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Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat

Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat

Raw meat is a vital resource throughout the course of your adventure in Genshin Impact and is used for a variety of recipes that heal your party, revive them, increase their attack, buff their defense, and reduce the stamina that they consume.

This is an underlying reason we created this Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat guide just for you!

As such, you’re going to need a lot of it especially because of the achievements that are tied to perfecting recipes.

There are a few ways to reliably get raw meat in the game and some are more effective than others. Given that there are upwards of 50 recipes in the game to master, it’s necessary to get your hands a lot of raw meat, especially if you need to make Ham which can put a huge drain on your meat resources.

This guide will go over 4 different ways to get raw meat quickly and in large quantities so that you can get cooking as soon as possible. Be warned though, this guide contains spoilers for Dragonspine and one of the enemies that you fight in it. We hope you enjoy our guide on Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat!

Where to Farm Raw Meat in Genshin Impact

Raw meat drops from any non-avian animal in Genshin Impact. It drops from Wild Boars, Foxes, Snow Foxes, and Squirrels and you can get two pieces of raw meat from boars and foxes whereas snow foxes and squirrels will only give you a single piece of raw meat.

That being the case, going hunting for these animals can be a tedious task which is why you should use the following ways to get raw meat quickly and efficiently.

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If you’ve read the previous guide on crystal chunk farming, you’ll remember that I mentioned expeditions to get a bunch of resources.

Expeditions also work for raw meat and you can send one character out per day on a 20-hour expedition to get an average of 8-10 raw meat per expedition. The expedition for raw meat can be found in Windrise which is located in Mondstadt.


Raw meat cannot be purchased from the vendors in Mondstadt and Liyue but if you were to go to Springvale and talk to Draff then you can just buy raw meat from him.

You can get 10 raw meat per reset from him, with each piece of raw meat costing you 240 Mora. This is handy if you need raw meat immediately and don’t want to go around looking for boars. You can find Draff here on the map.

Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat

Here is what he looks like.

Draff in Genshin Impact
A picture of Draff

The picture above is where you’ll find Draff during the day. Keep in mind that the only time he will sell you stuff is during the day. At night he is too inebriated to sell you anything.

Chilled Meat

Chilled meat is a resource that was added with Dragonspine in the latest update of Genshin Impact. Chilled meat drops from all the boars that are present in Dragonspine.

The lore behind this is that a certain prehistoric form of boar (which can be seen in the cooking quest that you complete for Xiangling) has been frozen because of the conditions of Dragonspine.

When you liberate these trapped boars and defeat them, they will drop two pieces of Chilled meat which can be processed into raw meat at any cooking station.

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The reason I mention Chilled meat is that there is a very good way to get it. If you proceed to the location marked on the map below you’ll come across three boars that are frozen in ice.

After thawing out those boars and defeating them you’ll spawn the Great Snowboar King which is by far my favorite enemy in the game.

Map in Genshin

The Snowboar King is an extremely tough enemy to defeat, especially if you don’t have ranged characters because of its enraged mode which deals a ton of damage.

It is great for farming meat as it can drop 6-10 pieces of Chilled Meat and add that to the 6 pieces of Chilled Meat that you get from the three frozen boars, you’re looking at at least 12 pieces of meat every time you defeat the boss.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when taking on the monster that you can see below. It is not a fight to be taken lightly, try to do it in a coop or eating food that buffs you before the fight.

The fight resets every day at the reset time so you can potentially do this once every 24 hours and get a huge deal of meat throughout the week.

Snowboar King Fight in Genshin Impact

Dragonspine has the Sheer Cold Debuff that will start eating away at your health if you stay in the cold too long. Take advantage of the torch that is located at the base of the fight when Sheer Cold becomes a problem.

Using Goulash is also recommended. Make sure you don’t stray too far away from the fight because it will cause the boss to despawn and you’ll have to start the fight all over again.

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Boar Paradise in Genshin Impact

You also have the option to go hunting for boars if you don’t want to invest any time or food into this endeavor. Lucky for players, there is a location in Mondstadt that is absolutely full of Boars that you can take down really easily.

All you have to do is go to the position marked on the map below. There you can see a number of boars that are ripe for the taking. 

Map in Genshin Impact of Boars
Boars in Genshin Impact

As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of boars that exist in the area. To get as many of them as you can I recommend using a bow-wielding character as they can take out boars really quickly and without alerting others that are close to them.

Meet Your Quota

I just couldn’t resist putting a pun here but on a more serious note, if you are trying to get a lot of raw meat in a short amount of time then I recommend doing all of these activities in one fell swoop.

If you manage to do all of them and get a little lucky, you are looking at 40-50 pieces of raw meat per day. With that, you can easily build up a stockpile and then just focus on doing expeditions to supply you with the raw meat that you need throughout your adventure.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Raw Meat! Please share this to all your fellow Genshin Impact players and comment below if we missed anything!

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