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Fallout 4: Best Weapons 2022

Fallout 4 Best Weapons 2022

Video games are generally fun and have a whole community of gamers worldwide. Video games have been existing for decades, and there are countless video games available today. You will notice the constant changes and updates in the different game versions because of the constant technological developments. 

If you were to pick the earliest video game to exist and choose the latest video game, you would observe a major difference. With these advancements, video games have only grown to be more popular through these past years, especially during this ongoing pandemic.

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Among the popular video games today, you will find the game Fallout 4. It is an action-based role-playing game that was initially released in 2015. It stands popular even today, and Bethesda Game Studios developed this game. Considering you are reading this; you might already be aware of it.

The two most important components of an action-based video game are the character and the weapon. You will need to have a good and strong game character, and you will have to equip them with the best weapons to master the game skillfully.

Best Weapons Fallout

Fallout 4 Best Weapons 2022

Underneath, you will be finding all relevant information to help you pick out the best weapons in Fallout 4 as of 2022. 

Best Pistols

Starting from the first category of pistols, under this category, you can find relevant information on the top picks of pistols available in the game Fallout 4. Pistols can be fun to use, and many players opt for pistols to carry along with them and use them whenever opponents or enemies show up.

Depending on the pistol you equip yourself with, they can do quite some damage. One pistol might do more damage than the other. As a player in an action-based game, you generally might be looking for a pistol that does the most damage and is only the best of weapons. Underneath, you can find such pistols and learn where you can find them in the game. 

Gamma Gun

The name itself might give you an idea of what kind of gun or pistol this is or what kind of damage this does. Gamma Gun includes radiation that stands harmful for enemies and therefore advantageous for the player. If you were to keep it side by side with most of the guns in the game, you would notice how it has the highest area of effect.

If you are facing opponents equipped with heavy armors and are big in size, you can utilize this weapon to take them down with just a few shots from this particular weapon. The condition that stands for this effect on opponents is that the enemy must be a human. If you are shooting at a different creature or anyone who is not a human, they might not be as impacted by the radiation coming out from the Gamma Gun. Therefore, make sure that you are aiming at a human opponent in the game when you are using this gun. Additionally, you can enjoy the legendary effects the weapons bring as well as the multiple mod options for this weapon. 

Overall, this weapon has sixty-nine Accuracy, a Clip Size of eight, a Fire Rate of sixty-six, a Range of one hundred and nineteen, and an overall Damage of one hundred radiation. You can get your hands on this Gamma Gun by looting the corpses of the Child of Atom cultists, and if you are searching for the carriers of this pistol, you can visit the Kingsport Lighthouse and Decayed Reactor Site.

Kellogg’s Pistol

Moving on to the next weapon, we have under this category a popular handgun of the game that you should consider equipping yourself with. This specific pistol, Kellogg’s Pistol, is a .44 Magnum that can provide a strong and powerful hit. One suggestion would be to keep ammo stocked with it.

Eventually, it will help you go quite ahead in the game, and usually, you find this weapon earlier in the main story. It has a damage of eighty-four, Ap cost of twenty-eight, range of one hundred and nineteen, clip size of six, accuracy of seventy, and a fire rate of six. If you want to get your hands on a strong handgun, then the Kellogg’s Pistol can be one to consider equipping yourself with. 

Although you read about its statistics and its overall power, it has its drawbacks. As you read, the Kellogg’s Pistol is a .44 Magnum, and getting your hands on .44 rounds for this pistol is not that easy of a task. You can consider using the Ammo Scavenging Perk to give you extra help, but it might still be better for you to utilize this gun in rather tougher battles or to carry out some sneak attacks. If you want to make the most out of the kills using this Kellogg’s Pistol, you should consider using V.A.T.S. to achieve that. 

The pistol’s name might give away an idea of its location. The name suggests that this is a pistol belonging to Kellogg, and that is the case in the game. Therefore, in order to obtain this pistol, you will have to find Kellogg and meet him. Overall, this can take time, and it may be difficult for you to find him. So, how do you find him? You will have to make your way to the Diamond City in the game and go on a search for Nick Valentine firstly. 

Once you have spotted him, you should talk to him so that you can be given the important quest of Reunion. In this specific quest, you will have to find Kellogg, and to help you with that; Dogmeat will take Nick and you along to him at Fort Hagen, which is located in the far west of the Commonwealth, by following his cigars’ scent. Now, this is where you get into action and battle against him. You will have to battle with him and win through in order to get your hands on the pistol, which you will then pick up from his body. You can also get other items that are collectible from him. 


Moving to the third and last weapon in this category that has been picked out for you, you have the Deliverer. It is a strong pistol that can come in quite handy, especially if you are focusing on stealth or on the V.A.T.S. Suppose you do want to focus more on V.A.T.S. In that case, this weapon allows you to easily sneak around while also consuming an overall low percentage of A.P. The suppressor is what allows this pistol to be efficient when it comes to being sneaky with it. Therefore, if V.A.T.S. is your goal and you are looking to be sneaky, then you should consider opting for this weapon. 

Overall, this weapon has damage of twenty-five, an Ap cost of twenty-six, a fire rate of sixty-six, accuracy of sixty-seven, clip size of twelve, and a range of fifty-three. Now, the main question that stands is how you can get your hands on this powerful pistol for yourself. The answer is that you will have to complete a specific quest.

As you read that you had to visit Nick Valentine in order to get a quest, you will have to get a quest from Tradecraft by moving on the Freedom trail and joining the Railroad. After you get your hands on the quest, you will have to work towards completing it by infiltrating an old hideout at the Railroad. You can then get the Deliverer from Deacon. 

Best Rifles

Now you have reached the category of the best rifles in the game of Fallout 4. Rifles can come in quite handy when used properly and when you have equipped yourself with the right and powerful rifle. From laser rifles to sub-machine guns, you have a variety of rifles and guns in this game. Underneath, you will be getting to know about some of the best rifles in the game and where you can find them. These rifles include Righteous Authority, Protectron’s Gaze, Kiloton Radium Rifle, and Spray N’ Pray. 

Righteous Authority

Moving to the first weapon in this category, you have the Righteous Authority, which is a laser rifle you will find in the game. This rifle does bring in benefits for you to enjoy during a battle or any case when you are utilizing it. If you have succeeded in doing some critical hits, then the damage done doubles, and you will find the critical meter filling up at a faster rate, to be more specific, by about fifteen percent. If you are focusing on V.A.T.S., then this weapon can truly come in quite handy and give you an advantage. 

You can shoot off multiple shots, and since ammunition uses Fusion Cells, you can have it in an abundant amount in some sites of the wasteland. Now, you might know why this weapon stands as one of the best ones in the game. This Righteous Authority has a high accuracy percentage of seventy-six, damage of twenty-six, range of two hundred and three, a fire rate of fifty, and clip size of twenty-seven.

You will have to put in some effort to find this weapon as you pick up a distress radio when you are going towards the Diamond City located southwards. You will have to follow where it guides you and find their Brotherhood of Steel platoon. You will be required to help them out there and then speak to Paladin Danse, who you will see at the Cambridge Police Station. Once you speak to him, he will ask for your help. Once you have completed the task of helping him, you can obtain his personal gun.

Protectron’s Gaze

Now you have another laser rifle available to you in this game called Protectron’s Gaze. You will find this weapon to be strong and powerful. It is a unique weapon that the Mechanist utilizes. It is important to note that you will have to put in some effort to get your hands on this weapon. You can enjoy various benefits with these weapons. Through this laser rifle, you can have your reloading become quicker by a total of fifteen percent and have your overall fire rate increase by twenty-five percent. You have this rifle equipped with a beam splitter as well as a pistol grip. 

In addition to the increased fire rate and lessened reloading time, this weapon does overall damage of twenty-six, has an Ap cost of twenty-five, clip size of thirty, range of forty-seven, the accuracy of forty-four, and a firing rate of fifty-seven. 

Similar to the way you had to find Kellogg’s and kill him in order to obtain the Kellogg’s Pistol, you will have to find the Mechanist in this scenario who owns the Protectron’s Gaze as a personal weapon. You will have to complete the Restoring Order quest, which will take you near RobCo Sales & Service Center to The Mechanist’s Lair. Over there, you will find Mechanist and go for two options. You can engage in a battle with her, defeat her, and obtain the weapon. As an alternative, you can trade your weapon with hers, where you offer a preferably more powerful weapon to her. 

Spray N’ Pray

Moving on, you now will be getting to know about this sub-machine gun which is one of the popular guns in the game. If you have been playing Fallout for a while, you might already know that this weapon has been in the game for quite some time and does stand popular among the players.

One of the most interesting things about this gun is that your bullet explodes upon contacting any object when you shoot from it. A tip would be to equip yourself with this weapon and take it to the Bandit Roundup Shooting Gallery and obtain tickets. It can come in quite handy if you want to achieve the Eyes On The Prize achievement. 

When you shoot from this powerful .45 submachine gun, you can do quite some damage to your opponents, and in a short time, you can kill the low-power ones. This weapon has an overall Ap cost of forty-three, clip size of one hundred, and accuracy of sixty-nine, fire rate of one hundred and twenty-seven, range of seventy-seven, and does damage of thirty-four.

Another statistic that you should be aware of if you are indecisive on whether to equip this weapon or not is that with every shot you shoot from this weapon, it does an A.O.E. explosive damage of fifteen, i.e., the Explosive Effect. You can have this effect raised, or more damage was done by using the Demolition Expert perk alongside. It is important to note that while you are using this weapon to do damage to others, it can backfire as in closed settings, the explosions might end up having a friendly fire on your teammates alongside you.

While you knew who to find or which quest to do in previous discussions of other weapons, this weapon stands a bit different and is a bit difficult to locate. You do not have any specific place to visit, but you should aim to find Cricket. She can be found nearby Commonwealth, at Bunker Hill, Vault 81, or the Warwick Homestead. Once you spot her, you can purchase the weapon from her. 

Kiloton Radium Rifle

While you read about a submachine gun earlier, you will now be getting to know about this semi-automatic radiation gun called Kiloton Radium Rifle. You may find it seems a bit similar to the previously-discussed submachine gun, Spray N Pray. But, this weapon stands better than that particular one. If your enemies are located afar, you can shoot a number of rounds at them, and as they take in the damage, by the time they come to you, quite much of their health is lost. Overall, this situation can be quite beneficial for you. 

This weapon provides an Explosive Effect such as the one you read earlier about and the A.O.E. damage of fifteen through it. You can do damage of fifty with the radiation but of forty-two otherwise. It does have a fire rate of forty, accuracy of sixty-nine, clip size of twenty, and a range of one hundred and nineteen. You can notice from this that it does quite some damage on explosion with this weapon. 

Now, you might be wondering where you can locate this radiation gun, and the answer is at the Children of Atom in the Nucleus. You will have to visit that site and buy your weapon for five hundred caps from Brother Kane.

Best Weapons to use in Fallout

Best Handmade Rifle

The two weapons that come under this category have been separated from the previous category just to provide a clearer and better picture of these two weapons. You will be finding the two handmade rifles considered the top ones among the various weapons in the game. These two handmade rifles bring along their benefits and individual statistics that can benefit you. You can equip yourself with these or consider using them at some point during the game. Underneath, you will be getting to know about Splattercannon and The Problem Solver and where you can find them.


This weapon can come off as appealing from just its name. It is a handmade rifle that can be found relatively easily in the game, and therefore, if you want to get your hands on it, it would not be as difficult as getting some of the weapons mentioned previously. If you are engaged in a battle or in various battles that are mid-range, then this weapon is one to consider.

In such a mid-range battle, this weapon can come in quite handy. The advantage that this weapon brings is that after you have shot the same target several times in a row, you can do more damage than before; in other words, the damage you do increases. Therefore, as you shoot at your opponents, the more times they hit the same target, the stronger the bullets will be. 

Overall, this weapon does damage of fifty-one, and through the Furious Effect, it boosts up the damage as you read earlier (through constant hits on the same target). This handmade rifle has an accuracy of one hundred and eight, clip size of seventy-five, range of eighty-nine, as well as a firing range of eleven. 

Now moving on to the location of this weapon, you do not have to do any quest as you were required to do for the weapons mentioned previously. Instead, all you must do is go to Nuka-World, where this weapon is and speak with Aaron Corbett, who is the weapons dealer. As a weapons dealer, he will ask you to pay according to your Charisma; the price will vary accordingly. As a tip, you should consider buying 7.62 ammunition which the Splattercannon utilizes and try buying it in a large amount. Additionally, pair this weapon with the Bloody Mess and Commando perks.

The Problem Solver

Moving on to the second handmade rifle available in the game, you have The Problem Solver. It does hold similarities with the Splattercannon. You will be required to utilize the aftermarket investment, and it also requires the same 7.62 ammunition, just like you read before. Another similarity is that it also causes the Furious Effect, which means by hitting the same target constantly in a row, you can have the damage increased and have the bullets hitting the enemies become stronger and stronger. The damage increases by fifteen percent. 

Overall, it does damage of fifty-seven, owns accuracy of ninety-two, clip size of seventy-five, range of one hundred and eighty-five, as well as a fire rate of fifty-nine. It does have a better range in comparison to the Splattercannon. If your enemies or opponents are at a distance, you can utilize this weapon to attack them. 

You can get your hands on this weapon by doing the specific quest that will be found in the Nuka-World and be assigned to you by Mason. The quest will be titled the Ambitious Plan quest, and you will have to get through the Charisma check with Mason. Every time they talk to him, make sure to go for the more aggressive dialogue options that you find.

Best Launchers

In any action-based game, weapons do stand important if you want to master a game, win through the battles, and overall succeed in the game and survive. But while playing video games, there is also another important factor that you need to take care of, and that is that you should try to experiment and enjoy yourself. Launchers are generally fun to use and can be quite exciting for gamers.

In Fallout 4, you can find launchers, too, and consider equipping yourself with them and using them to the best of your ability. Underneath, you will be finding two launchers that you will be getting all relevant information on, including where you can find them and what their statistics are. You will be getting to know about The Striker and Nuka-Nuke Launcher. 

The Striker

The first launcher you have is the Striker, which is exciting to use and brings in its own statistics of damage, accuracy, range, etc. Through this weapon, you have the power to have nuclear fire fall onto whichever area you are in or passing by. You can do quite some damage with this weapon as you will have your enemies suffer as you strike them with this Striker.

You can do damage of one hundred through this. It has a clip size of one and the same fire rate of one. It does have a good range of one hundred and seventeen, the accuracy of sixty-three, and an Ap cost of sixty. If you equip yourself with this weapon, you can enjoy all these benefits. 

It is important to note that while it may be exciting to use this launcher, there are some downsides you should be aware of and be careful of as well. In narrow or smaller areas, it can be risky to use your launcher instead of damaging your enemies; it can damage your teammates and you. You need to be careful when deciding to launch this launcher and strike this Striker and ensure your player’s safety. 

You can find this weapon and get your hands on it without doing any specific quests as you were required to by some of the weapons mentioned before. Therefore, you can get them any time. You will have to visit the southwestern region of the Far Harbor and visit the Beaver Creek Lanes. Make your way to the employee door, then the service tunnels, to the office, and there on the desk, you will find your weapon. 

Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Now you will be getting to know about the second and last launcher in this category that is considered the best pick of weapons available in the game. This weapon is available in Nuka-World, and you might have guessed that by the bane of this weapon itself. You can do massive damage from this, and carefully consider using them. 

As you read earlier, you should be careful when using the Striker launcher, and similar is the case for this Nuka-Nuke launcher. In narrow and closed regions, these launchers can easily backfire and do damage to you instead of your enemy, and that is something players should avoid. Therefore, when deciding on when to use the launcher, you should carefully think about it. On the other hand, you should consider using this for mid-range combats and attacks to destroy your enemies and do maximum damage. 

Overall, this weapon does damage as great as seven hundred and ninety-four and has a great range of one hundred and seventeen. It has an Ap cost of seventy-five, clip size of one, an accuracy of sixty-three as well, and a fire rate of one. 

For this weapon, you will have to complete a quest, more specifically the Cappy in a Haystack quest, and choose or take the side of Bradberton instead of Sierra if you do want to get your hands on the best of the weapons in the game. What happens is that Sierra gives you a specific code that is the password to John-Caleb Bradberton’s office. Through this passcode, you can easily enter his office, and once you do enter, you will find Bradberton giving you instructions to follow so that you can enter a secret vault. You will then have to kill them by having his life support system be turned off and having the Nuka-Nuke Launcher inside the vault.

Best Weapons 2022 Fallout

Best Blades

Moving to the last category for discussion, you will be getting to know about the two best blades in Fallout 4. Underneath, get to know about the relevant information on Kremvh’s Tooth as well as the Pickman’s Blade. 

Kremvh’s Tooth

Even if the name may suggest, this weapon is not an actual tooth but a blade that can come in quite handy in the game. The overall outlook of the blade does come off as wicked and holds references to H.P. Lovecraft. As wicked as it may appear, its workings are similar as once you strike an opponent with it, they will be poisoned and bleed, dealing quite some damage. You could sneak behind your enemies and take the chance to strike them with this blade.

Overall, it has an Ap cost of thirty, damage of twenty-eight, and a medium speed. It also does a Sacrificial Blade Effect which is a combination of bleed and poison damage and an additional increase in damage. 

This weapon can be found above the shaft’s bottom located underwater inside a tunnel. You will have to go to Dunwich Borers’ bottom to get your hands on this weapon. 

Pickman’s Blade

Moving to the second and last blade in this category, you have the Pickman’s Blade. Like the way Kellogg’s Pistol’s name suggested it belongs to Kellogg, Pickman’s Blade belongs to Pickman and can be obtained from him. This melee weapon comes in quite handy in combat where your enemies are close as you can strike them with this blade. A tip is to pair it with a Strength perk to get yourself an advantage. 

It has an overall fast speed, an Ap cost of twenty, a range of ten, and total damage of fifteen. In order to get this weapon, you will have to complete several quests. You will have to do Pickman’s Gift quest by going to the Pickman’s Gallery. You can find this blade inside the wall, in a safe. You will have to defeat Raiders and save Pickman in order to get this weapon. 

Best Weapons 2022

Additional Weapons

You have read about most of the weapons considered the most beneficial in the game. There are some additional weapons you can look into and consider equipping yourself with after weighing the pros and cons. Among these weapons, you have a minigun called Ashmaker, a shotgun of Le Fusil Terribles, a harpoon gun of Admiral’s Friend, a gamma weapon of Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun, and an energy weapon called Cryolator. Furthermore, you have Grognak’s Axe, a Gatling laser called Final Judgment, a sledgehammer called Atom’s Judgement, Furious Power Fist, and a sledgehammer called Atom’s Judgement. 

Above, you read in detail about the best weapons of Fallout 4 as of 2022. As you read earlier, weapons are one of the most important components of an action-based video game. The decisions that you make throughout the game in regard to the choice of picking up or searching for a particular weapon are highly important and hold an impact on how your game goes.

Generally, in order to master any game, you will aim towards equipping yourself with only the best of the weapons. Your weapons should be good enough to do great damage to your enemies and opponents. 

You should aim for weapons that you can use at different ranges. If you are combatting enemies near you, you should aim for melee weapons and ones that allow you to effectively combat your enemies. For mid-range battles, you should choose your weapons accordingly, and for long-range battles, you should choose weapons accordingly as well. Some weapons that are good for long-range attacks might not be good for short-range ones; therefore, be careful about that too.

As you read earlier, the major example is launchers which can do you damage in short-range fights but benefit you massively in long-range or mid-range fights. Therefore, it is important for you to be careful about the choices you make and the weapons you go for. All the information you read above can help you have a clearer idea of what weapons you want in the game and which ones stand as the best in respective categories. 

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