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Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2021

Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020

Conqueror’s Blade possesses a one-of-a-kind opening framework unit that uses a currency/exchange called “Honor“. Past the blue and green units, it might take a considerable amount of effort for the easygoing player to open the following arrangement of troops. Strikingly, a lot of new players wind up burning through a lot of time opening up worthless units. In this guide, we will go through Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020 that an amateur should devote time to. 

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Getting Familiar with Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020!

Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020

Pike Militia (Honor)

Pike Militia (Honor) has to be the very first unit for spending Honor to unlock. The unit has earned its place amongst the finest starters for being amongst the most valuable units at each of the game’s stages. In the initial stages, it offers great damage against easy targets. Moreover, it can prove to be a lethal and deadly combo, while being blocked behind a shield wall. Thereafter, when you sail through the central veterancy line, you will have a lot of armor penetration for killing stronger game units. Besides, Pike Militia is cost-effective, and many gamers use it for filling their warbands if they have extra space.

Veterancy: The unit’s middle line veterancy offers enhanced penetration or damage, besides the ultimate advantage that enables block formation in certain situations, and a bonus of beating up an additional unit.

Conqueror’s Blade Spear Sergeant (Honor)

Spear Sergeant (Honor)

Spear Sergeant (Honor) is amongst the easiest units to get and possess an astounding blend of harm and tackiness. An amateur player ought to open this unit at an early stage since it empowers you to finish any PvE movement. Expedition 3 can be completed easily, utilizing the Sergeant and Advanced Rebel Camps should be possible utilizing just this unit. For PvP, it can prove to be a good unit as well that will remain important later in the game.

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Veterancy: The highly recognized veterancy mark is the bottom base until you place the rest of the focus on the uppermost line. The purpose is basically that the Sergeant actually disintegrates against advanced level rangers controls, and the harm decrease/harm increase isn’t as gainful as they will pass on rapidly at any rate.

Conqueror’s Blade Namkhan Archers

Namkhan Archers

Namkhan Archers unit is the bowman unit of Season 2. To open them, you should hit F5, proceed to Component Challenges, and change to the second season. There is somewhat of a crush since you should finish each challenge, however, Namkhan Archers remain certainly justified, despite some drawbacks.

They have great harm and a drain that develops significantly when loaded. In the Conqueror’s Blade, a draining impact will prevent the legend from physically mending, which implies that after you pile on sufficient stack levels on a component, they are viably dead. This one is outstanding amongst other beginner units that piles up murders and makes crushing for experience a lot simpler. The harm from the bolts is adequate to execute light-medium covering units, hence the drain permits it to outplay the higher protective layer units.

Veterancy: The line of veterancy for Namkhan Archers is the uppermost line. This gets the entirety of the important advantages that spreads out drain stacks and complete drain harm. The final result is that it can take out worthy targets and power saints to pull out before gathering too many drain stacks.

Conqueror’s Blade Condotierri Guards

Condotierri Guards

Condotierri guards are a blade unit in Season 3 that has superb charge damage, the capacity to knock out other units, and respectable tackiness. You might switch to the 3rd season to open this one. This is perhaps the finest blade and shield that an amateur player ought to open. It has numerous utilizations, for example, flanking foe shield dividers or straightforwardly position the site. Besides, its Shock Attack feature gives an extra shield slam like Assault Feature that sorts out a little snub on the rival which permits it to additional harm adversary units.

Veterancy: Both of the veterancy lines might be acceptable relying upon your own inclination and playstyle. Lessening cooldowns, as a rule, will be appropriate for you to prefer to charge or fight out. Additionally know that there could conceivably be some changes to the unit later on as they are right now incredibly strong.

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Conqueror’s Blade Imperial Spears Guard

Imperial Spears Guard

When you finish all the challenges of the upper right segment, you will get a bonus feature called “Abundance of Anadolou,” which permits you to enlist some of the units. I vigorously suggest you utilize that on opening Spear Guards. The purpose of this is paving the way for the Spear Guards, which are genuinely powerless and there truly is no motivation to level up those units. It is additionally improbable that another player will spend any honor on the additional update hubs.

Veterancy: The bottom line of veterancy is superior to the uppermost one if you utilize the shielded divider (which you ought to be). Besides, expanding damage and protection (last advantage builds all guards by 25%), the main concern additionally keeps dazzling from customary assaults, provides the units with a shield slam (with conceivable wreck), and mend. The uppermost line is outfitted towards those gamers who move on with units, yet you certainly ought not to do that with Imperial Spears.

Conqueror’s Blade Imperial Pike Guard (Honor)

Imperial Pike Guard (Honor)

Pike Guards have vigorously reinforced pike units that can bargain a great deal of harm to any other unit (protected or something else). This one is especially recognized for the “Advance” capacity feature where it basically transforms into a mobile supported pike unit. Besides, it is viable at killing any unit before it. It is likewise generally utilized as a lot of pikes with a shield divider to forestall enemy advancing. They are extraordinary compared to other units to focus on due to its helpfulness in the two wars.

Veterancy: For this one, the line of veterancy ought to be the uppermost line so it can’t be CC’d while progressing and has expanded damage and harm while progressing. The objective is to enhance this current unit’s capacity to eliminate other units on its way and keep it from getting hindered at the same time. It is especially valuable at getting out adversary units of the passageway (both on offense and defense) as it covers a significant enormous region.

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Conqueror’s Blade Fortebraccio Pikemen

Fortebraccio Pikemen

For new beginners, getting the pikes can end up being a long shot, thus certainly don’t hesitate to wrap up the units first. I would suggest returning to the units. The damage it inflicts is significant. Moreover, it is equipped for erasing foe saints on the off chance, making it one of the Conqueror’s Blade Best Units for 2020.

Veterancy: Uppermost line of veterancy is vastly improved for supported pikes. Apart from expanded harm/entrance, the most significant advantage is the last one that builds the number of adversaries struck with one assault. For a supported unit that ensures the point or passage, expanding the capacity of units you can hit will considerably improve the holding point. 

Conqueror’s Blade Janissaries


Janissaries possess amazing puncturing infiltration, penetrating harm, reach, and pace of fire. The “Quiet Snipers” boosts up to 20% expanded harm is likewise pleasant. In any case, there are a few irregular issues with pointing vertically thus they can truly just be utilized against foes at a similar rise. Its “Slug Shot” can likewise prove to help halt charges since each projectile gets an opportunity to become a scaled-down stagger. It is additionally incredible that you have the option to complete the “Wages of Warfare” challenges simultaneously. 

Veterancy: This one is somewhat of a shot in the dark because of the equivocalness of what “Expands Odds of Delivering” really implies. We don’t especially think about three centers going towards development hustle in the primary concern. Adding extra officers to a 20-man unit is a pleasant redesign as well.

That’s all in our guide for the Conqueror’s Blade Best Units 2020. Let us know your favorites down below! Need help choosing a Hero to go with your units? Check out our guide on the Top 5 Best Classes for Conqueror’s Blade!

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