Top 25 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks – Destiny 2

Top 25 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game that we’ve covered before on this site. We’ve talked about Destiny 2 PvP before but it occurred to me that Beyond Light is going to introduce a whole slew of players that haven’t played Destiny 2 before.

That is why this article was created, to let new players know some of the tips and tricks of Destiny 2 and what you should be doing when you launch the game for the first time.

This guide is going to mostly cover information for beginners as Destiny is an incredibly deep game with a lot of gameplay behind it.

From bounties to raids, there’s a lot of stuff that Destiny 2 has to offer and with each of the expansions, more gameplay elements and more story gets added to the game.

Top 25 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

With every update, the game changes a lot so it makes sense to make a 2020 guide because a lot of tips that used to be relevant aren’t now so here are the updated top 25 beginner’s tips and tricks for Destiny 2:

Top 25 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks - Destiny 2

Understand the Classes

There are 3 classes in Destiny 2, being Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Each of these classes brings something to the table and it is imperative to understand that. Hunters are nimble which makes them excellent at PvP and their supers are great for flat out DPS. Titans are tanks and are good all-rounders.

They are also great at PvP and their role in PvE settings is that of crowd control. Warlocks are pretty average at PvP, except for a few sub-classes. Their role in PvE is usually of support but they can also be used at DPS characters when needed. 

Pick the Appropriate Sub-Class

Sub-classes in Destiny are incredibly versatile and different from each other. All of them have pros and cons and with stasis that just adds more options for how you want to play the game.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to give each of the sub-classes for the class you choose a try. That way you can familiarize yourself with each of their abilities and decide which sub-class you want to use for which situation.

Join a Discord Server - Destiny 2

Join a Discord Server

Destiny is heavily focused on working cooperatively with other people in order to achieve your goals. That is why you should join a clan as soon as possible because if you want to get into raiding that will be your best bet for being included.

It also helps to have a regular Fireteam so that you can complete activities together and make progress together. Joining a Discord server is important because a lot of the activities in Destiny require communication with other people and that is best achieved through the voice chat in Discord.

You could also use the in-game voice-chat but the quality isn’t as good. If you’re playing on Xbox or Playstation then you should get in party chat rather than in-game chat.

Accept Guidance

Destiny has been around for so long that the higher level players know some stuff that you will not. That is just a fact because the game has so much stuff that you only learn from experience that it is integral that you are willing to accept the guidance of other people.

I know it can be hard being told what to do, I hate it myself, but if you want to succeed in Destiny you’re going to have to give credit where credit is due.

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Accept the guidance of advanced players and be willing to do what they say because odds are that they actually know better. This is especially true when you’re doing raids.

Do Sherpa Raids for Your First Time - Destiny 2

Do Sherpa Raids for Your First Time

A lot of the new people that jump into Destiny are eager to get into raiding because let’s face it, they are the most fun activities in the game. The best way for new players to experience a raid is through Sherpa raids.

Sherpa raids are raids conducted by experienced players in order to instruct new players so that they too can learn the game. It is best if you start off a new raid with a Sherpa because they are patient, and are willing to teach rather than just getting the raid over with.

This is also an excellent chance to ask questions that you have about the game. 

Pick Your Weapons Carefully

Destiny 2 has a plethora of weapons and it can be hard to decide which weapons are best for you. The best way to check out weapons is trying them out but there are clear winners every season of Destiny 2.

These weapons are going to be the god rolls of the season and to get them you’ll almost always have to do the seasonal activity. It is also important to note that sunsetting was recently introduced into the game which makes it so that weapons from past seasons are less effective than the ones from the current one.

Keeping that in mind you’re going to want to focus on weapons from the current season (excluding exotics).

Xur is Your Best Friend - Destiny 2

Xur is Your Best Friend

While on the topic of exotics, you’re going to want to get all of them as soon as you can. There are certain ones that are better than others but most of them are incredible and can be used for a variety of situations.

As a new player, it will be hard to get all of the exotics so you should pay Xur every time he visits. Xur sells exotic weapons and armor and from him, you can get the exotics that you haven’t already.  This will be one of your prime points for our tips and tricks guide for Destiny 2.

Complete the Story Quests

Over the course of Destiny 2, there have been many campaign quests lines that explain the lore of the game. There are multiple reasons why you should do the story quests but the biggest one is that it familiarizes you with the game in a way that no other quest does.

It will show you all the gameplay elements that Destiny 2 has to offer and the quests themselves are incredibly well done. You can get the legacy story quests from Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar. 

Increase Your Power Level - Destiny 2

Increase Your Power Level

Power level in Destiny determines how much damage you take from enemies and how much damage you can dish out. The higher your power level, the easier it will be for you to complete the higher tier activities.

That is why you’re going to want to get your power level as high as possible by getting better gear.

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Mods Are Incredibly Important

Every piece of armor and every non-exotic weapon that you own can be outfitted with mods. Mods are your main way of increasing individual stats so make good use of them.

The different stats of your characters give them different buffs. Make sure to use mods to maximize the stats that you want. You should have multiple mod setups for both PvE and PvP. 

Bounties Are Necessary for Power Leveling - Destiny 2

Bounties Are Necessary for Power Leveling

Destiny 2 is often called a bounty simulator because of all the bounties that you’re going to have to do in order to make progress.

To make sure that you’re as efficient as possible, it is important to do as many bounties as you can as fast as you can. You can find bounties from just about every vendor in the Tower.

Get Your Seasonal Level Up

The seasonal level resets every season but it is important to get it as high as possible in that season.

Not only does it give you a bonus to your power level, but it also gives you seasonal mods to unlock that you can equip for additional and often unique buffs that impact the gameplay a lot. 

Understanding the Power Caps

Destiny 2 has power caps every season and it does that through soft caps and hard caps. You can reach the soft cap pretty easily and it is recommended to do that as quickly as possible.

You can increase this cap from doing just about any activity as the items that drop from the activities will increase your soft cap. The hard cap is significantly harder to reach and you can only get there through doing Pinnacle activities.

Do Pinnacle Activities for Faster Progressions - Destiny 2

Do Pinnacle Activities for Faster Progressions

Pinnacle activities are harder activities that reward you with drops that are much higher than your current level.

If you’ve hit the soft cap then these activities are going to be your only way of raising your power level. These activities include raids, dungeons, nightfalls, as well as select PvP activities. 

Don’t Trash Lower Light Level Gear

If you get any weapons or armor with excellent rolls but isn’t a high power level don’t scrap it. It can be infused with higher level gear to make its power level higher.

That also means that the higher power level won’t usually be good from a stat point of view so you’re going to want to save those for infusion rather than equipping them.

Don’t Start Infusing Immediately

If you haven’t hit the soft cap then it doesn’t make sense to start infusing gear. The non-pinnacle activities aren’t tough at all and you can complete them with higher power level gear that doesn’t have good stats.

You’re going to want to save all the infusion for when you get to the soft cap because that is when you’ll be completing challenging missions regularly.

Understand the Different Engrams - Destiny 2

Understand the Different Engrams

The engrams that drop from enemies mean different things. If it is purple then it is just a legendary that is close to the power level that you have. If it is purple with gold in the middle and lightning around it then it is a pinnacle drop that is higher level than what you currently have.

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If a gold one drops then that is a random exotic, usually one that you don’t have.

Complete Exotic Quests

A lot of the exotic weapons in the game can only be obtained through quests. It is important to all of these as fast as you can as mostly all of the quest exotics are amazing and can help you out through your adventure. 

Understand Exotic Limitations - Destiny 2

Understand Exotic Limitations

Although exotic weapons are amazing and they have their unique perks, you have to understand that there are limits to them as well. You can only have one exotic weapon and armor equipped at a time.

Exotic weapons don’t have mod slots so there will be situations where you will want to change exotics out for legendary weapons because of the increased adaptability.

Understanding Weaknesses

Different enemies are weak to different elements. They have unique shields that are easier to break if you use the matching element. This is important to understand if you want to deal with every enemy as efficiently as possible. 

Know The Weak Spots - Destiny 2

Know The Weak Spots

Destiny 2 enemies have different weak spots based on what they are. It is important to know this because shooting a Cabal in the head will do more damage but doing that to Vex enemies will only make them stronger.  This is a great point in our tips and tricks for Destiny 2.

Get the Season Pass

Destiny 2 is one of the few games that makes getting the season pass worth it. It gives you a lot of rewards and you can use them to progress really fast in the game. 

Pick Up Resources - Destiny 2

Pick Up Resources

In the open world of Destiny, you’re going to come across a lot of resources. Make sure to pick up as many as you can because you’re going to need them for upgrading a lot of stuff.

Pay the Spider a Visit

The Spider can be found on the Tangled Shore and has various resources for sale. If you’re ever running low on resources you can get them from him. Not many people know about this so make sure to pay him a visit regularly. The Spider is also a great way to farm glimmer!

Get Gear Back From Collections - Destiny 2

Get Gear Back From Collections

The collections tab has all of the weapons that you’ve ever gotten throughout the course of the game. If there is a specific weapon that you need, you’ll be able to find it here. If it has static rolls you can pull it from here. If it has random rolls it will tell you where the weapon can be found. 


There are a lot of things that you’re going to learn in Destiny 2 through trial and error. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you become a better guardian but remember that no one has all the answers.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, it is the only way you’ll learn. Also, remember to have fun and I’ll see you out there Guardian. We hope you enjoyed our guide on Top 25 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks for Destiny 2

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