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Genshin Impact: How to Use Resin Effectively

If you’ve played Genshin Impact for more than a couple of hours you are probably aware of the Resin system that it employs. It is one that I really like because it forces you to spend your time in the game wisely while still giving you plenty of options on what to do.

Since the game came out there have been changes made to the system, how it works, and how much you can store at a time. The introduction of condensed resin was amazing as it allowed you to get more rewards while exerting the same effort and increasing the max resin limit to 160 was a great move because it allowed players to progress that much faster in the game. 

With 1.3 just around the corner, there are more changes coming, particularly the one where fragile resin is going to be a part of the battle pass. That is another great incentive for players to complete the battle pass which is actually really easy to do. There’s also going to be a Ley Line Overflow event happening which will double the rewards from Ley Line Blossoms but only for the first three that you complete.

Keeping all of the changes, both new and old, in mind, there is still a lot that can be said about the most effective use of resin. There are many things that you can spend resin on, from bosses to domains, and there is a lot of stuff that you are going to end up sacrificing because of a shortfall of resin.

That’s why I decided to do an effective resin usage guide for both new and old players so that they don’t miss the chance of progressing faster and getting to end game content.

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How to Use Resin Effectively

The first thing that you need to know about spending resin is that you are going to have to do all of the activities that require resin. You just can’t get by without doing all of them as all of those activities will help you progress in the game. To break things down, here are all of the things that require resin:

  • Domains of Blessing
  • Domains of Mastery
  • Domains of Forgery
  • Trounce Domains (incl. Wolf)
  • Blossoms of Wealth
  • Blossoms of Revelation
  • Bosses

This list would include world events but Mihoyo has stated that they are going to try and make all events completable without having to use resin at all. Among these three there are some things that you should immediately focus on and some that can be kept on the backburner.

Trounce Domains in Genshin Impact

Trounce Domains

There are currently 2 trounce domains in the game, technically 3 if you count the Wolf. I like to include the Wolf in this list as it has similar rewards, requires the full 60 resin to obtain rewards, and is just as difficult as the other trounce domains. These domains should be priority number one when using the resin that you have.

The rewards from these fights can only be claimed once every week and what they give you is something that you should take advantage of every week. The rewards that they drop include coveted talent level up material, weapon prototypes, and powerful artifacts that will help you in your adventure throughout Teyvat.

They should not be taken lightly though as they can get pretty tough at later levels. The reason why you should prioritize these above all else is that all other stuff can be claimed whenever you need it. This is the only thing that you can spend resin on that will refresh every week and if it does you’ll miss out on getting the rewards for that week.

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Bosses in Genshin Impact


These are second on the list because they provide you with the ascension materials necessary to get your characters up to snuff. The ascension materials that they drop are going to be used by all of your party and at later levels are going to be required in absurd quantities.

The bosses also drop pretty decent artifacts that can be used by your party in order to further enhance their skills. Artifacts play a huge role in Genshin Impact and without them, your party is going to fail time and again.

Recently Mihoyo added the ability to get Fates through leveling up characters. This is integral if you want to make a lot of wishes as every character has the potential of giving you 3 Fates. All of the Fates that you get from leveling up characters are Acquaint but if you are missing characters or weapons that you want then this is a pretty solid way to get them. Just from the base characters, you can make 12 wishes which guarantee a 4-star weapon or character.

Domains of Forgery in Genshin Impact

Domains of Forgery/Mastery/Blessing

These domains should be taken on as needed. You are going to have to do domains of forgery for weapon ascension materials, domains of mastery for talent level up materials, and domains of blessing for artifacts. I recommend keeping the priorities in that order because you should focus on your characters having the best weapons and talents before focusing too much on artifacts.

The reason for that is for every character you will have to do a bunch of domains to get the artifacts that you want for them so it’s better to wait until that is the only aspect that needs to be improved for them.

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Domains of forgery and mastery are going to be completed in limited quantities because there are only so many upgrades you can make to weapons and talents but domains of blessing are going to be completed over and over as the artifacts that they provide are used for leveling up other more desirable artifacts.

Blossoms of Wealth/Revelation

These resin soaking activities are going to be necessary depending on your situation. You can get the rewards that they give, namely character level-up material and Mora, from other sources so it is best to keep these for later when you have completely run out of resources.

Every player in the game will face a time when they have exhausted every other avenue and that is when you should turn to these for the resources they have. They should also be kept for later in the game because they give out more rewards the higher your world level is.

Final Note

Resin is the most precious resource in the game as your progress is linked to it. That is why you should spend as much of it as you can because every bit of resin that is saved means progress that could have been made in the game. 

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