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[TOP 4] Best DPS Characters – Genshin Impact

[TOP 4] Best DPS Characters - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of those games in which the more time you spend playing the harder the game gets. How that works is, after every few Adventure Ranks the game will proceed to the next World Level. That makes all the enemies be a higher level but it also means that they drop better loot when defeated. The Adventure Rank system also determines what difficulty you can set for domains and thus what rewards you can get. We hope you enjoy this guide over “[TOP 4] Best DPS Characters – Genshin Impact” today!

In the last article, we discussed how to build each character in genshin impact. In this guide, we’re talking about how to build up DPS characters. The reason why this guide is for World Level 4 is because that is when the difficulty starts ramping up. Before level 4 the game isn’t that challenging but after that, you’re going to need to build up a solid and diverse team.

One of the main positions that you’re going to want to fill early on is that of a damage character so this guide will take you through four of the most popular DPS characters that aren’t super hard to get. 

Fischl - Genshin Impact


Fischl is one of the most popular damage dealers in the game currently and is attuned to Electro. Her constellations, as well as her skills, make her an amazing DPS character. Her weapon of Genshin Impact choice is a bow which is an added bonus because she can act as a glass cannon without any trouble.

She is most effective at range so if you were to build her purely based on attack then you’d be sitting pretty. To do Genshin Impact that there is some stuff that you can equip to ensure that Fischl shines as one of your best DPS characters. 


The weapon that you should be using for Fischl is called ‘Rust’ and it is a bow that fits Fischl’s abilitiesGenshin Impact. The bow basically buffs quick attacks and nerfs charged attacks. Fischl is best suited for spamming the attack button so Rust works perfectly with her.

Rust is also a four-star weapon that isn’t that tough to get so you can refine it a few levels as well to make it even better. Rust also has a passive that increases attack percentage for anyone that wields the weapon. The bow can be upgraded using the material from Guyun which can be obtained by completing the Domain of Forgery called the Hidden Palace of Lianshab FormulaGenshin Impact.

It costs 20 original resin to claim the rewards from the domain and the higher your adventure level is, the better the rewards will be from the domain. If you don’t have access to Rust then just keep an eye out for any bow that makes normal attacks better, or buffs the attack stat directly.


Fischl is built to be an attack character so you’ll want to equip her with artefacts that increase attack percentage. Now, you can’t do that for the flower but you can make sure that the artefact set that she has on is best suited for her Genshin Impact.

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The best build that I’ve come across is using a mix of Brave Heart and Martial Artist artifacts as they both have an increase to attack percentage as their set bonus. The Brave Heart set increases normal attack by 18% when having two artifacts from that set equipped and the Martial Artist set increases both normal and charged attack by 15% as a two-artifact bonus.

You could also specialize by just getting the 4-piece set bonus from the Brave Heart set because that makes you deal 30% more damage against enemies that have more than 50% of their HP remaining. 

Kaeya - Genshin Impact


Now I know that Kaeya is no one’s first choice when it comes to being a damage dealer. He is consistently ranked as a C tier character, maybe a B tier if you’re being generous but there are a few reasons why I consider him to be an important character and why I still keep him in one of my Spiral Abyss teams. Firstly, he is one of the few Cryo characters that are in the game.

Apart from him, there are 3 more Cryo characters in the game, one of which is a five-star character, Qiqi. The others are Chongyun, who doesn’t have an upped drop rate banner yet, and Diona who came out on Nov 11 so we just don’t know anything about her. Kaeya’s abilities are really good too. His ‘E’ throws a cone of ice in front of him and his ‘Q’ allows you to surround the character with 3 ice crystals.

The crystals remain active even when you switch off of him so that’s pretty cool as well. His passive is incredible for fighting too because once you start abusing those I frames for fights you’re going to be going through stamina really quickly. His passive reduces the stamina consumption for both running and dashing which is essential if you want to keep up with the harder fights in the game. Kaeya is also one of the only characters that you are guaranteed to get in the game so it makes sense to build him up. 


Good weapons in Genshin Impact are quite difficult to get. Most of them drop from banners but there are a few 4-star weapons that you can forge. There are only 2 of each though so there are only 2 swords that you can make currently. Of those 2 I would recommend the Prototype Rancour.

The Iron Sting is another good choice but I personally feel like the Rancour is better even though the Iron Sting pairs better with Kaeya. Ultimately it’s your choice and you can try out both before you make a decision because getting the parts for making either of them isn’t hard at all. Once you reach Liyue you’ll be able to make both of them with ease. 


The artifacts that you’ll want to equip on Kaeya depend on how you want to build him. This guide is for making him a DPS character but you could also build him as a tank, as a support, and as an elemental support. Even while building him as DPS you have the option to have his damage come from either his abilities or his attacks.

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If you want him to excel with just basic and charged attacks then you should focus on the same two sets; Martial Artist and Brave Heart, but you could also focus on the Exile and the Instructor set because both of them allow him to be better with his elemental abilities. That means that he’ll be able to do more damage with his abilities if you want him as a passive damage dealer. 

Xiangling - Genshin Impact


Xiangling is a chef that hails from the Liyue region of Teyvat. You get to meet her when doing one of the quests in Springvale and you get to learn why she’s in Mondstadt in the first place. She’s always on the lookout for new and exotic ingredients to incorporate into her dishes and she is a fan of spicy food.

It makes sense then that her element is Pyro and boy does she know how to wield it. Xiangling is one of the top tier characters in the game and it really helps that she’s a 4-star because that increases the chance of you getting her. In fact, if you played the game before 1.1 there was a limited-time offer where you could get Xiangling if you completed some in-game challenges. So chances are that you probably already have her but the question remains how to build her up. Other than unlocking her talents and constellations here’s some stuff that you can do.


Xiangling is one of the few pole-wielders currently in the game. The weapon that you should be using for her is called the ‘Crescent Pike’ but given that it is a 5-star weapon it is very unlikely that you’ll be using that. Instead, you can go for my personal favorite, the ‘Prototype Grudge’.

It’s a pike that you can make at the blacksmith and it increases normal and charged attack damage by 8% after using an elemental skill. That ability lasts for 12 seconds and can stack twice. That makes the weapon really powerful in her hands and can be used to wipe out entire platoons of Hilichurls. 


For her artifacts, you’re going to either want to focus damage or Pyro damage. For Pyro damage, you can get the ‘Crimson Witch of Flames’ set which increases Pyro damage by 15% as a 2-piece set bonus and if you’re lucky enough to get enough artifacts for the 4-piece set bonus you’ll do 40% more damage with Burning and Overload, 15% more damage with vaporize and Melt, AND using an elemental skill will boost the 2-piece set bonus by 50% for 10 seconds and it can stack 3 times! That is broken as all heck.

You could also go for the Brave Heart, Martial Artist, or the Gladiator’s Finale sets. They all increase the damage percentage that you do which makes them amazing for Xiangling. 

Xingqiu - Genshin Impact


Xingqiu is a Hydro character that you get to meet because of a really fun and interesting quest. He belongs to the Guhua tribe which are an ancient people that value chivalry and honor and have a secret fighting style that is only privy to their members.

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Xingqiu embodies that fighting style which easily makes him an S tier character. His abilities are awesome and if he is built right he can deal a ton of damage. His Elemental Burst is particularly amazing because it pairs well with a lot of different characters and you can use that to decimate foes in an instant.

His passive trait is attack percentage which goes up with each level so it is best to build him with flat-out attack. Also when you use him to craft character talent level material he has a 25% chance to refund a portion of the ingredients used. That may not seem like much but in late-game that can save you from a lot of grinding. 


The weapon of choice for Xingqiu is the Skyward Blade which increases a lot of his stats such as attack speed, movement speed, and attack damage but the sword is a legendary which is a big yikes. You would be better off using the Favonius Sword which is a 4-star weapon and rewards you every time you score a crit.

You could also use a 3-star sword that flat out increases damage because even though it won’t do as much damage you can refine it really easily and make it a supreme weapon of combat. 


There are two ways you could proceed with Xingqiu. The first is the tried and true Brave Heart, Martial Artist, and Gliadator’s Finale way where you just focus on damage and let that carry the character.

There is another way though, you could build him up with crit chance and crit damage which means that although his base damage will be low but his crits will be out of this world. For building him as a crit machine you’re going to need the Berserker set which increases crit chance by 12% with the 2-piece set bonus and the 4-piece set bonus increases it by another 24% when your HP falls below 70%. Both these ways will make Xingqiu someone to be reckoned with and he’ll be one of the characters that you rely on when taking on the Spiral Abyss


There are other damage dealers in the game obviously but these are the ones that I believe are easy to get and can be built up quite easily for damage. Their constellations are also not terrible to get and make a huge difference in the damage they do.  We hope you enjoyed our guide on “[TOP 4] Best DPS Characters – Genshin Impact” and that it helps you in the future!

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