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Conqueror’s Blade: [BEST] Nodachi Guide

Conqueror's Blade: [BEST] Nodachi Guide

Conqueror’s Blade is an online game packed with combat, action, and war. The setting of the game is the middle ages, where you will be the warlord. Your task is to direct your fighters into the enemy base and take over them. Get the most kills, level up your units, and bring your enemies to their knees. This guide will help you go through building weapons and how to play with the Nodachi blade.

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What are Builds in Conqueror’s Blades?

A build is a blend of characteristics, armor, armament, and abilities. To have the best build, you are supposed to combine the parts that collaborate. For example, selecting a weapon that doubles the influence of the skill utilized can help you win easily and get more kills. How you decide to build up your unit will be affecting your gameplay.


Various weapon domains, blades, or classes are available in Conqueror’s Blade. They can be arranged in a couple of different ways. Whether the weapon is ranged or melee, the range it has, the harm it causes to the opponent, the sort of armor it has, etc. Your job is to ensure that you pair your weapon with the best unit and the appropriate battle type, and you are good to go!

Conqueror's Blade: [BEST] Nodachi Guide

Building Attributes

Now, there are four primary attributes or characteristics your soldier can have. These are grouped down as strength, armor, toughness, and ability. You can upgrade the characteristics of everything you level up your unit or warriors using XPs. After you have selected the necessary weapon and the skill to pair it up with, improving the attributes is recommended too.

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This will determine how much destruction your weapon, particularly the melee ones will cause. Especially the blunt damages, slashing, and the PAP (piercing armor penetration)


The more tough your warrior is, the more injuries it can withstand. This allows you to level up the health status by a hundred points too!


Armors will protect you from the damage that the attackers give you. It also brings down the penetration of the armor your enemy possesses.


Every type of armament class approves of agility. But especially the units that have light melee or are ranged. Leveling up agility will allow you to improve the harm you can cause to the opponents and armor penetration and slashing.

Choosing the unit

Not very importantly associated with your hero, but the type of unit you choose also affects your experience. For example, let us say you want to play the battle as the “attacker.” For that, it is advisable to select a unit that can defend well and vice versa.

Nodachi Class

In Conqueror’s Blade, many classes will provide you with a lot of benefits with the perfect weapons and skills. One of the most primary examples is the Nodachi build.

What is Nodachi?

“Nodachi” is a sword that is two-handed. The Blade of this particular weapon can extend to a maximum of seven feet. Crafted by the master of all smiths, it is a treasured sword that credits the hero who arms it.


This class is also known as the “Meat Grinder.” It distinctively is used to overpower a considerable range of attackers. It naturally has the lifesteal capability, which authorizes you to bring down all enemies and complete your battles. If you get hold of the tactics, you can withstand plenty of injuries too. I would say it is the ideal class to conquer the forces of the opponent.

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Killing Units

Another great advantage of Nodachi would be that it has the suitable power to take down units. Units leveled up to a maximum can be hard to take down. A similar leveled Nodachi class can be super helpful in doing that.

Great at Defense

After you grasp the perfect strategies to handle Nodachi, your defense can be unbeatable. Also, the support in Nodachi class is hugely beneficial too.

Building Nodachi

 When you make a character build of Nodachi, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. You have to play wisely and notice and learn the attacking scheme of your enemy.
  2. Having a maxed-out agility build will provide you with the opportunity to slash and injure the attackers badly.
  3. It also raises the quantity of health you earn back because of the lifesteal ability.

Beginner Level

All the same, if you are new to Nodachi and have zero to no experience in tracing enemy moves, get the armor to the maximum level. Then, learn to defend yourself till you gain enough practice to dodge and confuse your enemy. It will take time, but it is not difficult. Once you understand it, shift to agility, for that is without any doubt the most beneficial build.

Level of your Class

It is essential to keep in mind that the level of your weapon or character also influences the stat you should choose. The lower the level, the less maxed out units you will be combating within Conqueror’s Blade. In such a condition, choosing armor and strength are the perfect stats for your class. The same goes for the higher level. For fighting maxed-out units, you will require agility to survive and win. This class is perfect for bringing the teams down. Killing the heroes, however, is just okay with Nodachi.

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Selecting the Skills

You can go through a variety of skills to choose from in Conqueror’s Blade. Ensure that you select the one that goes the best with it and gives you the most out of your class. Bloodthirsty, dragon’s Blade, and tiger’s claw are a few examples.

Fighting huge groups

Conqueror's blade nodachi guide - 4

Since Nodachi specializes in killing vast troops, it is no problem. Enemies can attack or defend themselves in a large number. Conqueror’s Blade is all about technique. Remember the units and class they have and track their next move. You will be able to succeed in no time if you play it the correct way.

Things to be Aware Of

Where the Nodachi class has tons of advantages, it also has a few cons if you play it with the wrong build or battle. It is very unsafe to go against bleed stacks with Nodachi. Also, it is crucial that you have a well-planned idea of how you will manage the timing of your attacks. Playing 1v1 with this class will also get you killed. If you have the experience, it will be a piece of cake for you. But as an amateur, it is not recommended.


Nodachi is the best possible class to use against units. All you need to do is make a little effort and have a playing strategy. I hope this guide solves your queries and helps you in combat. So start your adventure now and conquer the bases of your enemy!

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