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Sea of Thieves Guide: Fish types and how to catch them

Sea of Thieves: How to Fish [EASILY]

Ah, a pirate game with fishing gameplay. Unfortunately, it is not just about throwing the reel and catching a trophy fish. That would make the game too easy! It is about understanding how the mechanism of the fishing line works. You should also learn about the various kinds of fish and the lures to capture them. In this guide, we will touch on how to fish and what fish exists in the Sea of Thieves.

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Also, remember, knowing about the perfect place to trade the fish you just caught will help you throughout the gameplay. When reading the following article, you will learn the very basics of fishing to the kinds of fish, how to prepare them, the places you can find and auction them. It is all right here in a single read!

Get Friendly with the Hunter’s Call Clan

There are many various groups of fish in the Sea of Thieves. These posts have a member of the “Hunter’s Call Clan” that trades various kinds of fi. And all of them can easily be detected based on the area. The fish you just seized can be traded for different riches such as gold, jewels, etc. The very worth of the find is conditional on its size or the way it is prepared by you.

The Classification of the fish

Including all the miscellaneous fish you can trawl, there do exist a few very common ones. All of these can very effectively be located in contrasting regions in the world of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves: How to Fish [EASILY]


These are the most ordinary fish and can be found all over the sea. The best part about these is the fact that you do not need any kind of bait to trap it!


As the name of the fish suggests, they are mostly found in ponds or around the islands. There is no bait needed for these either. You will not find any pondies in saltwater because they only move around in freshwater bodies.


Now, this type of fish can be spotted only and only in the water bodies present at the boundaries of islands. Moving like the first two, these can be lured without bait too.


Wandering on the sides of the plenty, this fish is captured using worms.

Ancient scales

Ancient isles of the sea are home to these. Worms do not please ancient scales, so you will have to use leeches in their case.

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Shipwrecks are so frequent in the Sea of Thieves because that is exactly what it is all about. Wrecked ships have loot, cannons, cosmetics for ship upgrades. With all this, they are also home to the wreckers! A great all-in-one package.


Calamities are scary plus risky to be messing with, and roaming around in them can cause serious damage. Anyhow, if you do happen to encounter a storm, do not forget to keep an eye out for stormfish so that you can gain every bit of advantage from it.

Devil fish

This version of fish can be present only in the area marked as the “Devil’s Roar.” They are only captivated by the hook if you use grub as bait.


They roam in the wild. Mostly, the fish are named after the area they are available in so that it is easier for the player to remember where and when they can find the desired kind. This specific fish type eats worms.

In addition to all of this, all the fish also have further types, and some of them can be grasped only when night falls in the Sea of Thieves.

How to fish in sea of thieves

How Exactly should you Fish

Fishing should be a piece of cake for you when you get hold of it. However, it is not exactly effortless. You are required to be knowledgeable about all the equipment. And we must know that the key is to have a good amount of patience. It might take longer for the fish to get captured, but all the wait is worth it in the end!

Finding the Different Locations

Of course, you will be required to find a suitable piece of the water body to start fishing. No one can fish on the islands except if they have ponds. Locate your area considering the kind of fish you require at the very moment.


Naturally, you need a fishing rod to catch fish. This will not be an issue because when you start playing Sea of Thieves, a fishing rod is supplied to you as the default setting of the application. Provide your rod with the perfect upgrades for fishing without any issues. Know your fish and the variety of food they like. Dress your line with the required bait and cast it in the appropriate area. However, you can sometimes also catch other fish because the type of bait used does not limit the kind of fish it can capture.

Patience; the Road to Success

Done casting the line? Now all you have to do is wait! It might take time for the fish to locate the food. If you do not know how to handle the rod, you might even lose it on the way up. Keep your composure and try again. You are certainly going to succeed in a few tries if you are a newbie. The gameplay is designed such that it is not confusing at all!

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The time a fish takes to come up also depends on its proportions. It takes almost 45 seconds for a normal fish, but it might consume 90 seconds or more for a prized one. More time means more rewards too. Once the fish has a bite on the bait, reel it up.

Movement of the rod

The key to pulling up the fish with zero trouble and minimum effort is to go against the movement of the fish. Counterattack it and do not let it lose or slither away. Tug with maximum force on the line and try not to bottle it up by going in the improper direction. After a certain time period, the fish will give up, but you cannot do the same! Once the rod stops moving around, start pulling it up and claim the reward.

Be Careful!

Be extremely cautious when pulling in the fish and operating the reel to wear out the fish. If you try to force a pull strongly when the fish is still tugging all over the place or if you reel in the line the incorrect way for a long period of time, the equipment will, in due course, break. If the reel snaps, the fish will escape and move far away from your reach.

Let us say you are fortunate enough to successfully lay hold of a fish in the Sea of Thieves, and you can always celebrate the not so little achievement by taking a photograph in-game with the option provided to do so!

Sea of Thieves Fishing

Learn their Tactics

Different fish have individual schemes to get rid of the hook. After you get it in your hand, remember the kind of fish and the method it used to flee away from you. If you grasp the information quickly, you will be one step close to smooth and effortless fishing.

Tips for Effective Fishing

  • Jiggle the fishing rod all around while pulling up the line to reel it up faster. This way, it is less time-consuming.
  • You can also pull the line when the fish is wrestling to escape from your grip and tugging at the hook in its mouth. However, this is a perilous task, and you might have little or no luck with it, so it is not advisable.
  • Make sure that you exhaust the fish properly before you start reeling.
  • Make use of the correct bait while fishing, or you will just lure a lot of splashtails to your hook since they do not require any bait. There can be some special cases too! Nothing is confirmed while playing. The game can take a turn at any moment.

Preparing the fish

The value acquired by the fish also depends on whether it is cooked or not. Doing that is not difficult at all. You can discover stoves and cooking pots on almost all the boats. Islands also contain a cooking base. You just have to find it.

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Steps to Cook

  1. Hold on to the fish
  2. Put it in the cooking pot
  3. Stand by while it is cooking
  4. Keep making sure that the flame does not burn it
  5. Pull it out when it is perfectly cooked

Keep in mind that once you start the process of cooking, the fish will start interchanging its colors. Removing it from the pot too soon will leave it raw, and removing it over time can burn it. You have to be precise with the timings and make sure that your fish is cooked perfectly. The better the cooking, the more worth it has and the more gold and jewels you will receive.

Renewing Damaged Health

Cooked fish is also helpful in restoring the health you lost while combating other rival pirates during a sea war. Consuming a prepared fish when your health is already full will create a subsidiary health bar, which will also help in steadily healing the wounds that you suffer from at any minute.

Tips for better Cooking

  • Once your fish is cooked, it is worth way more than overcooked or raw fish.
  • Prepared food provides you with way more fitness and can also prevent any type of poisoning that can happen when you consume food.
  • The outside of a fish will turn a shade of brownish-gray whenever it is done, and the eyes will attain a cloudy color.

Trading the Fish for Gold

Fish can, apart from being eaten, also be traded at any sea base of your choice in Sea of Thieves. These posts have a member of the “Hunter’s Call Clan” that trades various kinds of fish, food, meat, etc. The riches and reputation you obtain will always be dependent on what kind of fish or meat you try to trade with the crew member and also whether or not you were extremely accurate with the cooking of the fish and did not burn it or let it stay undercooked. If you take out the time to prepare a unique trophy fish, it is going to credit you a lot more than any regular raw fish that you usually trade.

Wrapping it up!

Fishing in the Sea of Thieves allows all the players an experience of an advanced genre of a scarce pirate, including games. With all the different tools and ways to catch the huge variety of fish from all the seven seas and learning how to do it without any trouble to cooking and preparing your hard-earned fish and then trading it with different members for a great deal of gold, there is never a dull day in the Sea of Thieves! The upgrade was a part of the anniversary events and is now extremely popular in the game. So why not take a break from monotonous gameplays and try something new!

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