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Genshin Impact: Where To Farm White Iron Chunks

Genshin Impact: Where To Farm White Iron Chunks

White Iron Chunks is one of the mining resources in Genshin Impact that you will often find yourself lacking because white iron is actually harder to find than crystal chunks even though white iron is an inferior resource for crafting.

There are a few ways to get the resource but you’re going to get the most of it from mining. If you’ve played the game for any amount of time then you’ll recognize the mining resource from the picture below.

Genshin Impact: Where To Farm White Iron Chunks

In this guide, we’ll go over where to farm White Iron Chunks as well as some efficient farming routes and locations. In the end, I’ll mention some characters that I believe are great at mining and can help you to get a massive amount of the resource.

We will also mention some general tips about mining in Genshin Impact.

Where to Farm White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact

There are two ways that you can get white iron chunks in the game. You can either send characters out on expeditions for them or you can mine it yourself.

There isn’t another way to get this resource so if you want a large quantity of it you’re going to have to mine it yourself.


We have mentioned expeditions throughout most of the guides about Genshin Impact so I’ll try and keep this brief. You can send characters out on mining expeditions which can get you 36 White Iron Chunks every 24 hours.

This is a way to get a dependable source of White Iron Chunks without exerting any effort at all.



Mining is going to be the main way you get this resource. There are a few spots that are good for getting a ton of White Iron Chunks.

The game tells you that White Iron Chunks can be found in Wolvendom and Stormbearer Mountains but there are also a couple of places in Liyue that have an abundance of the resource.

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To get as many White Iron Chunks as you can, you should try to visit all the areas at once and then wait for the ores to respawn. Here are the farming routes that you should take as well as some locations that are particularly high in these ores.


Wolvendom is the domain of wolves and as such is home to Andrius, the Dominator of Wolves. The area is home to Wolfhook and Small Lamp Grass which are resources native only to Mondstadt.

It is also home to a lot of resource nodes for White Iron Chunks and is a great place to farm for items. The game itself will tell you that White Iron Chunks can be found in the area and if you look at the map below you can see the route to take to get the most out of this area.


This route contains 9 total nodes which means that at the very least you can get 9 ores and up to 18 if you are extremely lucky. On average though you’ll probably end up with 12-13 ores from this particular route.

Stormbearer Mountains

Stormbearer mountains are home to a lot of dangerous hilichurls and it is the site of an old forgotten watchtower that used to be utilized as a warning system for storms in Genshin Impact.

It also happens to be a great place for gathering resources and is home to a lot of ore deposits as well as a field of Cecilias. The biggest mining spots can be seen on the map below.

Stormbearer Mountains

This route is more profitable than the previous one as it has a total of 11 ore deposits which can net you about 15-16 White Iron Chunks on average.

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Mingyun Village

Moving on to Liyue, there are a lot of mining spots that can be found all over but since the map is so huge I decided to include two areas that have a lot of ores in them rather than making a route.

Any route in Liyue could take you all over the map and will probably cause you to exert more effort than is necessary.

We’ll start off with Mingyun Village which used to be a mining town. That time has passed though as the mines have dried up but for the intrepid adventurer, there are plenty of ores to find.

You can find the village by name on the eastern part of Liyue but if you’re looking for a more precise location then take a gander at the map below.

Mingyun Village

The marked area is a small cave that is home to 6 ore deposits but if you look around the village you can find many small deposits of White Iron Chunks which makes it one of the best areas to go mining in.

Through the expedition I made when gathering information about this guide, I was able to find 14 separate deposits strewn about the area so you should have no trouble getting White Iron Chunks here.

The cave that I mentioned is pictured below and also contains a Noctilucous Jade node as well as a Cor Lapis node.

Liyue Quarry

Liyue Quarry

Now although the quarry is not marked as a specific area in Liyue, it is often mentioned when talking to people and through various quests. The quarry used to be the main source of mining materials but since the chasm was shut down it has been taken over by monsters and all production has come to a halt.

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The quarry can be found on the Western part of Liyue here:

The quarry can be found on the Western part of Liyue here in Genshin Impact

It is full of resources and not only because of the nodes. It has many baskets of ores strewn about the place which can be interacted with. Once you investigate them you’ll get a lot of ores, White Iron Chunks being one of them.

The ore nodes that it has are also quite abundant and on average you can get 16-18 White Iron Chunks easily.

Just keep an eye out for the spot pictured below, it has a ton of ore nodes but is home to dangerous hilichurls that should be cleared out before mining.

General Mining Notes

General Mining Notes

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when mining as these tips can save you a lot of trouble.

  • Use claymore characters like Razor and Noelle to make mining faster.
  • Geo characters are effective at mining ores extremely fast.
  • The blacksmiths can tell you about potential mining spots that are high in ores.
  • Ningguang is an exceptional mining companion to have because her basic attacks and her elemental skill make short work of any ores. Her passive (pictured below) is also amazing as it shows you ores on your minimap so you can just move from ore to ore.
Ninguangg in Genshin Impact

If you keep those tips in mind and make use of the various areas in the game you should have no trouble getting a large quantity of White Iron Chunks.

We hope you enjoyed our guide over Genshin Impact: Where To Farm White Iron Chunks. Please share this Genshin Impact guide with all your friends and family! Comment below if we missed anything.

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