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Resident Evil Village: [TOP 11] Best Weapons

Resident Evil Village: Top 11 Best Weapons

Resident Evil Village is the latest addition to the thrilling, survival strategy franchise that is bound to leave you terrified. Playing as Ethan Winters, you will have to encounter and combat various creatures and monsters on your quest to save your abducted newborn daughter.  This time around the cast of the creatures is even more frightening and hard to destroy. You may have already heard of the petrifying, nine feet, six inches tall Lady Dimitrescu.

The game is jam-packed with a vast variety of weapons that compile huge artillery that is specifically designed to destroy and defeat these horrifying and creepy creatures. Strap in and get your trigger finger ready because this village is about to get extremely bloody.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining exactly how to unlock every weapon you’ll need to annihilate all the creepy creatures and which ones are the best to use.

A Guide To Unlocking Every Weapon

Resident Evil Village, the latest addition to the franchise, is more action-oriented than its predecessors. This is why you’ll need to bring out the big guns. 

There are various ways to fill up your arsenal with every weapon available in the village. We’ve got you covered on how to attain them and how not to miss out on the opportunity to defeat every creature and complete the game. Here’s how to do so: 

Uncover by exploring

The easiest and most effortless way to obtain guns and weaponry is by discovering them during the gameplay. The first weapon – the LEMI pistol – is handed to you a little while after arriving at the village by an elderly guy. 

Other weapons like the M1911 pistol are a bit harder to find because they are scattered across numerous locations in the game. However, as you go on exploring during your gameplay it will 

be easy to discover as well.

The two ways of purchasing

There are two strategies to obtain the most prized weapons.

Some weapons, such as the S.T.A.K.E will be available at the Duke’s Emporium. However, they will also require a substantial amount of the game’s currency, the Lei, for acquisition. 

The other is by buying them at the Bonus Extra Content Shop with the Challenge Points you earn. 

Finish tasks and campaigns

As the weapon stats get better, it is harder to obtain them. The key path to unlocking the most effective weapons is through gameplay by finishing various challenging campaigns and tasks. 

Ranking the Best Weapons in Resident Evil Village

While all the weapons are effective in beating the creatures, some are better than others. We’ve prepared for you a ranking of the best weapons available in Resident Evil Village. 

From stats to damage capacity and effectiveness, here are all the best weapons ranked from bottom to top in ascending order of greatness. 

LEMI Weapon


The basic Lemi shotgun stands at the bottom of our ranking. Not that the gun is bad, it performs great for the easier portions and locations of the game. A beneficial feature of the weapon is its considerable ammunition space.  

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However, as the gameplay gets harder and the creatures more tricky to defeat it isn’t the best weapon to carry.

Without the upgrades like adding a high capacity mag and a recoil compensator or by leveling up its power you can boost the damage ability available for the LEMI shotgun it is extremely difficult to win against even the easier opponents. 

It is the starter gun for a reason. A great setback in the features is the extremely low strength of the weapon, which stands at 100 without updates. When better alternative guns start popping up, choose them.

M1911 Weapon


The M1911 handgun is a step up from the previous LEMI because of the better fire rate and is advantageous to carry in your arsenal. 

Though it isn’t as easily attainable as its predecessor, it is found after completing the castle task, it serves as a useful tool for early combats in your gameplay. 

It does have a good shooting rate, which adds a swiftness to combat which is much needed. Its power and prowess can be amplified by increasing the ammo capacity for a swifter defeat. 

Though it isn’t our least favorite, like its predecessor, it fails to successfully perform in harder campaigns and tasks as the game moves on due to its low level of strength. Keep it on you till it can be replaced by something more durable.

M1897 Weapon


The M1897 shotgun levels up the action of the game. It can be a definitive killer for the early creatures and opponents in the game. With just a few shots, they will drop dead. 

This is due to its rapid and swift shooting rate, which ranks at 2.8 without being updated. For the best kill, get extremely near your opponent then shoot. 

While it does its job right, the M1897 isn’t the fastest gun of the bunch. Its reloading duration is not the swiftest. This is why it isn’t comparable to the higher-ranked weapons in our list and falls short in the long run. 

For the early periods of the game, optimize use by updating the weapon’s features to have an amplified loading time, and rate as well as more power.

W870 TAC Weapon

W870 TAC

The W870 TAC is a reformed shotgun. Better than the ones obtained before it, it shoots stronger. At the first level, its power is 760, a massive increase from the other arms. 

You will have to explore some of the locations to discover this one, it rests in a place close to House Beneveinto. 

Once it is in your armor though, the feel and usage are worth the trouble. For the best use, shoot straight at the head and try not to get shaken or overwhelmed by its heavyweight. 

Although upgrading the ammo capacity helps with its longevity, you will come across more attractive and advantageous weapons later on in the gameplay, which is why this weapon would be ineffectively used in severe and challenging combats.

V61 Custom Weapon

V61 Custom

The V61 machine pistol will outshine all other pistols in your artillery due to its various beneficial features. With high power of 120 and a swift firing rate of 3.5, the machine gun can be purchased at Duke’s Emporium.

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The gun retails for a high price of the game’s currency, Lei, but it is worth each penny spent. The areas where it lacks are ammunition space, and reloading durations but these can be leveled up and enhanced as well. 

The amplification and reforms also strengthen the weapon and enable it to perform better in front of more challenging rivals. 

SYG 12 Weapon

SYG 12

As the final shotgun of the game, it is designed to have more strength and the ability to combat many of the game’s obstacles and villains. It is a huge investment but our stats say that it pays off.

The shooting strength and the rates are higher at 3.5, with its power coming on strong at 1160. It also has the largest ammunition space of 10 slots which is why it has fit itself in the ranking of our top five favorites. 

The weapon’s utility can be enhanced by increasing the time it takes to reload bullets to clear out any buffers or waiting periods that obstruct your combat. Once acquired, it is better to sell off the other shotguns at hand as pale in comparison.

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum Weapon

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

The magnum gun is a lucky and valuable find once acquired. The strength of this weapon is undeniable and it should be used for challenging battles with the most threatening creatures. It protects you from losing against tough and tricky bosses. 

With a gigantic force of 1700 in terms of power, this weapon is a knockout. Speaking of knockouts, it will destroy and disintegrate the enemy creatures to dust. 

To enhance its usefulness, even more, upgrading the power will improve the strength of the weapon to make it more durable even with harder opponents. The ammunition space should also be elevated.

Dragoon Weapon


The Dragoon Assault Rifle can be purchased as an extra additive weapon after you complete the game to keep in your arsenal for future campaigns or in the gameplay of a secret person’s perspective. It can be used for replays. 

Though it can cost you a bunch of challenge points, it aids you in putting up a better combat performance against the creatures of the village. It is extremely advantageous for a swift game due to its ample space for ammunition holding up to 20 slots.

GM 79 Weapon

GM 79

The only grenade launcher available in the whole game is a master at the damage. With a power of 1200 and a 2.7 speed of reloading, it carries within it enough vigor and strength to defeat and battle all of the biggest bosses. Not only that, the grenade launcher is specifically beneficial to attack groups of creatures.

F2 Weapon


Precision helps with shooting for a far or shooting collective of bosses or creatures. This sniper rifle does the job at an impeccably rapid speed of 3.7, the highest speed of all the weapons. 

The sniper rifle works well with and without the scope and can be optimized situation by situation. The F2 sniper rifle is also unique to its type, being a solitary sniper rifle item in the Resident Evil Village weapons arsenal. This makes the weapon that much more prized and desirable. 

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Amplify the utility of the rifle by elevating the power, making shots more successful, and defeating villains and creatures easier in a single go.

S.T.A.K.E Weapon


The S.T.A.K.E is a magnum weapon with the highest strength ranking of all the weapons. Coming in at a massive 2000, this is only one of the reasons why we choose it as our number one pick for the best weapons in Resident Evil Village. 

It is not a weapon to be underestimated as it is the most effective and capable of wreaking damage on the worst of the creatures. Due to its superior features, it is highly valued monetarily too. 

Even getting to the point of being able to purchase this weapon may take a few plays of the game, however once in possession, the payoff is enormous. It is the most optimum tool to utilize especially when playing in the highest challenging settings of the game.

Should you choose to upgrade your weapons?

Weapons can be an investment, especially if you have already bought them through the game’s currency or by accumulating challenge points. Upgrades are definitive extra costs. The question is are they worth the additional Lei’s? 

Yes, we agree with the statement that upgrades refine and optimize your gameplay experience as well as your capabilities in performing in battles against the creatures of the village. 

Upgrades like increasing the strength, shooting speed, and ammunition space help improve the quality of your weapons and their technical capacities. Though a hefty investment in Lei currency, it can be worth it.

Do further about which weapons you should upgrade and which ones may not need to be upgraded.

Which features of a weapon to upgrade?

Every weapon is designed in a unique and specialized way. Not all features on every weapon needed to be upgraded. At least when optimizing the use of your Lei you should consider and question which features on which specific weapon should you upgrade.

Efficiency is key here. Prioritize those weapons that have generally good stats and features. If they lack in one area, suppose the ability to hold a sizable amount of ammunition or the ability to quickly shoot bullets and reload them, focus on upgrading that facet. 

This will help create an arsenal of weapons that are holistically useful in defeating the villains in the village and that don’t lack in crucial aspects.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our rankings on the best and most effective weapons of the game. We hope this will help you effortlessly and skillfully defeat and take down all the terrifying creatures that inhabit the village in Resident Evil Village. 

Now grab your console and start fighting evil, and save that baby! The Dimitrescu family is waiting patiently for you.

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