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New World: [Best 8] Builds To Level Up Fast

New World: [Best 8] Builds To Level Up Fast

Ranging from enormous loots to massive PVP battles and expeditions, the New World endgame is something that keeps you up at night unless you level up. With each new level, there are new combinations and weapons to create unique builds.

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So, if you are an early bird to this game, we have got some top and great builds that you can try for leveling up in the game!

New World Best Builds To Level Up Fast

Work On Attribute Distribution & Armor

Before we start working on the builds, let’s talk about attribute distribution and armor. To begin with, every weapon has unique attributes, which means you need to prioritize them by prioritizing the specific weapons. It’s easier to figure out the attributes after you’ve played a few levels of the game. For instance, a hatchet helps scale off strength, while a bow helps scale off dexterity. Also, if you end up investing your reward points in the wrong attribute, you always have the option to respect the attributes with a small fee or opt for level 20 for free.

As far as the armor is concerned, it is extremely important because its weight helps govern the quality of dodging. Generally, if you have created a mobility-based build, the armor needs to be as lightweight as possible. It’s obvious that lightweight armor leads to less protection, but it does come with better dodging and damage bonus. On the contrary, heavyweight armor is suitable for creating a more defensive build. So, now that we are clear on attribute distribution and armor, let’s check out some builds to level up in New World!

Hatchet & Life Staff

Hatchet & Life Staff is the ultimate combination of Berserk Mode of Hatchet, which offers passive healing effect and higher movement speed and healing characteristics of Life Staff, resulting in impressive chances of survival. Consequently, the players won’t have to waste time in healing during battles. Not to forget, if you select the Sacred Ground in the skill tree of the Life Staff, you will be healed for a longer time period.

New World: [Best 7] Builds To Level Up Fast

Here are the top builds to level up fast in the New World.

Hatchet & Bow

If you want to finish up the battles quickly, Hatchet and Bow is the best choice as it combines the Berserk Mode with Bow’s passive movement buffs, such as Archer’s Speed. Consequently, you will be able to speed up over the course of the game. Even more, when the mastery of Hawkeye is unlocked in the Bow’s skill tree, resulting in 10% healing of the damage that’s been done whenever you come across the headshot. 

New World Build Hatchet and bow

Spear & Musket

This build is a promising choice for PvP, particularly when you are working for something that coveted the XP. For those who don’t know, Spear is an important weapon of the build, which has extremely handy sweep attacks. In particular, the sweep attacks come out handier when you need to clear out the enemies from the battleground. 

New World: Spear And Musket

Great Axe & Hatchet

Great Axe & Hatchet is a perfect build for players who want to add something new to Hatchet. As far as the Great Axe is concerned, it works as a primary weapon, which means the raw damage is spiked up by a great percentage. When it’s coupled with Hatchet’s Berserk Mode, the players will have a comprehensive build for your seamless experience. 

New World Builds Great Axe And Hatchet

Life Staff & Sword

With this build, the Life Staff is likely to add the missing part of sustainability in Sword’s skill tree, respective to the healing prowess. Progressively, the players will be able to stand their ground for combatting and fighting for an extended timespan. As a result, the players get to have better chances of achieving the top. 

Rapier & Musket

The bleed of the Rapier is sufficient for DPS that helps tear the health bars of the enemies to the shreds. Also, with the Musket, the players will be able to increase the damage by around 10% against the opponents with low health standards, which makes it a perfect option for the Rapier. 

Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet

When it comes down to knocking down the enemies and delivering damage to them, nothing will work better than the Fire Staff rather than sitting behind and letting the enemies overpower you. Also, when it’s coupled with the Ice Gauntlet, you will be able to rebuild the Mana supplies while you fight your way up the game. 

Bow & Rapier

The ultimate specialty of Bow stems from dexterity, and when it is paired with Rapier, you will be able to enjoy some intelligence. This is actually a perfect combination that’s quite similar to the Spear & Musket mix in the New World game. Having said that, one weapon implements the maximum form of damage to the enemies while some other stronger weapons deliver most damage, but it’s more up close. 

Additional Tips To Level Up In New World

In addition to using builds for leveling up in the New World, there are other tips that can help you to grow fast, including; 

  • When you end up logging out from the New World game, make sure that you rest in the settlement as you will be able to get the XP bonus whenever you log in to the game 
  • You can search for the Town Missions and complete the maximum of them to level up (they are way less in the beta version, but it’s still worth it)
  • Start completing New World’s main quests to get some XPs for yourself 
  • Another way of sneaking in more XP on the game, you need to join the battles for single hits as you will be able to gain an XP in return for every hit 
  • You need to start owning more properties and travel quickly to the shrine 
  • Don’t spend too much time on achieving the goals 
  • Change the starting location – opt for Everfall or Windward as it has more players to help you through the challenging mobs but be efficient with the resources 
  • Lastly, you need to stop worrying about the early game gear 

So, are you ready to make the most of the New World and keep leveling up?

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