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Conqueror’s Blade: [QUICK] Maul Guide 2021

Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is an exciting multiplayer tactics game that was released on May 30th, 2019. This game is best for players who love war games. The main character is a warlord, which the player controls. The main job of the warlord is to command several regiments and participate in wars strategically.

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Conqueror's Blade Maul Guide

Conqueror’s Blade – The Build System

Conqueror’s Blade follows a unique build system. This means you need to build a customized character. There are eleven fighting classes. The player chooses a warlord from one of the given classes. Moreover, the player also customizes their appearance, gender and selects a particular weapon. The collection of weapons includes nodachi, glaive, musket, maul, dual blades, longsword, short sword, poleaxe, short bow, longbow, and spear. The entire gameplay is directed through the way the player builds their unit. After the player creates a distinctive warlord, they can engage in various siege battles.

Unlocking the Maul Class

You are free to choose from a number of different classes. Each class comes with a unique set of skills, abilities, and weapons that you can use in combination with each other to channel maximum strength. To unlock the Maul Class, the player needs to head over to their season menu and select “Unit Challenges.” The player needs to clear multiple stages, which allows them to earn battle passes and unlock new skills for the maul. It is best to pass as many weekly challenges as possible if one wants to add more and more skills to their character.

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After clearing all of the Maul challenges, the player must move on to Paragon I and Paragon II Challenges.

Conqueror's Blade Maul Class

Maul Class Primary Skill Set

The four primary skills of Maul Class include Mighty Mjölnir, Bonebreaker, Ukko’s Doom, and Strike and Grapple.

Mighty MjOlnir and Bone Breaker

Mighty Mjölnir is an essential skill in any build because it allows the player to charge another of their skills like Bonebreaker to increase the damage level tremendously.

Ukko’s Doom

Ukko’s Doom is also an incredible skill that is helpful for unit and hero control. In addition, it knocks back enemies, which suggests that this particular skill is a survival ability skill that one can use when heroes or the cavalry are attacking the player.

If the player wishes to have absolute control over the frontline, they need to use Ukko’s Doom because it considerably cancels other heroes’ skills.

Strike and Grapple

The fourth skill, namely Strike and Grapple, is a little tricky to use for beginners. It is possible for you to miss the target and get struck by one of the opponents. However, this is a valuable skill if you wish to smash and grab a hero to throw them over the wall. This allows the player to remove the enemies from the battle.

Another way to utilize this skill is to grab one of the opponents and run them into the nearest wall one can locate. As the players continue to run the hero into the wall, their teammates strike the enemy repeatedly until he dies. One thing to keep in mind while using Strike and Grapple is that this skill requires stamina. If you run out of energy, you will not be able to carry the hero anymore.

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Weapon Crafting

Beginner maul players usually have one new weapon in Conqueror’s Blade. Players need to locate the smith to craft a maul of their choice. For beginners, Rockfall maul is the most appropriate. More skilled players can go for the pulverizer or the pile driver.

To craft an earthshaker, you need a weapon schematic. It is advisable to use a rare schematic rather than an epic schematic because epics are rather hard to come across. However, rare schematics can allow you to craft an epic or a legendary earthshaker. As for the epic schematic, the player can use it for armor instead of crafting weapons.

To craft an earthshaker, you first need blunt damage. Then, you can use blunt penetration, strength, agility, and lastly, critical value. Finally, if you are looking for supplies, the player can open up the weapon box they received in the beginning.

Armor Crafting in Conqueror's Blade

Armor Crafting

Maul is a heavy armor class that basically means one can use all of the armor (light, medium, and heavy). However, to ensure maximum survivability, you should wear heavy armor. Heavy armor includes Pikeman’s Pot, Conscript’s Helmet, and Crested Leather Helmet. For Maul players, guardsmen armor is the ultimate choice which you can craft by using the epic schematic. This armor is much better than the four-piece armor because it lets the player withstand a lot of damage without losing much health.

Attribute Assignment

As a Maul Class player, you must engage in numerous deathmatches, sieges, and territory battles. Due to this, the first attribute that a player needs to prioritize is survivability. This means you need to work to stay in the fight for as long as possible without dying. To improve your survivability, you need to focus on your base statistics. Therefore, each player begins Conqueror’s Blade with agility (17), toughness (17), strength (17), and armor (17).  

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Well-crafted mauls can handle blunt damage and penetration and easily cause the required amount of destruction to kill units in the frontline. This suggests that you need to give more priority to toughness and armor instead of merely buffing up blunt damage.

Maul Attacks

To attack the opponent, you can continue pressing on the basic attack. The basic attack is a set of four attacks. The first and the last attack is the strongest of all. The best way to counter your opponent is to attack once, wait, attack again, wait, and continue this cycle. This is the most sustainable way to attack your opponents, and it ensures the player’s survivability. If you feel like your attack and wait strategy is a bit too slow, you can even speed this process up. For a faster attack, you need to strike once, then dodge, hit again, and then dodge again.


In conclusion, Maul Class is quite engaging and definitely worth unlocking in Conqueror’s Blade. After studying the Maul Guide and following all of the tips and tricks once, you can quickly clear all of the stages and earn maximum battle passes. One of the most significant benefits of clearing as many Maul stages as possible is the achievement of unique skills for your character. More skills considerably improve the performance of the warlord; thus, players must always aim towards engaging in battles and sieges.

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