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Conqueror’s Blade: Best Starting Units (PROS VS. CONS)

Conqueror's Blade: Starting Units (PROS VS. CONS)

Conqueror’s Blade is an online free-to-play multiplayer, war-tactics game. The game puts you in the shoes of a warlord to command an entire regiment based on turn-based events and real-time battle tactics. You, as the player, aim to win the battles against other online players to defeat and conquer your enemies.

What are Starting Units?

The combinations of Attack commands used to fight are known as Units. Units are a combination of Soldiers, materials, resources, weapons, and their formations. Your understanding of deploying the suitable units at the right time helps you win the game. Besides fighting battles, your job in Conqueror’s Blade is to resupply and reinforce your units after a battle.

Now, these units are purchasable in Conqueror’s Blade. The very interesting format of currency that you can earn and spend in Conqueror’s Blade is called “Honor.” Your earning and gain of Honor rely on your ability to perform in combat effectively. So, as you continue to earn Honor and Experience whilst you transcend through levels and chapters of the game, you unlock more purchasable Units for Battle access.

In this guide, you will learn about Starting Units. Starting units are the units that you use as the first deployed attack in a battle. Now, if you are new to the game, there is a massive probability that, like many new players, you will end up wasting your Honor currency in purchasing Units, which will not be useful for you in battle. So here we have a list for you, which will introduce you to the best Starting Units, as well as their pros and cons.

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Experienced players of the game prioritize units in this list, who have figured out the best and most helpful and battle-efficient Starting Units for you to purchase for the best winning experience. This list of Units will not only help you through the management of your Honor currency but will also allow you to perform effectively in your Battles. Following are the names and details of Best Starting Units.

Conqueror's Blade: Starting Units (PROS VS. CONS)

Pike Militia

As you begin to play Conqueror’s Blade, Pike Militia is the best low-tier unit that you can lay your hands on. This unit makes the first purchase on your list. This cost-effective starting unit costs only 110 Leadership. It does not only help you as a new player, but it can always be a good part of your weapon arsenal and Warband builds as you proceed to the higher stages of the game.


  1. When its Veterancy Line is maxed down to the Middle, It provides you Increased Damage to enemy units, and it provides you with double strikes.
  2. It has a very dense formation. Therefore, if you push it in the faces of invading enemy units, they will end up being quite helpful.
  3. If you use it behind a Shield wall, it proves to be a Deadly Combo.
  4. It helps you in inflicting good damage to Soft Targets.
  5. You can use its ability to Stun.
  6. Its High Armor penetration level can help you in killing mid-late game units.
  7. You get to hit one additional unit per attack with Pike Militia.
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  1. Pike Militia, unfortunately, is highly liable to Archers and Other ranged units.
  2. It does not possess higher health or armor as a Mid-late game unit. Therefore, it is only effective if used behind a shield wall.

Spear Sergeant

Another purchasable unit is Spear Sergeant. It is the most straightforward obtainable Purple Shield Unit. It is a blistering combination of Destruction and Tankiness. As a new player, if you are able to get this unit unlocked, it will help you complete any Player vs. Environment (PvE) activity in the game. You can even do challenging Rebel Camps, using only Spear Sergeant.


  1. The most ordinary Spear Sergeant Veterancy line is the lower line. Once you completely knock out the brace, you can put the remaining point into the Top Line.
  2. If you use it in “Cover Commander” formation, it will provide you with excellent mobility and damage in the battle.
  3. You will be able to switch and rotate to different locations quickly.


  1. You cannot use Spear Sergeant in Late Game. As of Late Game Cavalry Charges, Spear Sergeants will crumble.
  2. Spear Sergeant will not remain as Tanky in later parts of the battle, so it will not be much efficient if you are using it just for its tanking purposes.
Conqueror's Blade Background

Namkhan Archers

This is a Seasonal unit. You can unlock Namkhan Archers in Season 2. In order to unlock these Archers, players will have to press F5, and then they will reach Unit Challenges; from there, you can shift to season 2. The players will have to go through a bit of the grind of completing all its unit challenges, but it will be worth it. This is one of the best starting units in Conqueror’s Blade.


  1. Namkhan Archers is a unit of Archers that will provide you good damage and the bleed ability that increases significantly when piled up.
  2. Bleed helps you stop the player from healing manually, and therefore if you have stacked bleed on a player or an enemy unit, you have them practically dead.
  3. This unit will not only help you rack up kills but will also ease your grinding to earn experience.
  4. With the destruction from arrows, you will easily be able to kill light and medium-sized armor units.
  5. However, the bleed will also allow you to take down High-Armor Enemy Units.
  6. The Veterancy line for this unit starts from the best line and goes down way to the end. You can pick up all the perks that can help you bleed piles and total bleed damage.
  7. Once you have done that, this unit will help you take out High-value targets and forcefully make the heroes retreat before gathering various bleed stacks.
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  1. Namkhan Archers have a short range in comparison to other endgame archer units.
  2. A couple of volleys from Prefecture Archers and your Namkhan Unit will be under threat of complete wipeout.
  3. You have to keep this unit in continuous motion in order to avoid it being in the range of other Late-Game Archer units.
  4. If you protect the unit at the back of a house, then your attack arrows have a chance to hit the house itself. Therefore, the aim and angles will take some practice for you to perfect.

Condotierri Guards

Condo Guards is also a Seasonal Unit. This unit is available in Season 3. It is a sword unit, and you should preferably use it for inflicting extensive and incredible charge damage. However, you can also use this in situations where you need to attack the enemy units back or in need of a Tanky Unit.


  1. You can use this unit to surround the enemy shield walls. Its Shock attack ability will help you a Blowing Attack, which will knock back the enemy a bit and will help you with inflicting further damage on enemy units.
  2. It has a flexible Veterancy Line. According to your preferences and playstyle, you can choose any Veterancy Line for the perks that suit you better.
  3. Its reducing cool-down ability will help you charge and brawl more efficiently.
  4. It fulfills all the duties that a player would expect from a sword and shield unit.


  1. There are no severe downsides to the Condo Guards unit. It does its job proficiently except for the fact that this unit is nerfed rather quickly. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting attack, this unit might not come in handy.

Imperial Pike Guards

This is a unit that you can purchase using your Honor Currency. Imperial Pike Guards are an extensively armored pike unit that you can use to inflict damage on any shielded or non-shielded enemy unit. Whether you are going for sieges or Territory Wars; this is one of the most effective Starting Units you can add to your bag.

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  1. This unit can shift into a Walking Spike Wall and is known for its effectiveness in eliminating any enemy unit put in its sight. Even Shield walls. So if you are waging in on an enemy, this starting Unit is perfect for the job.
  2. This unit can also act as a Static Spike wall. This unit’s ability can use behind your own shield wall for your defense mechanism in case the enemy unit is advancing on you.
  3. If you use the Top Veterancy Line for Imperial Pike Guards, it will increase your damage reduction and damage while you move forward.
  4. Since this unit covers a large area, you can use it to eliminate the opponent’s units on points of entrances (both on offense and on defense).
  5. If you want to stop a unit and want to do your job uninterruptedly, Imperial Pike Guards should be your go-to option.


  1. The Pikey armor just covers the front of the unit while advancing. Therefore, the sides are open season for an attack.
  2. The unit is also vulnerable to range attacks, like enemy archer units.
  3. It should be deployed alongside other ally units, or else it will be wiped out rather quickly.
Conqueror's Blade Conclusion

Honorable Mentions

  1. Imperial Spear Guard
  2. Fortebraccio Pikemen
  3. Janissaries


Conclusively, this list will steer you clear from wasting your earned honor and experience in buying units that are expensive, seemingly useful, but actually are not. While there are countless more great and effective starting units in Conqueror’s Blade, these are the five most tried and tested starting units that we discuss in this guide. You, as a new player, can use these units to improve your game. These five Starting units are flexible to your playstyle. They are highly affordable.

Moreover, they are also open to any Tactical Strategy, either offense or defense. They are comparatively easier to reinforce and recharge. Their upgrades are actually useful in battle experience. Even as a new player, these starting units will lend you an upper hand and Unitary benefit over your opponent.

The pros and cons mentioned in this guide will help you opt for the best unit that suits your tactics, strategy, and the stage of the game you are on. However, Conqueror’s Blade is an ever-expanding platform to learn new tricks and tactics to prevail in the battleground. As you advance in your gaming experience in Conqueror’s Blade, by the use of these mentioned starting points and study of their pros and cons in this guide, you will be able to assess the importance and usefulness of other available units on your own.

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