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Resident Evil Village: 8 Enemies and Their Weaknesses

Resident Evil Village: 8 Enemies and Their Weaknesses

Resident Evil is a game loved by many. The game is not just limited to Zombies but has different aspects in it. The new sequel of the game has a different dynamic. It has more intense gameplay, and with that, there are more enemies in the game.

If you are a Resident Evil player, you would know that the upcoming sequel has more enemies than the older parts. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand how to defeat the already existing enemies.

Please read this article to find out about the enemies in Resident Evil Village and their weaknesses.

Resident Evil Village: Enemies and Their Weaknesses - Lycan

Enemy: Lycans

The first enemy on our list is the Lycans. Lycans are creatures that look like werewolves but are more intense. Throughout the game, you will be encountering Lycans. Lycans are extremely fast; they can make long jumps and can easily get away from attacks.

While fighting Lycans, you should keep in mind that they always travel in packs, and thus a large number of the species can attack you at once. Also, they bite! Therefore, make sure you keep running from them, so they do not get too close to you.


Now, the biggest weakness of a Lycan is a headshot or a leg shot. Therefore, to defeat them, you have to make sure you have a good amount of ammo and a shotgun. If you are shooting them on their body, they might take seven shots to die. However, you need a single headshot to wipe them.


Enemy: Moroaica

Moroaicas are like vampires – vicious blood-sucking creatures. You will find them commonly in Lady Dimitrescu’s area. While they are not very fast, it is not easy to run away from them as you will always find them in small crowded places like the dungeons. The weapon that they carry is a sword. Therefore they can attack you with ease.

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Just like Lycans, Moroaica can be defeated with the help of head and leg shots. Other than this, they can be killed using explosives. Therefore, if you are fighting them, it is essential that you have a good amount of ammo, explosives, and maybe a shotgun. Also, keep in mind that they are not so fast, and because of the way they walk, their pace of attack is meager. Use this to your advantage!


Enemy: Samca

Samcas are similar to Moroaica– they have huge wings and a long tongue which they use to suck blood. You will come across them in the outdoor areas of Dimitrescu. The problem that you will most likely face while fighting a Samca is that they can fly!

Flying gives them the advantage of moving around quickly, and hence they can dodge your attacks with ease.


The two weaknesses of Samcas that we can pinpoint for you are sniper fires and shotgun blasts. Now they might move around at a breakneck pace for sniper fires, but you will be at an advantage with a long-range gun. To use sniper fire against them, you have to be a little fast.

You can also use shotgun blasts to kill them. To use this technique, you have to wait for them to come closer to you and then use your weapon against them!


Enemy: Hauler

Haulers are the most common types of enemies you will find in Heisenberg’s Factory. Visually, it would seem that they are not so powerful – they look like villagers with one weapon and a metal visor. Now, metal visors are the most crucial thing they have. It protects them from players!

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Are you wondering how you could kill a Hauler? Well, their biggest weakness is a headshot. Take the perfect headshot and destroy its visor, and then kill it! The only thing protecting a Hauler is its metal visor so take advantage of that!

Soldat Eins

Enemy: Soldat Eins

The next enemy on our list is Soldat Eins. This enemy is equipped with a drill that resembles a chainsaw on the right arm and a visor protecting its head. At this stage, you will also have to encounter reactors. They get their strength from parasites and are filled with them. Hence, your main target should be the reactor, not the enemy.


The weaknesses of Soldat Eris include the reactor and headshots. Shooting the reactor is not difficult as it is placed on the chest. Therefore, you can easily target it. You should stay aware that the enemy will use its arm with the drill to protect the reactor.

Once you are done with the reactor, you can use a headshot on the enemy to destroy the visor and eventually kill the enemy.

Soldat Zwei

Enemy: Soldat Zwei

Soldat Zwei is similar to Soldat Elris. However, instead of having a drill on its right hand, Soldat Zwei has it on both its hands. Also, the reactor is not placed on the chest but is placed on the back, making it harder for players to target the reactor.


The weakness of this enemy is its reactor and its exposed head – it does not wear a visor. Therefore, you can either take shots from the back and target the visor, or you can take a headshot and defeat the enemy.

Soldat Jet

Enemy: Soldat Jet

The next enemy we will tell you about is Soldat Jet. As the name suggests, Soldat Jet has a jetpack. This allows it to move very quickly in order to dodge your attacks as compared to other enemies.

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Also, using its jetpack, it can go for charge attacks. Therefore, you should block them or get away from the area to protect yourself.


Soldat Jet’s weaknesses include explosives, the reactor, and its armor. Using explosives, you have to get rid of some of its armor – we say some because it is covered from head to toe in the armor.

Once you have destroyed some of the armor, target the reactor and defeat the enemy!

Soldat Panzer

Enemy: Soldat Panzer

The last enemy on our list is Soldat Panzer. Now, if you look at the Soldat Panzer, you will be terrified. It is completely covered in its armor and has various drills sticking out of its armor. Also, you might think this is where Soldat has reached its final stage, but that is not true. You are in for surprises later.


As stated above, the Soldat Panzer is covered in its armor. Therefore, to attack it, you have to get rid of its armor!

To get rid of the armor, you should use grenade launchers. This will strip the armor off of the Soldat Panzer, and once you see the reactor, you can target it and defeat the enemy!

We hope this list helped you learn about different enemies in the game and how to defeat them. Use their weaknesses against them, and you will be defeating all these enemies with ease!

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