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Sea Of Thieves: What Is The Best Faction (2022)

Sea Of Thieves: What Is The Best Faction 2021

Sea of Thieves has various factions, also known as trading companies. While they might have some similarities, they are all different from each other; some may be better than the others. All these factions are made for different types of players – every one faction is made for players with different styles, etc.

As mentioned before, all factions are different from each other. They are different in terms of requests, rewards, and general themes. Users can get themselves ranked in various factions and sometimes in all.

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These factions allow players to take part in different missions. You will be getting gold pieces for every order using which you can buy decorations for ships, new equipment, and sometimes new missions. With time you can get your hands on more expensive orders as well. In order for you to unlock a conversation with the character in the tavern, you have to reach the 50th level in every faction. This will allow you to get to the endgame content. It is essential for you to know that every faction has a different set of orders.

Read this article to find out about the different factions available in Sea of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves: What Is The Best Faction (2022)

Gold Hoarders

Goal Hoarders is a faction of Sea of Thieves that is obsessed with collecting gold and all types of treasures. They believe that if they stop hoarding, they will turn into gold, and hence, they turn greedy for treasures. The type of goods they want is usually found in treasure chests and trinkets.

In this faction, once you have voted and activated a voyage of your choice, you will find a map under the E key. On the map, you will see a red marking that will show you the hidden treasure. There can also be a more challenging version which will involve a puzzle that you have to solve.

If you get the map with a cross, you will be able to solve it with ease. You will have to compare the map given to you to the main map. You will then choose the area and a shovel from the menu. Using the shovel, you will dig the site and try to find your treasure. If you have selected the right area, you will find out about it by the noise that you hear. Once you collect the box, you have to take it to the ship. You can easily swim with the box. Therefore, do not worry about that!

If you get the puzzle, you will be given the name of the island where the treasure is buried, but you will have to figure out the area on your own. You will have to look at the puzzle and look for the names of the places. Then you will have to measure the steps in a specific direction. This can be done easily using a compass.

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You may find different types of chests in this fraction, and the difficulty level of carrying these chests can also vary. Hence, be prepared!

The different types of chests include a castaway chest from which you can get 30-75 gold pieces. Then there is a seafarer’s chest from which you can get from 100 to 300 pieces of gold, Marauder’s chest will provide you with 300 to 500 pieces of gold, and a captain’s chest will give you from 300-650 pieces of gold.

Sea of Thieves: Order of Souls

Order of Souls

Order of souls is a faction that wants to have control over the magical forces of Sea of Thieves. You are supposed to go on voyages to hunt down the skeleton captains or the ghost ships in the order of souls. Once you have hunted them, you are supposed to kill them and bring their cursed skulls with you. For these skulls, you receive gold and your reputation in the faction increases.

Using these skulls, the order of souls retrieves memories which are used to make various maps for Sea of Thieves. Once you have purchased a voyage in the order of souls, you are given a wanted poster. On this poster, you will see the picture of the man you are after and also where he lives. If you are on a big island, you will have to solve a small puzzle to reach the man.

Keep in mind that the skeletons can be armed with swords and firearms. Once you defeat the guards, you will have to face the captain and sometimes various captains. Now once you have defeated the captain, there will be a skull left behind. Be sure to take it with you as it will help you collect your rewards. Also, stay aware of the skeletons that might come your way on the island.

You can collect two main types of skulls in this faction – Legendary Bounty Skull and Mythical Bounty Skull.

The Merchant Alliance

The Merchant Alliance is a faction that gives you trade missions – which means you will have to get a good and move it to another place. They have control over the trade of the game by placing orders of different types of goods such as animals, different types of crates, etc.

This indicates that you will have to catch different types of animals, such as pigs, chickens, etc., and deliver them to their destination. On each voyage, you are supposed to find a certain thing and deliver it to its destination in good condition and within a time frame – you are given a time and date.

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While completing voyages, you have to keep in mind you can only deliver one animal cage at a time. Therefore, if you plan on delivering numerous animals, you will have to do it one by one. Also, make sure you only catch the animals of the correct color – you have to follow everything on order. To make it easier for you, you should know that the pigs are of two different colors – black and pink. The chickens come in three different colors – white, gold, and red spots.

When catching an animal, you first need to find it on an island. Once you have found it, go to the place with a cage and run after the animal. By doing so and pressing a few buttons, you will be able to catch it. While delivering it, make sure they are above the water; otherwise, they might run out of oxygen!

Sea of Thieves Faction Guide

Reaper’s Bones

The next faction on our list is the Reaper’s Bones – they are followers of Captain Flameheart, who is the true advocate of piracy. This faction would steal anything and everything they can get their hands on. When it comes to stealing, they have no rules or limits!

In this faction, no voyages are offered; instead, players are sent to rob the crew of any other faction and steal everything they have – mostly valuables. These stolen valuables are then to be given to The Servant of the Flame. All other factions are afraid of this one specific faction because of their habits and ways of claiming goods.

Players who find adventurous missions exciting should definitely join this faction as the sense of adventure in this faction is high.

The Hunter’s call

This faction – The Hunter’s call was started by Megalodon-hunter Merrick. In this faction, players are asked to hunt animals, fish, and powerful beasts. The representatives of this faction wait at the sea posts waiting for the players to provide them with their hunted animals, etc.

To get rewards in this faction, players should sell the fish they catch as it is, cooked meat of the animals that have been hunted, or they can increase their reputation by defeating the Kraken and Megalodon.

There is not much that players can get except the killer whale set for your ship when it comes to rewards. Also, there are no costumes in this faction, but you can get your hands on different tattoos and faceprints of the characters. To increase your reputation, you cannot do much but hunt fish and animals in the beautiful game of Sea of Thieves.

Sea Dogs

The Sea Dogs is a faction that is involved in fights on the sea. This faction has separated itself from the other factions by building an arena in the middle of the Sea of Thieves. To compete for the rewards, players can work in teams against each other in the arena.

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In this faction, players are in a heated competition to get the glorious sea dogs’ chests. There are a few rules that players have to follow, and the last man standing can get their hands on the silver and the glory.

The rewards include an improvement in the reputation along with either a Glorious sea dog set or a triumphant sea dog set that characters can wear!

Athena’s Fortune

This faction was started by a legend – Pirate Lord. Therefore, It is safe to say this is a legendary faction. The criteria to be a part of this faction is quite difficult – you have to rank at number 50 in at least three of the other factions. If you accomplish this, you get the title “Pirate Legends.”

Once you are a part of this faction, you have to go on voyages with long quests that have a high difficulty level. On these voyages, you have to find Athena’s Fortune Treasure. Once you finish these voyages, you get various rewards. You can buy the cosmetics that belonged to the Legendary and the Ghost set. While the challenges are difficult to complete in this faction, the rewards are fabulous. Thus, all players like to play for this faction due to the absolute carnage in Sea of Thieves!

Bilge Rats

The last faction on our list is the Bilge Rats. The head of this faction is Larina. Bilge Rats can be classified as adventurers. They do not care about anything or anyone, and their sole purpose is to be adventurous by exploring everything around them.

The head of the Bilge Rats has created a black market from which players can get cosmetics and various other services such as reputation with other factions. To do so, you have to have Bilge Rats doubloons. Getting Bilge Rats doubloons is not difficult as they can be collected during challenges or the limited time Mercenary Voyages.

You should be a part of this faction if you enjoy being adventurous and if you enjoy events!

The Final Verdict

Given above is a list of factions of Sea of Thieves. While all the factions have something to give to the players – some are better than the rest. Hence, it can be difficult to deduce which faction is the best one as different players might prefer different factions! This can be concluded by the difficulty level of each faction, the rewards you get after completing every voyage, and the player’s preference. We hope you enjoyed our

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