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New World: BEST Hatchet Builds (2022)

New World: BEST Hatchet Builds (2022)

In order to succeed in any game, you will need a set of various tools to achieve that. Similar is the case for the game New World. You will need to plan out your strategies gear up with appropriate armors, weapons, and any additional resources a game provides you. 

If you know the best builds in a game, your road to victory will be far easier than you may have if the situation was otherwise. Weapons are one of the most important tools to win through an action-based game. In the New World, you will find that the hatchet weapon is worth considering using. 

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Underneath, you will find the best hatchet builds to help you fight and survive through the game with the help of this weapon and complementing set of skills.

The Hatchet

Appearing as a strong and versatile weapon from the New World, the hatchet is a weapon one might consider gear up with. It is handheld, and you will be able to attack any monsters or enemies that come near you.

These attributes and qualities of it paired with its dexterity will aid you in completing tasks or quests, getting past each level, and cause great damage per second. If you pair this up with additional weapons, armor, and skills, then the game can be easier for you. 

New World: BEST Hatchet Builds (2022)

The Tree Skills

Before proceeding ahead and diving into the best hatchet builds to go by, it is essential to know about the hatchet’s two most important tree skills, i.e., the Throwing and the Berserker. The Throwing enables you to attack enemies at a distance, and this tree skill leans more towards PvP. 

On the other hand, the Berserker leans towards PvE, is more commonly used, and helps the player get a good movement speed, great damage per second, and be able to make continuous attacks. You will be seeing these two tree skills being paired up with other weapons in the builds ahead. 

Build One – Hatchet Weapon Great Axe PVP

You will find this particular build helping you interrupt or hinder the enemies’ movement. At the same time, you use your hatchet weapon to attack them and get maximum damage done as you use the Gravity Well ability of the Great Axe or more of its other abilities. Overall, this build keeps its main focus on the PvP.

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As the Berserk was mentioned earlier, you can unlock and access for twenty seconds the Berserk mode, and as it comes to its end, its cooldown is activated. 

Berserking Purge, Refresh, and Other Passive Skills

You will need to unlock various passive skills to achieve maximum output from this build. Among these skills is the Berserking Purge skill. It gets rid of every Crowd Control Effect once activated. The On the Hunt skill will help move up the speed of the movement by twenty percent. 

As its name may suggest, the Uninterrupted Berserk helps you go in an uninterrupted manner, ensuring your attacks are continuous. Lastly, the Berserking Refresh in a way for every four seconds refreshes your health or brings back a certain amount of your health up to a maximum of thirty percent HP. 

Feral Rush and Passive Skills

One way to go about attacking your enemy is to do the feral rush where you rush towards your enemy with force, attacking them through a double hatchet strike and having them dazed. Overall it will give you 215% weapon damage, with 115% coming through the second attack and the rest from the first attack. 

You can achieve an extra twenty percent damage by the Dispatch in the scenario that your enemy’s health is under thirty percent. If you unlock the Crippling Strikes passive skill, you can have your enemy immovable for a good two seconds if you hit the enemy’s back through the attack mentioned above.  

Best Hatchet Builds

The Rending Throw and Additional Skills

As the name suggests, you can use the Rending Throw by throwing your hatchet weapon, applying to rend, as well as ultimately obtaining damage of weapon of about 110%. Consequently, there is a ten percent reduction in the absorption of enemy damage for ten seconds.

There are various passive skills you can pair up with this attack to achieve more damage per second. Using the Against All Odds skill will allow you to have an additional base damage of ten percent for the enemies or monsters that are within a range of five meters from you.

Rejuvenating Crits skill for critical hits paired with aimed throws and light attacks gives you ten percent stamina. 

For three seconds, the Defy Death skill makes you an immortal as you may get hit by an enemy having your health completely brought to an end. For Enraged Strikes, you will be able to get additional twenty percent damage by heavy as well as light hits if your enemy’s health is under thirty percent.

Frenzied Purge acts as a healing power as it gets rid of any damage over time caused by poison or if there is any burn or bleeding. It is valid for when your HP is under thirty percent. Accumulated Power gives you Empower as a result of three light attacks. 

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You can get an additional five percent of critical hit chance and activated critical hits when they have been thrown; all of this is by the Critical Throw skill.

The Fortifying Strikes is accessed and gives damage for about three seconds of about fifteen percent as you make three light attacks. The Desperate Refresh moves down every cooldown by twenty percent during the time your HP is under thirty percent. Lastly, the Relentless Fury gives an additional thirty percent damage for three seconds after either one heavy attack or four attacks. 

Build Two – Hatchet Bow

Build two is the Hatchet bow PvE Expedition comprising of the hatchet as well as the bow. This build also has many passive skills, as mentioned earlier, e.g., for twenty seconds having Berserk mode on with the cooldown activating at its end. 

You may use the Uninterrupted Berserk, Berserkin Purge, On the Hunt, and Berserking Refresh. The first one makes continuous strikes possible; the second ends Crowd Control Effects, the third increases speed of movement, and the last enables the player to get their HP increased.

Raging Torrent and Other Skills

This one is new from what was discussed previously. This attack helps you get weapon damage of ninety percent per strike while you can carry out a maximum of four quick attacks. 

Pair this up with the Final Blow to achieve damage of 120% after a light attack at the end. Furthermore, after attacking with a raging torrent for 6s, The Aggressive Approach moves up the speed of the movement by twenty percent and gives you haste. 

You can use the Feral Rush attack here, too, with the same passive skills of crippling strikes and Dispatch. The first makes enemies unable to move for about two seconds and causes root, while the latter gives damage of twenty more percent in the case that your enemy’s HP is under thirty percent.

Some More Passive Skills

These are the same as the ones under the Rending Throw heading. For example, Relentless Fury, which gives damage of thirty percent for three seconds if you did one heavy or four attacks, or the Defy Death skill, which will have you stay alive after lethal attacks for about three seconds since then. 

The rest includes the Accumulated Power, Enraged Strikes, Fortifying Strikes, and Against All Odds.

Although, there are some passive skills with changes, such as the Aimed and Critical Throw. Over here, if you throw out an axe, the Critical Throw can cause a critical hit or activate headshots and make chances of a critical hit to be increased by five percent. The Aimed Throw allows you to have weapon damage of ninety-five percent. 

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New World Hatchet builds

The Poison and Penetrating Shot

The Poison Shot is an attack where when you shoot your arrow, it forms a ring or cloud of poison with a three-meter radius lasting for about six seconds. If your enemies walk into that cloud for about twenty seconds, they face weapon damage of ten percent. 

Initially, when you shoot an arrow, it already gives you weapon damage of fifty percent. Pair this with the Direct Hill skill giving you weapon damage of 150%, and the Infected Arrows for twenty seconds, giving the damage of twelve percent. 

The Penetrating Shot is an attack where arrows that are shot move an additional hundred meters ahead, pierce through the enemy and give damage of 150%. You can pair this up with Blood-Soaked Arrow passive skill, which gives additional ten percent damage per strike.  

The Third Active Skill

The Rapid Shot attack enables you to have arrows shot continuously as the last arrow gives weapon damage of a hundred and twenty-five percent along with a knockback, while two of these give weapon damage of a hundred percent. 

Use this with Final Blow that causes increased damage of twenty-five percent with this attack’s final and 3rd shot. Also, the Rapid Accuracy in the case that three of your arrows land on the same enemy reduces cooldown by fifty percent. 

Best Hatchet Builds New World

Additional Passive Skills

You can unlock many additional passive skills, such as the Concussion, which gives fifty percent chances of arrow returning and provides damage of twenty percent if a headshot is hit. The Evasive Tactic after dodging gives damage of twenty percent for five seconds, and the Aim True skill gives additional thirty percent damage. 

The Bullseye gives you an advantage of ten percent in addition to the critical damage if there is a shot by the bow. 

The Opening Strike gives additional damage of twenty percent for heavy attacks to enemies with full health. Additionally, there are Surprise Attack, Mark, Closing In, Arrow Range, and Evasive Traffic skills. 

Setting The Attributes

For attributes as well as choosing an appropriate ratio of each one, it can be a confusing task or one where you may stand indecisive. But, it is essential to choose the correct values for each, such as fifty for strength, five for intelligence and focus, ninety-nine for dexterity, and fifty-six for the constitution.

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