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Sea Of Thieves: The [BEST] Beginner’s Guide 2021

Sea Of Thieves: The [BEST] Beginner’s Guide 2021

Love games packed with adventure? Want exposure to the world embedded in the seas? Desire to confront the challenges in the life of a pirate? Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for you to get hold of and is contrary to all games you have engaged with before. Here is all you need to know about its starters guide.

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Sea Of Thieves: The [BEST] Beginner’s Guide 2021


Loading up Sea of Thieves as a fresh new corsair is a sign for you to start your voyage with your feathered friend. Discover the riches enclosed in the depths of the seas. Beware! For you will encounter your fellow pirates too. But don’t hesitate in stealing the treasures they possess. For that is exactly what pirates do. Have a conversation with the unfamiliar stranger and meet the frontman of the companies you will be accepting voyages from.

Offer your loot for sale to each company, depending on the type of journey. Accomplish all the given duties and receive gold and recognition as a reward. Don’t forget to keep your boat loaded with supplies, so you do not run out of them!

Gameplay Arc

The fundamental arc of the sea of thieves involves accomplishing all the given tasks one by one and receiving treasures in return. You have to keep the treasures safe too and keep an eye out for the other pirates, for they might try and steal your hard work. There are eight trading establishments, but the big three are:

  • Gold Hoarders
  • Order of Souls
  • Merchant Alliance

To achieve the status of the megastar pirate in Sea of Thieves, you have to attain level 50 in a minimum of three trading firms.

Game Upgrades

In this unique game, there is no upgrading of swords, guns, cannons, etc. All the players have been equal since the very start. However, to earn a rank higher than the other contestants, you can always unlock new items once you increase the level of your company.

Voyager Alternatives

All the roaming around can be very tiring and monotonous. You can always accept a new event happening on the map! Sail around and complete new challenges. The type of event can depend on the exact server you are located in. But be cautious, for sailing is not exactly a piece of cake as you think it is.

Sea Of Thieves Guide For Beginners

Sails are Full of Threats

As the name of the game suggests (Sea of Thieves), the sea will be loaded with thieves trying to swindle your loot! Keep your cannons loaded with gun powder, be familiar with the course you are traveling on, have knowledge of the direction of the breeze, and save yourself from the unexpected attacks from mythical creatures and other ships. Once you master it, you are one step closer to being undefeatable.

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Battle Tips

When having a conflict with the enemy ships, the key is to drown the opponent ships. However, not all ships sink that easily. Sometimes you have to attack at a particular point of the boat in order to sink it. Make an effort to hit the opponent at the lowest point of the ship. Keep your boat stocked with all the different types of cannons and shots.

If you get into player vs. player combat, there are a lot of weapons to choose from, but I encourage you to play with the weapon you enjoy the most. This makes the game fun and does not make it boring or uninteresting. Start bouncing when you are near the enemy to puzzle them and make it difficult for them to defend themselves. This exact way, you have a higher chance of defeating them.

Choosing the weapons

When starting Sea of Thieves, you are presented with a lot of ammo and weaponry options that stand by for you in the ship. Do not be afraid to experiment with the guns, for it makes the game more interesting as well as lets you explore your primary weapon. Allow your crew to carry a miscellaneous variety of weaponry. Expand your inventory to the maximum. If you have the precise artillery for the situation, no one can stop you from winning!

Importance of the Ambassador Flags

When you are doing the job for a selective trading company and you want to receive upgrades from them, you can always accept to hoist their ambassador flag. The flags, however, are unlocked at a certain level for the three core companies and cost a lot of gold coins. But the good news is that you only have to buy them once!

Once you hoist it, you will proceed through various upgrades, and the prize will shoot up every single time. Don’t fail to remember that you have to lower the banner once you are done with the mission because all the opponent pirates will have an eye on you. Keep in mind that the mission is to gather the most coins.

How to Spend Treasures

So your mission is collecting gold, but what to do with it once it’s gathered? A real brainer here would be to reserve your coins at the very beginning of the game and start spending them once you have a decent amount of it. Do not be shy while using them on luxury weapons and stuff, and you absolutely deserve them!

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Sea Of Thieves Latest Guide

Escaping the Meanies

Pirates of the opponent ships can also spy on you. If you have a feeling that you are being watched, always look out for the “spyglass flash.” A twinkle or a sparkle far somewhere in the sea is not a shooting star! It’s a hazard; take it as a warning and apply protective measures as soon as possible. The perfect measure in question would be to RUN! When someone is trying to spy on you, running away is the only sensible option.

Swarm of Feathered Fellows

If you see a bunch of birds in the air, they are not just randomly there. They are informing you to investigate the area. Mostly, they are a beacon for sinking boats and riches. Brainwave time! Seize the loot and vanish from the region as soon as possible. If you like playing a risky game and dawdle there for a lengthy period of time, it is most likely that another cruise may come along and raid all your fortune. This includes not only your previous hard work but also your recently stolen loot.

Border of the Map

Sailing for so long might make you reach the edge of the sea. Maybe the world is not exactly spherical. Anyways, do not celebrate so soon! This does not mark the end of your tour, but it sure will be the sign of an unquestionable death if you do not rotate and go back instantly! In case you have a lot of crewmates, the scenario will be an absolute disaster class because all of the members will drown.

Giving up on Missions

Actually, think twice before doing that. If you are stuck on a mission, abandoning the mission in between can cause you a waste of XPs. Not only that but you will also be deprived of all the advancements you made and all the riches you collected. Keep on playing, and do not lose hope on that one extra hard mission. It is there to make you stronger!

Food; the Vital Nutrients!

Now while there are so many important aspects of Sea of Thieves, we cannot forget one of the core bases. Food! Always be sure that you have enough of the food supplies. If you lose fitness while combating, it is the only resource that can get you back in Sea of Thieves. The most fun part is that you can cook your own food on the boat! But you have to be extra cautious to remove it from the flame before you burn it. No one would like to eat burnt roast now, would they?

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What are Tall Tales?

“Tall Tales” are the most prolonged hunts in Sea of Thieves. They allow you to enlarge the view of the world and set off on special adventures. But since these are longer than the other quests, it is advisable to not begin a tall tale until or unless you can gather a team that can invest enough time and energy in the mission.

The Unique Loot can be Dangerous

Careful! The more eccentric riches you have, the more endangered you will be. Rivals will attack you every now and then, and you may also lose some in calamities. The amount of treasure you carry will specify the fact that if the ship drowns, will it be an inconsiderable loss or a considerable one. Because of this very purpose, it is extremely recommended to always have a scheme in mind and a good knowledge of your surroundings. Always strive to keep your journey simple so that you don’t get deprived of your rare booty and it does not sink to the bed of the ocean.

Sneaky Tricks for Smooth Gameplay

Fair play is advised, but what is the fun if you do not know of a few ploys!

  • Do not stumble in storms when you have stored gunpowder in nests. A few sparks of light can blow it all up and wreck your ship.
  • Do not pull out your blade during thunder strokes. You most certainly do not want to be roasted.
  • Switch off the bulbs on the deck at nighttime and during rainstorms. You will be undetectable.
  • Keep looking out at the skyline. Enemy boats can appear at any instant, so keep yourself armed and ready.
  • Do not skip any wreckage. Who knows what gems you might find in one!
  • Many of the things are impartial and can be put as an auction for anyone. Jewels are a great example!
  • Equip your spears to attain the loot swiftly. You can also ask for help from chummy mates.
  • Use hand brakes, for they are your loyal companions. Gain expertise in the turns and swiftly flee away from your enemies in the blink of an eye.
  • If the water starts dwelling into the color of darkness, Evacuate as soon as possible! Black is no good news.

In Conclusion

Aye aye, mates! Here we mark the end of the guide for Sea of Thieves. Congratulations! You are no longer beginners! Using all the content given, go out there in the world of trials, all prepared to show your opponents who is the real boss around here. Conquer the map, earn the riches, demolish as many ships as you can and protect yours in the best possible way. Happy adventures!

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