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Genshin Impact: 3 Best Routes for Slime Condensate Farming

Genshin Impact: 3 Best Routes for Slime Condensate Farming

Slimes are one of the staple enemies in role-playing games and are often celebrated for being one of the cutest enemies in video games. In fact, games like Dragon Quest are represented by Slimes, and they act as the mascot of the franchise. Using slime condensate is vital in Genshin Impact so we created a slime condensate farming guide for your pleasure.

Quick Guide

  • Slimes can be found in different enviroments pertaining to their elemental type. Example, Anemo slimes can be found near air currents typically in the air.
  • Slime Condensate is used for a multitude of upgrades and items in Genshin Impact
  • Learn how to abuse the blossoms in game (check subtitle below)

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What are the Slimes In Genshin Impact

The slimes in Genshin Impact are supposed to be elemental beings that feed off of the elemental energy that is present in the environment. This is not only important as lore but also gives you an idea of where to find them.

The slimes in the game are represented by the seven elements that exist in the world. As such, you can find slimes that are attuned to pyro, anemo, electro, cryo, hydro, geo, and dendro. 

All of these slimes look different from each other, have different attack patterns, and are found in different places. The big thing to remember about slimes is that they will be found in places that they can feed easily.

That means that electro slimes will be found near electro crystals, cryo slimes will be found near Mist Flowers, and Anemo slimes will be found near air currents or dandelions. 

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Slime Condensate Farming in Genshin Impact (+ video)

This information should help you figure out where to find slimes and the 3 farming routes I take in order to get slime condensate but before we get into that, let’s first talk about some other ways that you can encounter slime related products.

Why to check out the in-game store

There is one way to get slime resources without having to actually defeat slimes. It is a way that I don’t like using myself, but if you ever need slime immediately, then it is the place to go to.

As you are no doubt aware, Genshin Impact has an in-game store that you can utilize in order to purchase fates and resources using Masterless Stardust and Starglitter.

These hard-to-get currencies can be found when pulling for new characters and weapons, and if you pull often enough, they should be a resource that you have plenty of. 

Genshin Impact Store

As you can see from the pictures above, high-tier slime drops can be straight-up purchased from the store. I don’t recommend using Starglitter and Stardust for this is because it means that there are fewer resources that you can spend on the fates for even more wishes.

If you are desperately in need of these resources, then you can definitely spend some of the currency on them, but don’t depend on the store for your only source of resources, as that will take away from actually playing the game. 

Slime Farming and Routes in Genshin Impact

The main way everyone gets slimes, and drops in the game are through actually fighting them in combat. There are a couple of ways to do this, but the simplest is to just find these slimes in the open world and engage them in combat.

No matter what world level you are in, slimes will drop resources that can be upgraded. 

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Slime farming routes are going to be your safest bet at getting a lot of slimes in a short amount of time, but there is one thing that I would like to mention before we get into those.

Slimes also appear as enemies in Ley Line Blossoms. These blossoms give you either Mora or character level up material depending on which ones you take on, but they require Resin to complete.

To help with your farming endeavors, check our guide on the best heroes for DPS in Genshin Impact.

Slime Farming Glitch (use of blossoms)

The blossoms that you can see pictured below have a chance to spawn slimes as one of the enemies that you have to defeat in order to claim the rewards. 

Genshin Impact Slime Farming

Since slime farming shouldn’t require Resin, what you can do is activate the blossom and just deal with the enemies that they spawn. The enemies spawned by these blossoms still drop resources, and once you have cleared the enemies, you can just teleport away without claiming the rewards.

That resets the blossom and ensures that you don’t have to spend Resin in order to take on a new one. This is better done in co-op because it makes it less monotonous and much less tiresome. 

Slime Farming – Route 1

Before you get too deep into your farming routes, make sure to farm up some food so you can stay at max efficiency! Here is our farming guide for raw meat in case you need it!

Now that all of that is out of the way let’s get into the routes that you can take in order to efficiently get a lot of slime resources. The first route that you can take can be found near Dawn Winery and should be a place that most of you are familiar with.

This route originates at the bank of the lake that separates Liyue and Mondstadt. 

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Genshin Impact 3 Best Routes for Slime Condensate Farming 4
Slime Route 1

At the position marked closest to the Winery, you can find one huge cryo slime and four smaller ones, which are quite easy to take down if you have a pyro or electro character.

AOE characters can take out these slimes in about a minute and can get you a lot of slime resources with ease. If you proceed to the next mark on the map, you’ll find some more slimes that you can take down before heading into Liyue. 

As you head into Liyue, you’ll see electro crystals on your right, ores on your left, and a bridge in the middle. Visit each of the areas, and you’ll find electro, geo, and hydro slimes in those respective areas. This whole farming route will net you 13 slimes in total. 

Slime Farming – Route 2

Genshin Impact - Slime Route 2
Slime Route 2

This route is present in the Stormbearer Mountains in Mondstadt and is my favorite place to farm for slimes. This is less of a route and more of an indicator as to where you can find slimes.

All the locations marked on the map have slimes on them and using all of the locations, you can get upwards of 20 slimes in one go. The area is also home to other enemies, so if you are looking for other resources, then this is the place to go. 

Slime Farming – Route 3

Genshin Impact - Slime Route 3
Slime Route 3

This route is present in Liyue, near Wuwang Hill. This route has fewer locations marked on it but has a more concentrated population of slimes. In every location, you can find 3-4 slimes, so this is the most effective route and the first one that you should hit when you’re beginning to farm.

We hope you enjoyed this guide over the best ways to farm slime condensate in Genshin Impact! Why you are here, why not check out the best 3 support characters in Genshin Impact. Please share this with all your fellow Genshin Impact players. Comment below if we missed anything and as always, game on!

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