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Genshin Impact: How to Farm Crystal Chunks [TOP 3 Spawns]

Genshin Impact: How to Farm Crystal Chunks

Genshin Impact being a free-to-play game requires you to farm for a lot of materials if you expect to progress in the game. Everything that you upgrade in the game needs certain resources from characters to weapons, you’re going to end up farming for the majority of the time that you play.

Some of those resources are pretty easy to get and are widely available but some of them are much harder to get and only respawn after a certain time. One of those resources is the crystal chunks that can be mined by your characters.

There are only two ways that you can get crystal chunks but before we get into those let’s first take a look at what you can use them for. We hope you enjoy our guide on how to farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact.

How to Farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Crystal chunks can be obtained in the game only in two ways. You can either mine for them yourself or you can send characters out on expeditions for them.

There is no other way to get them which is why this is such a rare resource. To properly utilize these two techniques you’ll need some info which you can find below.


Expeditions can be accessed through Katheryne, the Adventurer Guild’s representative in either Mondstadt or Liyue. She will allow you to send out characters that you have acquired in the game on expeditions for certain resources that can be found in the open world.

Before the 1.1 version update, the game would not allow you to use any characters that you send out on expeditions in your party but since the update, that has changed and you can send characters out without having to forego using them.

Genshin Impact: How to Farm Crystal Chunks [TOP 3 Spawns]

The expeditions themselves are pretty simple. All you have to do is select one and pick which character you want to send on them. Some characters are better at expeditions than others as they will take less time on them.

Characters such as Bennet and Fischl will take less time on expeditions in Mondstadt whereas Keqing and Chongyun will take less time in Liyue. These are the only four characters in the game that take less time on expeditions.

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You can choose how much time these characters can spend on expeditions as there are 4 options available. The more time that the characters take on expeditions, the more resources they are able to bring in.

To do this effectively I recommend sending them out on the longest ones possible because that way you just have to send them out once a day.

There are a total of three expeditions that will get you mining materials. If you select the longest time on those they will get you 8-10 crystal chunks per expedition.

Characters will take 24 hours to complete the expedition so doing them daily allows you to get a minimum of 24 crystal chunks per day for a minute of effort which is well worth it.

If you ever forget about claiming the rewards for these expeditions, the Genshin map will also let you know that your expedition is complete and you can proceed to the nearest Adventurer’s Guild to get the rewards.


This is the second, and the most immediate, way of getting crystal chunks. Mining is really straightforward although there are a few ways to approach it.

The first order to business is to find areas where crystal chunks spawn. There are a few notable ones that are favored by adventurers.

The first is in Stormterror’s Lair. All throughout the area, you’ll see a lot of crystal chunks scattered about. There are 20+ spawns in the area and every deposit of the ore is guaranteed to drop you one, maybe two pieces of crystal chunks.

You’ll have to move around a bit but you can easily find deposits of them as they are in plain sight and not hidden in any way.

The second location is in Liyue and to reach it you’ll have to go to the teleportation marker that is to the direct West of the Statue of Seven in Dihua Marsh. There are a lot of nodes scattered around that area and if you travel west southwest from it you’ll come across enough nodes that you won’t need to go any further.

The third favored location can also be found in Liyue. If you proceed to the teleportation marker that can be found on Mt. Aozang (the one that is directly underneath the name of the mountain) you can just jump off turn right as you glide down so that the mountain is on your right.

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Glide all the way down and you’ll come to a small cave that contains an abundant supply of crystal deposits, cor lapis, and a particularly angry Geovishap Hatchling that is best dealt with quickly.

Speaking of Geovishap Hatchlings, those enemies are usually present around places that have nodes of crystal ore, white iron ore, and iron ore. You can use these enemies as indicators and see for yourself where these nodes spawn.

There’s another way to find node locations and that is through the local blacksmiths. The 1.1 update also added the ability to use magical ore and resin to make mystic enhancement ore.

This is significant because now you can ask blacksmiths to mark areas with that ore which just happens to spawn near crystal ore nodes. You can use their markers to find areas with that ore and mine them dry.

Now that you know where to find the ore it’s time to move on to how to mine it most effectively. The technique that most people use is to put a claymore user in the party.

Noelle in Genshin Impact

Claymores do a lot of damage to nodes and can break them in two hits. I prefer to use Noelle for her basic attack which goes through ore at a prodigious rate and can help you mine multiple nodes at once.

There are other ways to do it as well if by chance you don’t have a claymore user. You can just do the dive attack to break the ore in 2-3 hits. This takes a little longer but is the most effective way of mining if you don’t have a claymore user.

The fastest way to mine though is by using Zhongli. His elemental skill when held allows you to mine all ores in its vicinity in an instant. It’s the best way to mine multiple ores at once bar none.

Crystal Chunk Uses in Genshin Impact

Crystal chunks are used for crafting a lot of stuff and they are going to be integral at making sure you level up your weapons as you get to higher adventure levels in the game. Here are all the things that they are used for:

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Crystal chunks are required to craft almost all of the weapons that are craftable in the game. The game released with only a few weapons that could be crafted but with the addition of a new area Mihoyo added more weapons that could be crafted and as more areas are added into the game there are going to be new weapons that are going to require this resource.

Mystic Enhancement Ore

This is the thing that you are going to craft the most of with crystal chunks. These ores are required to level up weapons and you need a lot of them. You can get these ores from quests and chests but they just aren’t enough so you’ll have to craft a lot of them.


Genshin Impact also has gadgets in the game which are devices that can be used to enhance your gameplay and are actually really useful if you build them.

There’s a compass for chests, there’s a quick heal item, and there is stuff to deal with the cold that is ever-present in Dragonspine. A lot of those require crystal chunks in order to forge them.

Final Note

There is a point in every traveler’s adventure when they seem to run low on this particular resource. It isn’t apparent when you start the game but as you progress you’ll start lacking on this resource but as you get to the end game where you just focus on the Spiral Abyss you won’t need this resource much.

What I’m trying to say is that if you keep sending characters out on expeditions you’ll see that you don’t need to go manually mine after a while which is great because it saves so much time.

Keep that in mind when you’re starting out because even though you may not need the resource immediately, it’ll come in handy during your adventure eventually. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide on Genshin Impact: How to Farm Crystal Chunks! Please share this guide to all your fellow gamers! Comment below if we missed one!

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