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[TOP 5] Conqueror’s Blade Best Classes

Conqueror's Blade Best Classes

Conqueror’s Blade Classes are a part of the game, where standards lean towards something similar to the Amazon’s tribe. Female characters can grasp an army, turn into a warlord, or take part in the events of the game. 

This is great because even for male counterparts, when the Dual Blade inflicts one-shot attacks, it becomes extremely satisfying.

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In this guide, we will go through Conqueror’s Blade Best Classes, so scroll down and get familiar with them!

Getting to Know About Conqueror’s Blade Best Classes!

Conqueror's Blade Best Classes

Shield And Longsword

The class which is more durable, and deals well with greater damage, is the most ideal one. Longsword and Shield lie in the center, when it comes to utility, fun, battle, reach, and damage. You just can’t go wrong with this great, all-round class.

We recommend this class mostly for the amateurs due to it being simple and user-friendly. If this one is your first line of attack in the Conqueror’s Blade, this is definitely one of the Conqueror’s Blade best classes!

Common Skills:

  • Valour – Level 2 inflicting more damage, and third rank kick that knocks down the enemies
  • Shield Bash – Shield enables you to strike your enemy with the shield twice using special effects
  • Paladin – Wide sword swing with increased damage
  • Martial Prowess – You can attack enemies, and defend simultaneously. You can reduce the damage as well.
Poleaxe - Conqueror's Blade


Heavy hits with heavy armor. This is one of the finest classes in Conqueror’s Blade. You can wear heavy plate shield armor with long partisan, reaping enemies, and swinging around. Theoretically, such a game style requires almost no strategic genius or skill, and it should help you go through the preliminary stages. However, when superior heroes come into play, you might struggle against high mobility enemies like Short Bow or Shortsword. Your health will be chipped away by them. Therefore, defending yourself will be difficult if you are wearing a fifty-pound shield armor.

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We recommend Poleaxe for gamers who wish to go in a quarrel and wipe away the enemy’s soldiers. In such duels, they will be outplayed. Hence, this class would turn out to be amazing when defending during a duel with constricted bridges and corridors. This class will fall apart afterward when AI gets less pertinent. But, its duel-heavy abilities make it one of the Conqueror’s Blade’s best classes.

Common Skills:

  • Halberdier’s Thrust – The hero drives the weapon damage. If it is pressed a couple of times at the third level, you can inflict wounds
  • Bec de Corbin – Pressing this twice gives three times more swings, and wipes away the soldiers
  • Old Billhook – This drags the enemy, and this useful if you can land this on an enemy’s hero 
  • Push Back – This is probably one of the basics in the Poleaxe class. It helps you to push the enemy back, and knock them down.


This class is amongst the hard-hitting and heavy classes. If you can combine your ability with the troops’ charges, you can contradict the defensive capabilities of the enemies. In the case of heroes, it is bound to work well against Shield and Longsword, as Shortsword is a bit mobile. 

Although Nodachi’s skills are a bit slow and clunky, allowing the enemies to dodge incoming attacks, you can inflict enormous damage to the AI soldiers, and that is what your target should be. Nodachi is arguably the best when it comes to breaking through the enemies’ defensive formations, allowing the allies to rally further.

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Common Skills:

  • Steadfast and Fearless – It can recover your character from unconsciousness, slashing two times with the sword
  • Monstrous Blade – Helps in draining life from the enemy
  • Samurai’s March – Helps in charging towards the enemies
  • Tiger’s Claw – Probably the most damaging skill that not only does unswerving damage but restores HP as well.
Shield And Shortsword -  Conqueror's Blade

Shield And Shortsword

This class actually inflicts less damage than its longsword equivalent. But, it is more portable, setting it up as a dueling class. Consequently, it provides more potential to outclass opponents. However, there is a lack of reach. You have knockdowns, knockbacks, and stuns all over the gear. Your allies can also save you on the battlefield by kicking out enemies.

In terms of shutting down your subordinates, it is great. The charge compliments the troop charges, and with Thunderstruck and Ironsides, you can inflict considerable damage. On the contrary, the crowd controlling abilities are the most deadly. Expertise in them will help you become a slayer!

Common Skills:

  • Shield Bash – You can strike your enemies twice, and pressing twice inflicts a heavy damage
  • Shielded Charge – You lift your shield and move forwards. With five extra effects, it can help you slam the ground, knock out enemies, and incorporate a sword downstroke while increasing your defense.
  • Kick – It begins with a simple kick. Pressing twice incorporates a roundabout kick, and pressing thrice completes the combo with a high-flying kick.
  • Barricade – It reduces the block value of enemies and attacks their strength.


The Musket’s scattershot abilities, coupled with five-round rapid ultimate is what makes the enemies think a couple of times. You can sweep away the hero, somersault three miles away, or knock him out. If your range is closer than Long Bow, you can inflict more damage. The Musket is great at knocking down the heroes of enemies. A melee class will tear apart the soldiers first. Besides, warlords can shoot heroes from a long-range as well. 

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Therefore, if ripping through several foes and filling up the kill score, besides the end-game battles, the Musket’s ranged classes are the one for you!

Common Skills:

  • Fine Gunpowder – Quickens the reload and increases the damage
  • Close Combat – Its leg-strike sweep knocks the enemy down
  • Skirmisher – Its extra effects helps to recover from unconsciousness, and remove stun locks
  • Liquid Fire – A cocktail ability that helps your character to throw a grenade and bring about an explosion.

To sum it up, we would say, Conqueror’s Blade is enjoyable, and you do not have to pay for it! You have a range of blade classes to pick out from. We are hoping that through our Conqueror’s Blade Best Classes guide, you will find the most suitable one for you. Let us know your favorites! If you need help choosing your best units to assist you in battle check out our guide on Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020!

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