Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss Tips and Tricks

Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss Tips and Tricks

The Spiral Abyss is one of the most grueling, unforgiving, and hardest activities in the game but it is also one of the most rewarding ones in Genshin Impact. Not only does it rewards you with primogems and great artifacts, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and serves as a great way to track the progress of your characters and see just how far they have come.

Recently I cleared the 8th floor and began working on the Abyssal Moon Spire and because of that progress, I have learned of a few tips and tricks that can help you beat the Spiral Abyss and get all of those precious resources.

Party Composition For Spiral Abyss

Party composition is one of the most important things that you need to focus on if you want to complete as many floors of the Spiral Abyss as you can. There are 4 roles that I like to have filled in each of the two parties that I send in with specific Visions so that I can cover all bases at once.

Of the four roles that I mentioned, three of them are absolutely necessary if you expect to make progress in the later levels. Those three roles are Healer, Main DPS, and Elemental Particle Generator. Those three roles are essential, but especially that of the healer because the Spiral Abyss does not offer you many chances for healing your party members.

In this regard, I believe that characters like Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Xingqiu are absolutely essential. If you are lucky and have pulled Jean or Qiqi then you are in luck because their healing numbers are off the charts and any one of those characters can pull you through the entirety of Spiral Abyss.

The reason I mentioned the other four is that they are 4-star characters that are much easier to get, Barbara and Bennett especially make for great healers and even Noelle can be built up to fill that role. Xingqiu is a bit of a wild card because he can be built in a number of ways and making him a designated healer is nigh impossible but he works well as a support healer.

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For main DPS roles, you can use a bunch of characters if they are built-up right. The best choice of 4-star main DPS characters is Razor. His damage numbers are off the charts and he can make short work of any foes that stand before him.

Personally, though, I prefer Fischl as one of my primary DPS characters as her attack rate is pretty high and her first constellation allows you to increase her damage output by about 30%.

If you’ve been lucky with your pulls you could also use Diluc, Childe, Klee, or Keqing as your main DPS. Those characters are just absolutely mental when it comes to damage and they can go a long way if you build them right. Combine a Support with them and you’re looking at damage numbers in the thousands.

As for the Elemental Particle Generator, these characters are mostly used to generate energy particles for the other members of your team so that they can unleash their elemental bursts as often as possible. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, Diona, and Bennett excel in this role as they can generate a lot of elemental particles very quickly. The cooldown for their elemental skills is very short and the effects that they have are quite useful.

There is a fourth role that can be filled if you have the characters for it and that role is Support. This role is very useful and can boost your party to a level that they couldn’t reach before. Characters like Bennett, Sucrose, and Xinyan can be built up to fill this role quite well. Bennett is especially great as a Support because his elemental burst heals and buffs your characters at the same time, granted you have at least one constellation for him.

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For a more direct view of a good party setup here are my two teams for the Spiral Abyss:

Party 1

  • Jean
  • Childe
  • Bennet
  • Keqing

Party 2

  • Venti
  • Barbara
  • Xinyan
  • Fischl

Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

If you look at the party setups above you’ll notice that there are certain elements that I have spread out throughout my party. I always keep an Anemo character, a Pyro character, a Hydro character, and an Electro character in my party.

I tend to ignore Geo and Cryo, and since Dendro characters aren’t a thing yet, it makes this decision easy. Each of those elements is necessary because of the enemies that you face in the Spiral Abyss. Pyro characters are great at dealing with Hydro and Cryo shields, so are Electro. Hydro characters can rinse through Pyro shields, and Anemo characters are just generally good with the Swirl reactions that they produce.

My insistence on keeping both Electro and Pyro characters is because of Overloaded. That reaction is just bonkers with the damage that it can do and it is also useful at taking care of Geo shields hence my refusal at bringing along Geo characters.

Elemental reactions are what differentiate the game from others and the more you learn to abuse them the better off you’ll be. They can help you out when you are lacking in raw damage or particularly good shield destroyers and a portion of the damage that is dealt through reactions hits the enemies’ health, no matter the shield that they have.

Buffs in the Spiral Abyss

The buffs are also an important aspect of Spiral Abyss. Each chamber will give you a choice between buffs and the ones that you select are going to matter a lot since you can’t use any food in the Spiral Abyss. I tend to select floor buffs as they help out over the whole floor but there are certain chamber buffs that can really help you clear some tough chambers. Keep these buffs in mind and use them wisely.

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Before you enter each floor, you can check the sort of enemies that you are going to be facing. You should look at this on each attempt because that information can help you plan out your strategy and switch characters around as you see fit.

Try Over and Over

The Spiral Abyss is not made to be completed in one go. You will fail and that is just expected. Don’t let that dishearten you, instead learn from it and decide to come back to it. You will have to attempt the Spiral Abyss at regular intervals as you increase your world level and that’s okay.

That is how you know that your characters are actually getting stronger because the enemies in the Spiral Abyss do not scale with your world level but rather are predetermined. So keep learning and trying new things and you’re sure to succeed.

Final Note

I feel like this needs to be said because I constantly find myself ignoring this but don’t be afraid to change up your party. It can be pretty tempting to stick with the characters that you have already leveled up but there are better ones out there and if you get a 5-star, don’t be afraid to put them in your party in the place of an already built-up 4-star character. 

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