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Conqueror’s Blade: Unit XP (FARMING GUIDE)

Conqueror’s Blade Unit XP (FARMING GUIDE)

Conqueror’s Blade is an online strategy game that is loaded with action and thrill. The entire game takes place in the middle ages. You will be the warlord in the game, leading and instructing your warriors. Slaughter, all your enemies with lethal weaponry, overthrow their kingdoms and become the most decisive leader of all times. This guide gives you all the information you need as a beginner and will help you master the game quickly.  

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Units in Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is all about combat. The fighting scheme of the game consists of units. The general leading the warriors can bring different groups of the unit to the fight. Only a single unit can be directed during combat with a topmost authority of 700. The remaining units have to hold back.

Customizing your Unit

You can always customize your unit by switching their skin which alters their outlook. However, doing this will not affect the skills the unit has. It only changes their looks.

Categories under the Unit Tree

Units are categorized into five portions under your unit tree. The primary ones are Ranged Infantry, Cavalry, and Melee Infantry. Along with these, the other two are Rattan Army and Chivalric Units. Each of the portions has numerous unlocked units that you can view when you click the required part.

To unlock a specific unit, it is first necessary that you are up to the demands of the team. Every requirement can differ from unit to unit. It can be earning a number of honor points, opening up a new era, getting your hero to a designated level, unlocking a capability on the tree, finishing a quest, etc. You will first have to do a little research to determine the condition for the unit or troop that you want to unlock. 

Conqueror’s Blade Unit XP (FARMING GUIDE)

1. Melee Infantry

The warriors of the Melee Infantry are equipped with blades, swords, spears, whips, etc. These units are your frontline warriors and will do the task of attacking and defending in all the clashes.

2. Ranged Infantry

Soldiers in the Ranged Infantry move forward with arrows, every single type of bow, arquebuses, etc. This unit can cause massive destruction to their enemies because of the rapid-fire rate. Distance is no problem for them as they have a long-range for throwing the arrows.

3. Cavalry Units

Cavalry units consist of fighters that are riding on the backs of their war horses. They carry with them pikes, arrows, or the fire lances too. Cavalry Units attack in vast numbers and bang with a catastrophic jolt when they approach the frontline warriors of the enemy clan.

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There are a total number of six eras in the game. These are the Feudal era, Chivalric era, Golden era, Heroic era, Silver era, and the rustic era. To open up and progress at any age, you will be required to first unlock four units of the era before the specific one. Without that, it will not be possible to keep going in Conqueror’s Blade.

Recruitment of Units

Before selecting any unit, ensure that you do the necessary research. First, look up the unit tree utilizing the honor points you gained after games and the quests. Another way to open a unit is to discover 20 Signaculums. They allow you to get the units too. Next, recruit your unit from the barracks tab. When you finally select a team, collect all the gadgets your unit requires. You can do so by buying them from different players in the market, trading for coins from NPC’s, or building them up yourself.

Formation, Traits, and Orders of Units

All the units have their own specific traits, orders, or formations.

Formations are the distinct arrangement of a unit. Every formation comes with its very own pros and cons. So, the way your units behave also depends on the formation you choose.

The traits of a unit are simply the specialties a particular unit has.

Orders are the assertive combat conduct of the unit. All units do not have orders. You can only assign them to some fixed units. For example, a unit with an order can attack at defined sites and can also move forward with its shields in front of them.


Farming your Unit XPs

The most essential part is farming XPs for your units. If you want to raise the level of your unit, you will have to send your units into battles. Ensure that all your units take part in combat, or else they will earn fewer XPs than the other units that go to fighting. To proceed from one level to another, on a certain point, you will be only requiring a fixed amount of XPs. Specific premium units give you 10% more XPs than the other standard units.

Battle Cards and Premium Accounts

One of the most straightforward ways to farm for XPs is to buy battle unit XP cards from the inventory. You can get ten battle unit cards in the game. A hero experience card permits you to secure over 30% more XPs than a regular game when you use it. Moreover, if your premium account is active, you will get a lot of bonus XPs too. Pay cash and buy a premium account pass that can be limited to thirty days, ninety days, or even a hundred and eighty days!

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If you are short on cash, you can always participate in a giveaway. Many people do giveaways for different things. For example, you can obtain XPs if you win battle cards or premium account passes!

Group Games

Playing in groups in a conqueror’s battle will give you more XPs than playing solo games. For example, a game played in the group will provide you with just about 5% more XPs.

Number of Units

The units that you take on the battle will influence the number of experiences you gain. This is because all the XPs are divided in the troops too. So it is better to have one unit on the expedition with you.

Type of Game Mode

The battle that you select to play also gives you XPs. There are many different types of game modes and battles to choose from Conqueror’s Blade.

1. Standard battles

The first game mode is standard battles. These include training camps, siege battles, and field competitions. Training camps are basically against AI. Playing AI matches can get you a good amount of XP. For every minute you play a training camp, you get approximately 1k XPs. Training camps are also an excellent way to practice if you are a newbie. However, if you are good at battles, you might want to try siege and field battles. Siege battles will give you the most XP that can be around 30k to 50k. They are also more fun to play.

2. Expeditions

Another really good way to earn your experience is going on expeditions. They are the best among all battles in gaining XPs. There are three types of expeditions in Conqueror’s Blade. Expedition 1 is fantastic to gain a lot of unit XPs if one of your units survives throughout. Doing the expedition, you can earn almost 1300 XPs every minute of playing. The only drawback is the remaining level 1 expeditions set up, and you can’t hurry them. Expeditions 2 and 3 also help you avail a sufficient number of XPs. If you use a boost card, expedition 3 will give you almost 30k XPs.

Conqueror's Blade Mercenary Troops

Mercenary Troops

Make use of the mercenary units. You can buy a mercenary unit for 30 bucks. But if you are broke, they cost 400k to 700k silver in-game. These units are highly profitable and help you level up your unit rapidly. Another advantage of having mercenary troops is that you do not have to repair or restore their health, and they always give you a 10% XP boost. That is if you have them along with you in the troop.

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Number of Kills in a Match

Your aim should be to get at least 160 kills in every match you play. If you get 160 kills in a game, that is the whole experience you can obtain in a battle. It is not difficult at all and can be easily done. If you are lucky enough, you might even get 300 kills in a match. On a not-so-lucky day, your kills can limit to 60 only. The key is to be patient and keep on trying to level up your units.

Why is leveling up Important

It is simple. The higher the level of your unit is, the better equipment, traits, orders, skills, formations, and powers your unit will be having. It is the same rule as any other online game. So keep your focus on gaining as many XPs as you can from the ways provided above, and you will be able to have the best units and troops ever! In case you have not guessed it yet, XPs are one of the essential aspects of Conqueror’s Blade.

Healing your Units

Keep in mind that it will require a certain amount of time to heal up if your unit gets destroyed in combat. Always keep your units well armed and in the perfect formation to avoid such blunders. Please do not make a unit of low-level enemies that are stronger than them, for if you do so, you will end up losing eventually.

Veterancy Points

When you start leveling up your troops using XPs, you gain Veterancy points. These points can be allocated to the Veterancy trees. Doing so provides the units with many more abilities. Do not forget to jot down your course of action before you start dishing out the points. This is because the points are directly proportional to the levels of the troops. You may not have enough points to open up all the things.  

Obtain the Honor Points

Honour points are particularly the most critical currency in Conqueror’s Blade. The easiest and quickest way to get the honor points is to accomplish all the weekly, daily, or fief challenges. Make sure that you do not skip any of these. Especially the five challenges as some of them can earn you a prize of more than 400 honor points. This way you can gain a lot of points in less time. 

Wrapping it up!

I hope this guide was helpful and gave you all the information you need to know on how to level up your units and beast through Conqueror’s Blade. So start your adventure now and make the best units of all time! Guide your troops and kill your enemies. Conquer the area of others and show them who is the real boss around. Happy battling!

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