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Resident Evil Village: Quick Lei Farming (Money Farming)

Resident Evil Village: Quick Lei Farming (Money Farming)

If you have been turning up empty-handed at the Duke’s Emporium (the shop in Resident Evil Village), go through this easy guide to learn how to earn money in the game. The currency in the Resident Evil world is called ‘Lei.’ With Lei the player can purchase important stuff that is essential for progress and survival. Ammo, weapons, crafting recipes, healing potions, explosives, upgrades for the weapons already purchased, and so on.

These items are extremely crucial for the survival of the player. In case the player is wounded and running out of energy, they would not be able to engage in combats and ultimately lose the game. This is why it is necessary to earn as much Lei as one can to make challenges comparatively easier.

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How to earn a lot of money in Resident Evil Village?

If you always end up dying in combat due to a shortage of health potions, or because your weapons severely need an update, you need to learn all the Lei farming methods as soon as possible. Mentioned below are all such money farming methods that will certainly help all players in obtaining abundant Lei which will be enough to stop one from wishing for more money.

Resident Evil Village: Quick Lei Farming (Money Farming)

Breaking objects you find lying around the village

This is an amazing and easy way to find Lei lying around the village. If you did not already know this, it is quite possible that you had money present right under your nose but you failed to notice. Several breakable objects such as crates and boxes can be found in random places. If the player breaks these boxes, they are awarded free money and other valuable items. Any item you think can be broken with a blow must be considered.

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Not every item is breakable, but it is better to try your luck. Crates that are painted yellow can be spotted in a room easily and usually contain money. Similarly, other breakable items include vases and barrels. Other than lei, ammo can also be found in such crates.

Selling valuable items to the Duke who runs the ammo shop

This is yet another no-effort method to earn maximum Lei. There are several treasures lying around the game that must be sought after. The entire purpose of treasure items is to sell them for Lei, thus, if you come across any such item you do not need to overthink about cashing them in. Some treasures are meant to be sold separately. However, some treasures come with a catch. Such treasures are basically combinable treasures.

This means the player needs to locate other pieces of treasure that can be combined with the piece already found. When you encounter a treasure, make sure to read its description before you sell it for half the price. If the description mentions that the piece can be combined, you need to save it instead of selling it individually. Once you’ve collected all the treasure pieces and completed them, you can sell them at the Duke’s Emporium and get quite a large amount of money!

Finding Money Lying in the Environment in Resident Evil Village

Finding money lying around in the environment

If you are on a strict watch out, you will be lucky enough to come across money just lying about in the environment. Money found in the environment suggests werewolves don’t really care about Lei. This puts you at an advantage since you can easily pick up the money and run off with it without the danger of getting chased by monsters.

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Rummaging through dressers and drawers

If you come across furniture pieces like dressers, drawers, and cupboards, you need to vigorously search through them to find treasure. Often drawers can be opened and treasure is found within which can later be sold at the Duke’s Emporium for money. Some furniture cannot be interacted with; even if you try to open the drawers, they won’t. It is better to try your luck and check every piece of furniture instead of assuming that it may not be interactive.

Obtaining Lei while combatting various enemies

This may be an unstable source of earning Lei; however, it certainly helps when you need some quick money to buy a health potion or some ammo. When you encounter different enemies throughout Resident Evil Village, you can fight with them. During the battle, enemies drop Lei in small amounts from 150-300.

If you have been searching for Lei frantically and can’t find it, this method certainly does help. To earn money you can just fight with the enemies and it will drop Lei for the player to restock their ammo and health. If you fought with an enemy and it did not drop loot that is absolutely normal as well. Some enemies drop Lei while others don’t. If you are hell-bent on farming Lei, then fighting with an enemy is worth the risk. 

Selling Animal Meat at the Duke's Emporium

Selling animal meat at The Duke’s Emporium

Animals like chickens, sheep, and pigs can be found roaming around the village. You need to hunt these animals with your weapons. When the animal dies you can collect its meat and sell it to the Duke. It is important to be cautious while hunting for these animals with weapons. If you waste too much ammo on shooting, the money you get after selling the meat will be less than the price of ammo you wasted.

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Making it to Village of Shadows

If you manage to beat the entire game one time, you will be able to unlock a new difficulty level called ‘Village of Shadows’. Any enemy you beat in this difficulty level will amount to a lot of money even as much as 5000 Lei. This difficulty level is quite daunting. The enemies and the graphics are quite a horror, thus, it is not necessary that every player can survive in such conditions.

Making sure Lei is put to good use

Saving and using money wisely is one important way to make sure you never run out of Lei. With that being said, it is not always necessary to waste money on ammo and health. Many of these items can be found for free around the village. Moreover, you can search for materials in the Resident Evil Village map that can be crafted into weapons. This means you can save some Lei on weapons for something you require at that moment like health or an upgrade to get stronger weapons for a difficult enemy. Check out our quick guide on the best weapons in Resident Evil Village.

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