for a good amount of gold. When Merchant Alliance voyages require gold animals that can be sold off for over 1,000 gold, as well as many exquisite spices, can be sold off for more than 700 or 800 gold or more.


In addition to Merchant Alliance, you can also grind gold. You can purchase up to 3 voyages from various companies and complete your voyages to farm a lot more gold. Voyages are basically small quests or missions that can be completed by the players for in-game factions or clans for a varied number of rewards including gold. You may also encounter creatures like Kraken on your voyages which is an added bonus for you.

Skeleton Forts in Sea of Thieves

Skeleton Forts

Many players who already know the tricks to farm gold easily surely know about this location but for those who don’t we got your back.

Skeleton Forts, in the Sea of ​​Thieves, are hands down the best source of gold farming. The activity is all about overcoming several skeletons waves to get the Stronghold key and use it to plunder the goodies inside a safe vault.

However, despite being a PvE activity, other pirates often try to get in your way and could even steal your bounty away if you are not careful enough. You can always say that Skeleton Fort is close if you see a skeleton in the sky. There is a high risk, high reward situation, but isn’t that a life of a pirate in a few words?

Youtube Video (Gold Farming Technique)

Steal Loot of Other Players

Sea of Thieves’ experience is not complete without stealing other players’ loot, the actual fun for a pirate lies in looting other pirates. Another way to farm gold is by letting other pirates do all the work while you come to the end of their task and steal all of the gold they have collected. The best place to do it is by hiding at the outposts and killing players while they are busy trading. Once you have done, simply trade at the same outpost and move on to your voyages.

Order of Souls Mission (GREAT ONE)

This mission is the best one out there in case you have just started playing Sea of Thieves.

Although gold hoarders quests are perhaps the easiest to do when you are new. You might want to head to the Order of Souls quest givers. Their journeys are working on a similar basis as the gold hoarders, but rather than going for the hunting of a buried treasure, you will be asked to go to an island to get an undead pirate captain who happens to be a skeleton. Just search for a group of skeletons, and once you have chosen all, their boss will appear. Kill him and then take the back of the head to the order of any outpost tent souls to get your reward.

For starters, you get a few hundred golds for the skull pieces, while the Gold Hoarder’s chest will net you around 50-100 gold. It is one of the best quests to complete when you are starting your Sea of Thieves journey.

Final Words

So we have finally ended our guide on Best Places to Grind Gold in Sea of Thieves. This guide is going to be really beneficial for all the beginners and intermediate players who were having difficulty farming gold.

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