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Best PS4 Racing Games 2022 

Best PS4 Racing Games 2022

PS4 Racing games are an absolute joy for many gamers out there. It is one of the most popular genres of the iconic PlayStation 4. Whether you are searching for a dash of arcade-style racing, the rush of simulation racing, or the meticulousness of futuristic and open-world racing, you will find something to satisfy that inner racing demon of yours on this list. After all, who does not enjoy the adrenaline rush? Cause you always feel the need; the need for speed.

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Top 11 PS4 Racing Games to Play

If you love to play electrifying motorsport games or challenging mission-oriented PS4 racing games, we have got your back. Hold onto your seats tightly cause its lights out and away we go!

F1 2021

We begin our list with the latest edition of the official game that is the pinnacle of motorsport. Made by the kings of the virtual sports world, EA, F1 2021 is the most popular F1 game of the last decade. Containing 21 tracks from the F1 calendar, and vintage cars from the 70s to the early 10s, this F1 game has an extraordinarily wide range of content.

The game also offers a ‘My Team’ career mode in which you create your very own F1 team and take charge of it while also driving for it! In F1 2021 EA has introduced an interesting new story mode called ‘Breaking Point’, where you take control of a young British driver’s journey through F2 and F1. Not to mention the multiplayer modes, where you can battle online with friends and players across the world to reach higher ranks. If you are an F1 fan or someone who loves to drive extremely fast cars, this game is a must-buy for you.

Crew 2

PS4 racing games are rarely open-world, especially ones that are good. The Crew Series fits the bill in both of these categories. Explore the MotorNation and drive around in all sorts of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, airplanes, and even boats! Crew 2 is an incredibly diverse game. The player can walk around and complete quests as they progress through the game and unlock more vehicles along the way. Once they’ve completed the story mode, they can race, drive, fly and sail around the game in your wide plethora of collected vehicles, offering them tons of playtime!

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Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 7 is the latest edition of the GT series. GT series is the most popular video game franchise under the PlayStation brand. The newest edition offers 35 different tracks and 425 cars. It’s amongst one of the best PS4 racing games. The most appealing factor about the Gran Turismo games has always been their realistic approach to simulation racing and with Gran Turismo 7 it has been no different. 

The GT series never fails to deliver for racing game enthusiasts all over the world. You can collect cars, tune and customize them as you wish, and use them in the campaign mode where the game allows the player to progress through levels and races. The realistic experience makes Gran Turismo 7 worthwhile for any racing game fan!

MotoGP 21

The peak of motorbike racing in video game form! The 2021 MotoGP game is said to be the best one yet. The stunning graphics make the player’s experience even more special, particularly if you’re a big MotoGP fan. You can select any team and rider you want and race across 20 different tracks. 

Play all the tracks, become accustomed to them, and get straight to the career mode to win all the glory! The gameplay this year’s game has to offer is second to no motorbike racing game. The handling takes a little getting used to, but it just adds to the player’s realistic experience. If you prefer bike racing over cars or just want to channel your inner Valentino Rossi, look no further than the newest edition of the MotoGP series!

MotoGP 21 Best PS4 Racing Game

Dirt 5

If you’re in the mood for some off-roading then this is the ideal game for you. Race through snow and dirt as you take on rally racers from all over the world. Dirt 5 offers several locations as well as modes. The gameplay is exactly what you’d want from an off-roading racing game. The cars from each class control are astoundingly similar to the real machines. 

The heavier cars give you that stocky and pyknic feel while the lighter ones feel swifter and sleeker, select the vehicles that suit your preference better and conquer the virtual Rally racing world. The campaign mode in the game offers you a single-player chaptered mode if you’re not a fan of online racing but still want to enjoy some off-road racing fun. If Rally racing is right up your street of preference, this game is tailor-made for you. So strap in, put that visor down and get ready to throw some dirt in your opponents’ eyes!

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Burnout Paradise Remastered

How can we miss out on a game which is widely regarded as ‘The Best Arcade Racing Game’ of all time? Playing this game on a 4K display takes pure driving enjoyment to new heights. The remastered version brings loads of memories from the past with better and more efficient features including smooth running and terrific graphics. 

The simulation-style gameplay in this edition is far superior compared to some of the other PS4 racing games. This game will not bore you as the Paradise City music is always blasting in the back. On top of that, you can unleash a tiny bit of your rebellious self by smashing in a few billboards and barriers to taunt the policemen in the iconic ‘Cops v Robbers’ mode. Passing on this game does not sound like a good idea so try it right away!

KartRider: Drift

Next on the list, we have a masterpiece that has no limits when it comes to drifting. The characters in this game are cute, bright, and colorful to make the visuals appealing and engaging for people of all ages. Along with this, you can mix and match by trying out different outfits on your favorite character as well as customizing the karts as per your liking. The Item Mode and Speed Mode make this racing game even more exciting. 

The former mode allows you to drive around the track and collect objects to use them to your advantage while the latter tests your drifting precision and gives you a boost. The developers of this game made it convenient for gamers by removing the platform barrier and allowing cross-platform racing. So if you have a PS4 and your friend does not, you do not need to worry!

KartRider Drift Best PS4 Racing Game

Project CARS 3

Are you someone who loves fancy vehicles? Then this arcade racer is the one for you. Having luxurious brands like Mustang and Aventador makes this game super cool and blows the player’s mind. On top of that, PC3 has features like E-Brake that assists the newbies with driving and drifting lessons. You can level up the cars in the in-depth Career Mode as well as test your skills in the compelling Rivals Mode. The experience is even more enjoyable if you are a VR user. So if you like PS4 racing games that prioritize precision and consistency over speed, PC3 is right up your alley.

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The name is self-explanatory. To all NASCAR fans who wish to try their hand at stock car auto racing, we have got you covered. The game has top-notch graphics covering all the major NASCAR series such as the Cup Series to give you a hands-on experience of one of the greatest motorsports in the world. The game also includes the official teams, drivers, and 39 authentic racing tracks. It even allows you to participate in the eNASCAR Heat Pro League. So if you want to race like your favorite driver on the grid or have a dream of competing at your most cherished racetrack, this is your best shot!

Hot Wheels Unleashed

A nostalgic arcade-style game that takes you through the Hot Wheels universe. You can create incredible layouts both within and beyond the racing course by utilizing the resources available to you. Whether it’s the car handling, dramatic crashes, or unbelievable speed, this game checks all the boxes for racing game freaks, making it addictive for both youngsters and adults. From a technical perspective, the game has excellent servers which save you from the frustration of lagging gameplay. In the game, you can buy pristine copies of the cars, almost as if you’re back in that store hunting for your absolute favorite Hot Wheels toy car!

Horizon Chase Turbo

This game is simpler than most racing games. The aesthetically-pleasing visuals and impressive soundtrack give the player unique and retro vibes. The controls are pretty precise, and you can compete on different race circuits all over the world with varying features such as weather. The thorough demo guides you perfectly to become a master at racing since you start the race as a back marker and gradually make your way to the pack in the front. And who doesn’t love a game which is loaded with such brilliant features? Just go select your Ferrari or Ford and play already!

Horizon Chase Turbo Best PS4 Racing Game

We have presented a collection of the finest and most thrilling PS4 racing games. You can choose the game that perfectly matches your taste and then buckle up your seat belt, turn up that accelerator and go all in!

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