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Conqueror’s Blade: Fast Bronze Coin Farming Guide

Conqueror’s Blade: Fast Bronze Coin Farming Guide

Conqueror’s Blade is a deep and rich real-time tactics game that revolves around a free-to-play concept. The game allows you to get everything that you need without paying a penny but your progress is expedited if you purchase certain items.

One of those hard-to-get resources happens to be Bronze Coins which are plentiful at the beginning but get harder and harder to get the more you play the game.

There are various uses for this valuable currency and is actually purchased by the player base quite often as it is such a fundamental building block of this world’s economy.

That is why we thought it appropriate to dedicate a full guide for fast bronze coin farming and how exactly you can get the most out of the game as a free-to-play player.

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In this guide, we’ll go over what you can use bronze for, how to get them, and what the most effective method is for getting oodles and oodles of the stuff. Let’s first start with how to farm bronze coins in our Fast Bronze Coin Farming Guide.

Farming Bronze Coins in Conqueror’s Blade

Now that you know what to prioritize bronze coins for, it’s time you figure out how to get them. There are various ways to get bronze coins in the game and here are some of the most popular ones.

Conqueror’s Blade: Fast Bronze Coin Farming Guide

Daily Quests

You are probably already aware of the daily quests in the game. These quests are available to you every day that you log in but you have to take advantage of them each day otherwise you’ll miss out on the rewards for that day. Daily quests award you a lot of rewards but the main rewards that you’re going to want from these quests are the bronze coins.

The problem with daily quests is that they are easy to miss as they don’t take priority because of the rewards that they provide. They take little time to do which is why a lot of Conqueror’s Blade players ignore the daily quests as they have much better things to jump into.

It can seem a hassle to do the daily quests as it just sucks up your time but they are definitely worth doing because of the bronze coins that you get as rewards. The daily quests are easy to do and don’t take a lot of time to complete so they are the first thing that you should do every day.

This daily supplement of bronze coins won’t seem like much but the coins start adding up pretty soon and you’ll soon be able to afford all the purchases and upgrades that you desire.

Keep in mind though that these daily quests have to be done every day if you expect to make progress because if you lapse out of this habit you’ll start noticing a certain drop in your bronze coins supply.

Unit Management in Conqueror's Blade

Unit Management

This might not be a direct way to farm for bronze coins but it is something that will help you maintain a steady supply of bronze coins and make sure that you only get the progress that you want. Unit management basically means that you carefully pick and choose the units that you want.

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This need for additional units is fundamental to the game as that is the easiest way to build up and consolidate power and eventually rule over other players. This can be done very effectively, and very ineffectively, given how you play the game. To understand how to build up a store of bronze coins, you first need to realize what YOU want to use them for.

The great thing about Conqueror’s Blade is that it doesn’t restrict you in any way. It doesn’t tell you how to play the game or what to do next. It gives you this unique open world and the capacity for an army and then it just leaves you to it. In no way does it guide your progress through an expected channel.

It gives you the capacity for making mistakes and that is why a lot of players feel short on resources when they should have more than enough to fund all of their war efforts.

This artificial scarcity stems from the players themselves. The game shows you a bunch of flashy upgrades and the immediate capacity to improve your standing on the battlefield and players jump on it. This makes you use more resources than you need to because you’ll spend on stuff that you don’t actually need.

To make sure that you have a steady supply of bronze coins, you need to make sure that your funds are being directed to a cause that is actually necessary. This means playing a strategy game such as Conqueror’s Blade in a meta-strategy way. In this scenario, your only opponent is the game and it is up to you to figure out a way to play it so that you get what you need.

This resourceful way of playing differs from person to person as each of the players have different goals and ideas that they want to accomplish and different paths that they need to take for those goals to come to fruition.

That is why you need to analyze what you are going to spend your precious bronze coins on. This should be the first step in any grinding game, figuring out what you want to grind for and achieving that target in the most efficient way possible.

This strategy that you come up with will be unique to your playstyle, your units, and the strategies that you use. That is why it is impossible to determine the game plan but you will have to make one that includes which troops you want to purchase, which ones you want to upgrade, and which crafted upgrade suits you best.

Sieges in Conqueror's Blade


As you may remember, we covered sieges in the last article that we did about Conqueror’s Blade but just as a refresher, sieges are long battles that allow players to engage in long and drawn out PvP battles that pit clan against clan, player against player. They are considered endgame content as you need a pretty good team to emerge victorious from sieges.

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Sieges take a long time to complete and will eat up a lot of resources if you are not careful with troop allocation and position. They are team-based activities that require cooperation, coordination, and commitment.

They are not for the faint of heart and should not be taken lightly, especially if they are fought on a larger scale. To get a proper siege going you’re going to need a good team, a decent army, and enough strategic know-how to outplay the other players in that siege.

Even though sieges are one of the most difficult and grueling activities in the game, they are worth it for the rewards. Sieges give out fantastic rewards to the victors, granted that you get lucky with your drops.

The reason why I mention luck when it comes to siege rewards is that your rewards are pulled from a pool and it is completely up to an RNG (Random Number Generator) which rewards you get from the victory.

As you might have already guessed, sieges have a pretty good chance to drop you pouches of bronze coins which are highly prized. These little nuggets of currency are why a lot of players invest their time and resources to fighting sieges, to get those sweet rewards.

Those aren’t the only rewards that you get from sieges though. Players can also get pouches of silver, uncommon items, and rare items which may sound nice but won’t help you with progressing as much as bronze coins will.

The reason why sieges aren’t the best way to get bronze coins is because of the number of resources and time that you have to sink into them in order to get anything out of it.

They are great for people that have a lot of resources and are looking to consolidate power but they just don’t cut it for quick progression. That is why I highly recommend the next bronze coin farming method.

AI Battles in Conqueror's Blade

AI Battles

Now I know what you’re going to say, why would you play AI battles if you can do PvP ones easily. The reason is the rewards. AI battles can give you around 3k coins per battle which may seem like nothing but the way you handle the AI battles is how you’ll be able to make it big.

The best part about AI battles is that they don’t require a long time or an amazing army. In fact, they can be completed pretty easily by an average army in about 10 minutes. This aspect makes AI battles amazing for grinding out resources that you need for your army.

With an average team, you can easily defeat the AI and ensure that you come out on top with the resources. The reason why I prefer this method is because of the low amount of resources that you have to sink into the endeavor.

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All you have to do is take some average units, clear out the AI, perform reparations, and then get back into the action. Using this process you can easily do 8-10 AI battles in an hour and make enough bronze coins to finance your entire army.

Above are all the best methods to farm the bronze coins. Now let’s move onto the uses of these coins.

Bronze Coin Uses

Bronze coins are used throughout Conqueror’s Blade for various actions and are fundamental at making sure you have a smooth journey through the game.

Purchasing Units

Bronze coins are often needed when buying units. Silver coins just don’t cut it here and you will need bronze coins if you plan to get more troops. Seeing as how buying troops is the main way you’ll gain power in the game and make progress, it’s safe to say that it is wise to spend bronze coins on purchasing units.

Replenishing Units

The bronze coins that you get on your journey will be used to replenish your troops which means that once your troops are diminished because of battle, they will need to be replenished which costs bronze coins. This is an extremely important activity as it will ensure that you still have troops that you can take into battle.

Restocking Equipment

Restocking your equipment will allow you to ensure that your army functions well and that there are no hiccups in their deployment and battle. Bronze coins will help you do that as they will allow you to purchase and restock equipment for your army and make sure that you keep on winning battles.

Crafting Equipment

The NPCs that you meet out in the world are able to provide a bunch of services for your army. One of those invaluable services is that of crafting equipment for yourself and your army.

These master craftsmen only accept payment in bronze coins so if you are in the market for new and better equipment, you’re going to have to have some bronze coins on you.


Other than all of these various uses, bronze coins are at their basest, the medium of exchange, and are used for the many transactions that you are going to make in your game. They are going to be used by you whether you notice it or not so you better start farming them.

Final Note

Bronze coins are one of the most sought-after currencies in the game and players are always trying to come up with a new farming technique in order to boost production but there is no harm in staggering your upgrades just to enjoy the game.

Conqueror’s Blade is meant to be played at your own pace, however, you want so if you don’t want to focus on farming that’s fine, just remember to have fun in the game, because that is all that matters. 

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