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[TOP 5] Characters To Level-Up for World Level 4 Genshin Impact

TOP 5 WAYS To Build Each Character in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a cross-platform Japanese RPG that took the world by storm when it first came out. It launched as a free-to-play game available for download on phones, consoles, and PCs.

The game has a lot of different mechanics but one of the most interesting mechanics that it has is the banner system that allows you to unlock more characters to play with.

The game allows you to earn Primogems that you can use to open a banner for a chance to get items and characters of varying rarity. You can also use real money in order to get more banners so that you have a higher chance to get certain characters.

Most of the characters are 4-stars whereas the rarer ones are 5-stars. The ones that you do get have to be built up in a certain way, using a different combination of talents, weapons, artifacts, levels, and constellations. 

TOP 5 WAYS To Build Each Character in Genshin Impact

Building Up Characters:

Those four things are integral to building a strong team and ensuring that you are able to handle all the stuff that the game has to throw at you.

It would be impossible to explain how to build every character in just one article so in this one we’ll talk about what you generally need to build-up characters as well as what is the most effective build for the Traveler, the first character that everyone gets.

It is also interesting to note that the Traveler is going to be your only 5-star character for a while because in this game 5-star characters are actually really rare so if you have one other than the Traveler you should consider yourself really lucky. 


Talents are the specific attacks that each of the characters can perform. These include the basic/charged attack, the elemental skill, and the elemental burst.

Each of these can be leveled up, in order to increase the effectiveness that they have. Upgrading talents requires Mora, which is one of the currencies in the game.

You’re also going to need Talent Level Material which can be found in Domains of Mastery, of which two currently exist in the world. One can be found in Mondstadt and the other in Liyue. Different characters require different types of talent level materials but those materials are on a rotation in the domains.

Every day the rewards from the domains change so you’re going to have to plan ahead if you want to level up a certain character first. 

Genshin Impact - Weapons


There are 5 different types of weapons in the world of Teyvat as of now. These are:

All of these weapons require upgrade materials that can be found in Domains of Forgery. These materials are also on rotation so you’ll have to wait if you want to upgrade a certain weapon.

One cool thing about upgrading weapons is that they change their appearance when you upgrade them so you can actually witness them going from basic to excellent. Another thing to note is that weapons have certain innate abilities that grant a bonus to their wielders.

These bonuses can also be upgraded by combining them with duplicates of the weapon. You should note though that weapons, just like characters, can be leveled up.

To level them up you’ll need other weapons to infuse them with other weapons’ power. You can also use Enhancement ore which is a more effective way to upgrade weapons.

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These ores can be found in chests, as mission rewards, and are craftable as well. To craft them you’re going to need mining materials so pick up any that you come across as they do respawn after a few days. The weapon upgrade materials come into play when you need to ascend the weapon. 


The accessories that each of your characters can equip in the game come in 5 types. These are:

  • Flower
  • Feather
  • Headgear
  • Timepiece
  • Goblet

Each of the artifacts behaves differently and gives your characters different bonuses. The flowers, for example, will always increase your characters’ health and feathers will always increase their attack.

Apart from their main bonus, they will also get other sub-bonuses that you get from upgrading the artifacts. Each artifact can have up to 4 different sub-bonuses which get upgraded when you level up the artifacts.

Artifacts, just like weapons and characters, can be leveled up. To level up artifacts you’re going to need other artifacts to infuse their power into the artifacts that you do want to upgrade.

Also, artifacts come in sets, so if you equip 2 of a set you’ll get an additional bonus, and if you equip four of the same set you’ll get another bonus. These set bonuses are really useful in the late-game so make sure to keep some sets handy.

Artifacts can drop from pretty much anything but the best way to get the rarer ones is to grind for them in Domains of Blessing. There are currently 5 domains of blessing in the game which have varying rewards. You can also get certain sets from the bosses that you can claim rewards from once a week. 

Genshin Impact - Character Levels

Character Levels:

Characters also gain levels, which sounds pretty basic for an RPG, but the most effective way to level them up is to use Character EXP Materials which can be acquired through various means. You can find them in chests, by defeating enemies, and by interacting with Blossoms of Revelation.

The fastest way to get a steady supply of them is to open up the blossoms of revelation. The materials you get from them can be used to level up characters but to ascend them to the next phase will require more than just these EXP materials. You’re mainly going to need specific materials dropped by elite enemies that can be found across Teyvat.

You’re also going to need region-specific materials that can be found in the world as well as certain materials that are dropped by common enemies. It can be a chore to level up characters but it is well worth it because it upgrades their attributes and unlocks more of their talents. 


Constellations are character-specific traits that can be unlocked by using Memories for the Traveler and Stellar Fortuna for the other characters. You can get Memories by playing through the game, doing story missions, and buying them from certain traders.

To get Stellar Fortuna you’re going to need doubles for characters when you’re pulling them from the available banners. The constellations can be really powerful so getting duplicates is actually really good in this game. 

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Using all of these tips you can build up every character really easily and make sure that they are the best they can be.

How to Effectively Build Up the Traveller in Genshin Impact

How to Effectively Build Up the Traveler in Genshin Impact

The Traveler is the first character that you’ll get to play in Genshin Impact and is one of the few 5-star characters that you’ll be able to get access to easily. Considering that, and the fact that you’ll be using them for each region to solve puzzles, it makes sense to make them as decent as they can be.

Now, Traveler may be the correct term for your character but most of the Genshin Impact community refers to them as Main Character or MC for short. In this guide, I’ll be using the MC term because it is the term that is most popular, and it is a lot easier to say in conversation than the Traveler.

If you’re still in the early stages of Genshin then it is also important to know that this guide will contain minor spoilers. If you don’t care about those then you should know that MC can attune themselves with different elements with Anemo being the first one and Geo being the second one.

More elements will become available with the new areas that are added to the game but as of now, these are the only two that MC can attune to. There are pros and cons to each attunement and basically, the rest of your party will decide what element you want MC to wield.

To make things simpler this guide will discuss how to build up MC according to each of the elements and what position they can take in your party. 

In this guide, we’ll be discussing which weapons are most effective for MC, which artifacts to use, which positions they are most effective in, and which talents you should focus on. 

General Info for MC:

MC is an all-element attuning sword wielder. Their Anemo abilities are useful against swarms of enemies and their Geo abilities are useful for puzzles, traversal, and mining.

The Traveler’s passives also provide bonuses that change with whichever element they are attuned to at the moment. The Geo attunement for Traveler is currently not the best so it is prudent to use them as an Anemo damage dealer/support.

Team Position for the Traveler:

MC is most useful when built up for elemental damage. That is why you should pair them with weapons and artifacts that increase their elemental recharge speed as well as their elemental mastery. Both of these attributes will help MC become a great damage dealer and support at the same time. 

Weapons for the Traveler:

Iron Sting is the sword that is recommended for the Traveler as it increases all damage upon dealing elemental damage. The Palm Vortex and Gust Surge both have short reset timers and are thus great for pairing with this sword. The Iron Sting is one of the few craftable 4-star swords in the game so refining it won’t be as hard as other weapons.

You can also get it pretty early on so it is a great investment for MC. Alternatively, you could also use the Skyward Blade which increases energy recharge by 12% at a base level but since the weapon is a 5-star, and can only drop from banners, you’re going to have to get extremely lucky to get it.

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It would also be a pain to refine as it would require more of the same sword which is just unrealistic. 

Artifacts for the Traveller

Artifacts for the Traveler:

MC excels when equipped with artifacts that increase their elemental recharge speed and elemental mastery. Elemental recharge speed is how fast they’ll be able to use their abilities again whereas elemental mastery decides how much damage their elemental reactions will do.

Since all elements except Geo and Dendro can react with Anemo, you’ll be set if you build up the Traveler this way. As for the specific artifacts that you’ll need for them, you can use the Instructor set of artifacts which is easy to acquire through clearing domains, defeating enemies, and opening chests.

The Instructor set provides bonuses to elemental mastery. The other set that is arguably better for the Traveler is the Viridescent Venerer set which flat out increases the damage that Anemo does to enemies.

The Viridescent Venerer set is much harder to find though as the only way to get it is to clear the Valley of Remembrance domain and hope you get lucky enough to get it. 

Talents for the Traveler:

All of the MC’s talents are useful but depending on the way you build them you might want to focus on Palm Vortex and Gust Surge because they can pair really well with the other people in your party. Upgrading them requires different teachings for different elemental talents that can be found in various domains. It would also not be a bad idea to upgrade the basic/charged attack talent either because if you don’t have any other sword wielders in your party then you might need the talent for the damage potential. 

Constellations for the Traveler:

You can pretty much get all the constellations for the Traveler by playing through the game.

All of them increase the Traveler’s effectiveness and add even more bonuses than what they already get from other sources. You will need different Memories for different elements so instead of one constellation, the Traveler will have multiple.

Genshin Impact

The Bottom Line

The Traveler is one of the few characters that will be part of your party till the end of the game because of their adaptability and their ability to solve the various puzzles spread around Teyvat.

Keeping that in mind you should build them up as soon as possible because they are going to be coming into play many times throughout your adventure. We hope our guide on [TOP 5 WAYS] To Build Each Character in Genshin Impact provides great use to you!

Maybe you want to take more of a supporting role, check out our guide on [TOP 4] Best Supporting Character in Genshin Impact!

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