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Destiny 2: Where to Farm Forsaken Exotics

Destiny 2: Where to Farm Forsaken Exotics

Finding legendary and exotic weapons in various games is always a grind. Players need to put in hours to find a single exotic weapon. Some people play for a lot of months before they can get their hands on an exotic weapon. One of the primary reasons why players do that is because more often than not, exotic weapons in games are much stronger than normal weapons. Take Destiny 2, for instance. While no doubt, playing with standard weapons is quite fun but with Exotic weapons, it’s a whole new experience.

Destiny 2 is a popular game as it is but with the new expansion pack, Destiny 2: Forsaken, things have gotten even more interesting. There’s a multiplayer mode now that allows you and your friends to play the game together. There are two new planets for players to explore. And the expansion pack introduces a new line of excellent Exotic weapons.

Getting those weapons, however, is an entirely different story. In fact, there are only two ways to get them: either by completing the Exotic Quests that reward you by giving Exotic weapons or by getting them in a random reward roll. You would have to be really lucky to get an Exotic weapon in a random reward roll.

If you are also tired of grinding for hours, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you all about the new weapons including their perks and where you can get them. Keep reading until the end as we will also talk about how you can progress easily, especially if you are a new player. So, without further ado, let’s get to it:

Destiny 2: Where to Farm Forsaken Exotics

Where to find The Exotic Weapons In Destiny 2

Following is the list of Exotic weapons that you can find in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Just like Exotic weapons, there are Exotic armors as well. But for now, we will focus on where you can find Exotic weapons of Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Ace of Spades Hand Cannon

The Ace of Spades Hand Cannon is the first Exotic weapon that you are going to find while playing the game. You will have to perform various activities to find it but the good thing is that unlike other Exotic weapons, you wouldn’t need to work hard on it. You will need to work on the main Forsaken storyline to get your hands on the weapon. Since Ace of Spades Hand Cannon belongs to Cayde-6, you are going to need Cayde’s Will, which is also an Exotic item. You will get Cayde’s Will as you progress in the campaign.

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To get the Ace of Spades, the first activity that you need to perform is to complete the main Forsaken storyline and defeat the final boss, Scorned Barons. After defeating the final boss, return to Banshee and talk to him. Once you have talked to him, you will need to explore different planets to find Cayde-6’s secret cache. Here’s where you can find Cayde-6’s secret caches:

  • EDZ in Firebase Hades
  • IO inside the Wraith Mines
  • Nessus near the Exodus Black
  • Tangled Shore at the southern part of Jetsam of Saturn

Collecting the caches might be a little challenging but keep in mind that whenever you are near a cache, a message will pop up. This will help you find them easily. After you have found all the caches, the Ace of Spades story mission will be unlocked. Complete the mission, return to Banshee, and receive the first forsaken Exotic weapon of Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Perks of the gun include several Memento Mori shots after killing someone and reloading it and targets getting exploded after you hit them with a headshot. This also increases the reload speed of the gun.

Black Talon Void Sword

Finding Black Talon is relatively easier as it appears randomly when you kill an enemy. The perk of the sword is releasing an energy wave when you press the attack button twice.

Cerebrus+1 Auto Rifle

Much like the Black Talon, finding Cerebrus+1 is also easy since players can find them randomly after killing an enemy. The auto rifle has four barrels and it shoots one bullet from each of them when players shoot. If players shoot aiming down sight, it would reduce the spread of the bullets.

Lord of Wolves Shotgun

To get their hands on Lord of Wolves, players would need to complete the Spider’s bounties. The perk of the gun is instead of firing bullets in a spread, the shotgun fires bullets in a straight line. When players get a kill with the gun, it doubles the number of bullets fired per pulse. This perk, however, is for a short duration.

Malfeasance Hand Cannon

One of the best Exotic weapons of Destiny 2: Forsaken, is the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. It has one of the most unique perks in the game. When players shoot using this gun, the shots get stuck on the target. After a player has shot fives time and all of them are stuck on the target, all of them explode dealing extra damage to the target. Additionally, it deals more damage to Taken enemies and invaders. Getting your hands on this gun is not easy as you would need to complete the Malfeasance quest, which is quite challenging.

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One Thousand Voices Rifle

After letting the rifle charge for a short time, it releases a thin stream of energy that sprays directly at the point players are targeting. A few seconds later, the sprayed area explodes, which deals extra damage to the target. Players can get One Thousand Voices from the final chest of the Last Wish raid.

The Chaperone Shotgun

Unlike other shotguns in the game, The Chaperone fires a slug instead of the standard spread. This unique characteristic makes The Chaperone one of the most interesting weapons to own in the game. Moreover, the slug has a longer range as compared to a traditional spread of a shotgun.

After players kill a target with a headshot, it enhances the gun’s handling, range, and headshot damage done to the target. To get The Chaperone, you will need to play Crucible activity. After playing it for some time, there will come a time when you reach the Holiday Family History quest. Keep progressing in the quest and you will receive The Chaperone.

The Queenbreaker Rifle

The Queenbreaker rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Instead of killing the target like a standard weapon, it blinds the target instead. Another exciting thing about the weapon is that it comes with not one but two perks, marksman and combat. Players can find the rifle randomly after killing an enemy.

Thunderlord Machinegun

As the name suggests, Thunderlord rains lighting on nearby targets after an enemy is killed. The longer you continue firing with the gun, the faster it gets and continues raining lighting on enemies. This can be a great weapon to get out of an ambush. Usually, players get this gun from the Festival of the Lost quest. Once it ends, however, they can find the gun randomly by killing an enemy.

Trinity Ghoul Bow

If you are tired of playing with standard weapons, you should try out the Trinity Ghoul Bow. The bow fires, not one but three arrows at once. Once you kill an enemy with precision with the bow, the next bolt will be charged with electricity, dealing extra damage to enemies in the surrounding. You will get the bow after killing an enemy randomly.

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Destiny 2 Tips to Farm Exotic Weapons

Tips to farm Exotic weapons

As we have mentioned before, finding Exotic weapons in Destiny 2: Forsaken can be quite challenging. But if you follow a few tips and work on them from the start, then finding them shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s how you can make sure that you are on the right path to find Exotic weapons:

Choose your class wisely

The first thing that you need to do after starting the game will be to choose a class. All three classes have different jumps, melee attacks, and grenades. Moreover, they also have one ultimate power called Supers. They take some time to charge but they can turn the tables in the player’s favor during a fight with enemies. Players can select from three classes: titans, hunters, and warlocks.

Play with a team

You can choose to play Destiny 2 alone, but with friends, the experience is even better. After all, it is always nice to have your friends watch your back during intense fight situations. If you want to play a competitive game, then you should opt for the Crucible. It pits two teams of four players each against each other. But if you are in the mood for cooperative gameplay, then you can go for a raid.

Enhance your gear

At some point in the game, as you progress, you will feel as if your weapons are not doing enough damage. You will keep dying at the hands of the enemies. If you don’t modify your gear, that might happen. You can craft Legendary Mods in Destiny 2. However, to do that, you must have reached power level 280.

Modifying weapons also add extra perks to them. If you add enough modifications to the gun, it will even increase five power points. So, remember to modify your guns to give the enemies a tough time. 

Before we part ways, keep in mind that the majority of the Exotic weapons will come through random enemy killings. You can always refer to the mysterious vendor Xur to purchase Exotic weapons provided you have enough Legendary Shards. Otherwise, the best way of acquiring them is by completing various Exotic Quests. We hope that you found this guide helpful, regardless of whether you are an experienced player or just starting. Happy hunting!

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