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Sun Haven: [TOP 10] Tips and Tricks 2021


Sun Haven consists of a magical world having a charming trading town occupied by many tiny humans. It also has a veiled elven village and a city crowded with monsters. Even though the full version is not released yet, sun haven already has a surprising number of players. The game is packed with a lot to do. Farming, fighting with monsters, plenty of magic, dragons, and whatnot!

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However, the small trading town in sun haven is going through a tough time, and that is where your part comes in. Join the game in whatever character you like and help the citizens in flourishing their trades again. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you in mastering this newly released enchanted game! We hope you enjoy our Sun Have 10 Tips and Tricks 2021 article!

1. Know the World

The map of the sun haven is enormous! This is because there are so many places you can roam around and so many things you can discover. But some of the sites on the map are more threatening than the others. So knowing the map, finding hideouts and spots where monsters wander can save you from getting killed.

West Forest

If you are playing sun haven for the first time, you will have trouble fighting with monsters. West Forest is the perfect place for you where you can begin your combat experience. The demons that live there are minor, and you can kill them quickly. Keep in mind that all the enemies regenerate after some time of you killing them. So, you can keep fighting them until you think yourself to be ready for more challenging tasks.

Having no fighting experience and jumping directly into dangerous areas can cause you a lot of deaths. So play safe.

2. Farming

Farming can be very monotonous and boring, especially when you have many empty squares to fill up. It is also highly time-consuming, and you might get bored halfway.

Instant Farming

A beneficial tip is to click and drag on the squares for planting and watering. This way, instead of individually working on every patch, you can collectively plant the seeds. Doing this can help you save up a lot of time and utilize it somewhere else in the game.

Money in Sun Haven

3. Earn plenty of Money

In Sun Haven, there are numerous ways to make money. Since the game developers are working on it, there might be even more new ways introduced in the upcoming upgrades. The more money you have, the more stuff you can buy, and eventually, your experience will get better.

Make Friends

Friends in the game can send you money. Try to befriend Anne in no time. She will be sending you tiny money bags in the mail. A friend in need is a friend indeed! After some time being friends with her, Anne will give you a token as a gift. If you equip it, it will provide you with 200 coins daily. Also, if you craft something with the token on you, ten gold will be presented to you.

Get some Skills

There are specific skills in the game that can help you get money. For example, having the savings skill will give you 100 gold coins every day. The same goes for having mining skills. So ensure that you get these as soon as possible to benefit from the money.

Selling your Stuff

Another easy way to make money is by selling items at the shop. Not only that, but you can also sell the products you get from farming. Crafting objects brings you money too. So there are countless ways you can earn money to get the most out of each method.

4. Build your Relationships

Having a good relationship with the NPC’s is vital. Even if you do not like them, having a good relationship can get you some fascinating perks. You can exchange stuff and get help throughout the game.

Helping each Other

You can offer certain dishes to your favorite NCP. It helps strengthen the bond. Sometimes, these dishes also help in restoring the health that you lose while fighting monsters. Moreover, you can acquire many decorative pieces for your farm or your house. After all, everyone likes to work in an elegant space.

5. Craft your Essentials

It is quite possible that you may get overburdened because of all the stuff happening around you. Do not let this get in your way and delay your crafting. Putting it off for too long can have consequences. So it is best to get done with it rapidly.

Fishing in Sun Haven (Photo from Steam)

Things to Craft

Some essential things to craft are furnaces, grinders, cooking pots, and a lot of chests. All these items will be used throughout the game.

1. Cooking pots

You will be cooking your food in Sun Haven. Cooked food has many benefits. First, it provides your character with several hearts. Second, you can also eat cooked food to help gain health or restore it too!

2. Grinders

This item helps you save up most of your money. This is because instead of buying stuff like flour, you can craft your own using the grinder.

3. Furnace

You can use the furnaces to melt the ores that you redeem from the mines. They can be turned to bars of the respective metal afterward. You can then use the bars to craft stronger armors and better equipment.

4. Chests

Chests in the game are used for storage like everywhere else. They provide you with a considerable amount of extra space. In spite of the fact that Sun haven issues you a lot of storage space when you begin the game, you might need more moving forward. Many things pile up to 10 spaces. So the inventory can fill up quickly. That is when the chests are required.

6. Solving the Puzzles

Although the complete storyline is not released yet, you can visit different areas. Elven village and the surroundings are free to explore too. There are puzzles to solve in the game too. To move forward, you will have to first find the solution to the Nalvari puzzle.

Finding the Answer

To get to the answer, you will have to rack up your brain. It may be plausible that you accidentally predicted the correct answer. But if you fail to do so, you will have to wait till the very next day to give it another try. Do not give up, for you can surely do it with a bit of thinking!

A visit to the library

While exploring the area, you will come across sparkling trees. Many of the trees enable you to unlock the dialogue feature, and some can help you obtain the answers. But this can be time-consuming. If your patience is running out, you can always visit the library!

When you get to the library, interact with the bookshelves present in the middle. Only two of them will respond. The answer will be hidden in the books. It will give you apparent clues. This way, you can instantly solve the puzzle if you are smart enough.

7. Tracking down the NPC’s

Days in Sun Haven start super early for the villagers. Many of the shops will open at 8 am sharp. You will have to locate the NPC’s you want yourself. They can be anywhere around. Many of them can be more difficult to search for than the others. Also, you will have to speed up to get to them as NPC’s can be swift in their walk.

8. Stock your food

When you start the game, you will be provided with a bag of wheat. Please do not sell it at any cost! Instead, plant it right away and grow more wheat. Then, make dishes with it or use them when you need them. Selling your food unnecessarily is not recommended.

Trading in Sun Haven (Photo from Steam)
Trading in Sun Haven (Photo from Steam)

What are snackoons?

Snackoons block your way and do not let you move forward. There are two of them in the game currently. You can get them to free your path by feeding the apples and bananas.

Fruit trees

There are countless fruit trees all around the map. Apples, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges can be collected from these trees.

1. Apples

Apple trees are the most common trees in Sun Haven. They can be available literally anywhere.

2. Oranges

Orange trees can be located at the east of the town, right next to the river. To get to them, you have to pass the second snackoon. You can give him bananas and apples, and it will free your way.

3. Blueberries

As you keep moving forward, you will find some blueberry trees too! But they are camouflaged between the apple trees. When you approach them, you will also run into a group of monkeys.

4. Strawberries

Continuing on the same path, a strawberry tree will be available for you near the pond. It will be guarded by some monsters, though, so you will have to get rid of them too. You may also find a water crystal nearby. Look out for it.

9. Do not Jump into Combat Straight Away

Whenever you go out for a quest, make certain that you have enough gold and apples with you just in case. When you bump into bandits, do not start the fight right away. Combat is a good option, but you do not have to select it every time. Instead, you can offer them coins, and they will leave.

For example, when you are on the sun dragon’s quest looking for gloride stones, you will come across bandits trying to steal them. Offering them 1000 coins can make them leave the area. If you do it nicely, they might even settle for 500 coins. Trying to talk it out can also help you avoid unnecessary fights.

Getting outnumbered

If you ever get surrounded by a group of monsters, it is very likely that using your sword or arrows against them may not have any practical result. You may die anyway. In order to avoid this:

Keep a look around you. Study the behavior that the particular monsters exhibit. Remember the paths that they use. Then, use their habitat against them.

10. Jumping Skills

These are also some of the essential skills that you should equip yourselves with. In many areas, especially the river with big rocks, it might be difficult for you to roam around. Also, crossing the river is next to impossible if you cannot double jump. So, see to it that you get the jumping skills at the earliest.

Wrapping it up!

Here we mark an ending to the tips and tricks you can use. Keep all of these in mind, and you will play the game smoothly without any problems. So many of the areas still need to be explored. Pretty sure that once you get a hold of the game, you will be mastering it and exploring the rest of the map yourself. So go on and give yourself an enchanting experience!

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